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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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807 I am his girlfriend.

"Oh, ya! What about your Miss Qiao? Where is she? I need to get to know this benefactor of yours!"

Ji Ziming frowned a little at this.

"Why are you asking about her all of a sudden?"

"Isn't she your benefactor? It's normal for me to meet her since I'm your girlfriend."

Pei Ge grinned with her arm hooked through the man's.

Just as she was persuading him to introduce her to this legendary benefactor of his, the woman in question was already walking toward them.

Qiao Jingyun's brows furrowed as she saw that the woman, whom she had always looked down on, had her arm hooked through the man.

Taking in a deep breath, she put on a poised smile as she strode toward this eye-catching couple.

Although the banquet hall was crowded, people subconsciously moved to the side to make way for her as she drew near the couple.

Pei Ge quickly noticed a beautiful woman in a white mermaid dress walking toward them.

Seeing a woman walk toward them with a radiant smile, she raised her brow. Could this woman be that Qiao Jingyun?

Why do I find her so familiar?

"Ziming, you're here!"

Qiao Jingyun looked gently at the man as she greeted him intimately.

"Mhm," he faintly hummed.

"Is this Miss Pei?"

Even though she knew that Pei Ge was his girlfriend, she could not bring herself to address her as such, especially with so many people around.

Without waiting for his response, Pei Ge stretched out her hand and smiled brilliantly at her. "You must be Miss Qiao. Hello, I'm Pei Ge, Ji Ziming's girlfriend. Nice to meet you."

Qiao Jingyun's smile froze when she heard her poised self-introduction.

"Hello…" The corners of her mouth twitched as she smiled at her. Nonetheless, in those dark eyes of hers was a vicious glint.

"Wah! This woman is Mr. Ji's girlfriend!"

"That's right! But isn't Miss Qiao Mr. Ji's girlfriend?"

"How is that possible? If she is his girlfriend, she won't be here by herself!"

"That's true…"

"That can't be! Earlier, she didn't even say that this woman is his girlfriend!"

"That's right! Since he has yet to say anything, we should refrain from making wild guesses…"

Not only did Pei Ge's self-introduction cause Qiao Jingyun's face to darken, other guests were also stunned and began whispering among themselves.

Hearing those whispers, she clasped her hands tightly together as her face darkened.

This woman, this b*tch, did it on purpose! B*tch!

With a deep breath, she looked up again. The viciousness on her face had already disappeared.

She looked at the man. With eyes filled with grievances and dejection, she appeared pitiful.

If any man were to see an elegant lady appearing so pitifully before his eyes, he would want to protect this piteous lady.

It was obvious that this tactic did not work on this man, though.

In fact, the man did not even look at her as he kept his eyes on his girlfriend.

At this sight, the man needed not explain his relationship with the woman beside him. Everyone could tell that the woman next to him was his girlfriend!

"… Hello! I'm Qiao Jingyun, Ji Ziming's best friend."

Seeing that the man did not look at her, she pursed her lips before smiling at Pei Ge.

Regardless of whether she had done it on purpose or not, her emphasis on 'best friend' sounded slightly amorous.

Pei Ge was not stupid and could sense that this lady had a bit of prejudice against her.

"He he! I've heard about you! Miss Qiao, you're indeed outstanding." She smiled at her intriguingly.

"You're flattering me! Miss Pei, you are the true impressive one here! It's especially so today as you seem to have become another person."

Qiao Jingyun giggled as she said gently to her.

Listening to her reply, she frowned a little. This woman… must have seen me before?

If not, she wouldn't have said that.

Thinking of this, with furrowed brows, she began observing this benefactor of Ji Ziming properly.

With her good looks and exquisite makeup, this woman looks elegant in her fairytale dress. She consistently gives off the aura that she's with good education and outstanding qualities.

It must be a coincidence that we're wearing the same color. Although the designs of our dresses are different, the color is exactly the same.

Thank goodness! If not for Lily's help, I would've lost completely to her! To be honest, she's really beautiful and charismatic!

Pei Ge muttered gratefully as her confidence slowly grew.

She failed to notice that, when she was observing Qiao Jingyun seriously, the woman, including the other guests, was also observing her!

She had no idea how captivating she looked today!

Just like the jewelry on her person, she was so brilliant that nobody could steal her limelight! Even Ji Ziming was not half as captivating as her. Everybody could not help but gaze at her!


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