Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
809 This CEO cannot resist the charm of a beautiful woman.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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809 This CEO cannot resist the charm of a beautiful woman.

Seeing the great CEO not being like his usual self, everybody mentally remarked, Why does it seem that Mr. Ji is giving off a weird vibe today?

However, once they saw the woman being introduced by him, they realized what was wrong.

As the saying went, 'no man could resist the charms of a beautiful woman.'

It seems that Mr. Ji has fallen into a honey trap!

After all, not everybody could be like him and possess such a woman with figure and beauty!

"Mr. Ji, your girlfriend is really too beautiful!"

"CEO Ji, what great taste in women!"

"Young master Ji, to think that your girlfriend is this outstanding."

The couple was surrounded by people incessantly flattering them.

Although their words had different constructions, they were all praises for his girlfriend, Pei Ge.

Qiao Jingyun kept her eyes on the two, and upon hearing those compliments, her anger raged further.

She had always disregarded Pei Ge and never treated her as a real foe.

Regardless of looks, education, charisma, and intelligence, she always thought that the woman could never compare to her.

However, today, the woman, whom she looked down, crushed her completely.

She even became the limelight of the show!

How could she possibly stand it?

Her gaze followed the couple around as they hooked their arms with each other. They looked like a prince and princess from a fairytale, envied by all and surrounded by happiness.

The flame of jealousy in Qiao Jingyun's heart grew hotter. She was clenching her fists so tightly that she did not even notice when her nails sank deep into her palms.

Why?! Why can a woman like her enjoy such a privilege? Why does Ji Ziming like her?!

She was screaming all that internally, and her perpetually genial face was marred by hatred, which made it look contorted.

Just as her face was contorted with rage beyond recognition, she heard a deafening conversation from behind her.

"He he! Aiyo! Isn't this the daughter of a certain nouveau riche? Now, she can't put on a pretense anymore!"

"Isn't it? Our young master Ji has a girlfriend now! This upstart can no longer be so thick-skinned by claiming that she's young master Ji's girlfriend!"

She turned around at once and shot a cold glance at the two women mocking her.

After seeing that her face was filled with viciousness, they ducked their heads low as they felt a shiver run down their spine.

Not long after, feeling angry from this humiliation, these two women resumed mocking her.

"He he! What can you be proud of? How can you be so arrogant when you are just a sl*t from an upstart family?"

"That's right! If not for the Ji family's support, with that meager wealth, your family can only be a lowly commoner!"

Her anger and hatred grew immensely after hearing the women's mocking.

"I advise that you not be so thick-skinned and hang around young master Ji. He already has a girlfriend! Don't tell me that you still want to be a shameless third party?"

"Tsk! Isn't it normal for a person like her to become a third party?! Didn't she pretend to be young master Ji's girlfriend before to tyrannize us?"

Although these two women had slightly bad personalities, they were only doing this because she had previously done some nasty things to them. It was just an eye for an eye.

In the past, with the man's support, she had no regard for anyone. She used the identity of his girlfriend to treat any women who liked the man badly.

"Qiao Jingyun, you actually have a day like this! This is indeed retribution!"

"He! Do you remember how you've treated us previously? You haven't even experienced the shame that we've suffered before, and you could no longer take it…"

Before the two women could finish mocking her, she splashed their faces with the alcohol in her glass.

"Ah!" they shrieked. Before they could make a noise, they were slapped by her!



Following these two slaps, both women had prominent palm prints on their left cheeks.

Looking at the red and prominent palm prints, it was clear that she had used great force to slap them.

"You two nobodies are in no position to criticize me! Are you looking for death?!"

She released all her anger toward Pei Ge on to these two women. With a smirk, she spoke coldly to the two. "Let me tell you; I will definitely become the Ji family's mistress as Ji Ziming is destined to be mine!"

After she declared this, before anybody could react, she left the banquet hall.

Meanwhile, both women, who got alcohol splashed on them and slapped by her, were completely stunned! Because of her parting words, they did not have the courage to stop her from walking out of the entrance.

As such, nobody in the banquet hall noticed that such an incident had happened!

They also did not know that the woman, whom all regarded as gentle and elegant, would do such a thing in public…

Once she stepped out of the banquet hall, Qiao Jingyun narrowed her eyes at the dark sky above her. She fished out her phone from her purse and bit her lip.

"Hello. Have you found the person?

"… Yes. Remember to do this secretly. I don't want anybody to find out later on.

"Yes. Make it appear more natural. When it's done, I'll give you a large sum as payment.

"Remember; starting from tonight…"

The sky was so peaceful and gorgeous. Looking at the sky full of stars, it was clear that tomorrow's weather would be good.

However, for some people, it would be a problematic day.


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