Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
815 Mom, is your daughter that kind of person?
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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815 Mom, is your daughter that kind of person?

"Say; how could you do something like that?! What do you want your cousin to do, and what position are you placing Xiao Ji in?!"

Pei Ge started laughing when she saw the disappointment and anger on her mother's face.

"Mom, look at you; what are you even thinking? Is that what you think of your daughter?"

She gave her mother a hopeless smile.

"Am I so stupid to throw a gem like Ji Ziming for that piece of trash? How can that be?! The mere sight of Zhou Zhuoyang soils my eyes now."

Isn't it dirtying my eyes?

It's fine when he dumped me for my cousin with the excuse that they are in love. Fine. Perhaps, they're truly each other's love.

Still, now that they've slept and gotten engaged, for that man to cheat on my cousin after all that, how am I supposed to react to that?

No matter how terrible my cousin is, other than harboring a crush on Ji Ziming, she doesn't seem to have betrayed him in any way.

The only person cousin has let down is me!

She thought all these to herself.

She had moved on from him a long time ago. After all, she was the type to have her eyes on one man at a time. Right now, that man was Ji Ziming.

Her ex-boyfriend moving on from her after their conversation last time was fine, but for him to call off his engagement to her cousin, that was just a little too much.

"That's right. Our Xiao Ji is many times better than that scumbag. Anyone with eyes can see that your boyfriend now is a better choice than him!"

Her mother flailed her hands as she voiced out her opinion to her.

Seeing her mother's behavior, she could not help but laugh.

Indeed, mothers-in-law becoming more biased to their sons-in-law over time was true!

Suddenly, she felt that her standing at home would soon be overtaken by her dearest boyfriend.

"Ge Ge, tell mom now what's with this issue involving your cousin." Since her niece's failed engagement had nothing to do with her daughter, Zhang Manhua stopped feeling agitated and became more curious about this matter.

"You should've seen your cousin when she came over here earlier; she started crying right after she said hi to me. I could tell that she was really upset this time."

She lamented. At the end of the day, Pei Shishi was still her niece and a child she watched grow up. Even if she knew that her niece was not the best kind of person, she still doted on her a little.

From her mother's behavior, Pei Ge knew exactly what she was thinking. Her heart of gold was kicking in again.

"Hmph! Mom, you must think that cousin is pitiful, but I disagree." She scoffed. "I say; what has it got to do with us if that trashy man wants to break up with her? How dare she come here and put the blame on me? That's too much."

Even though it was sad that her cousin had been abandoned by that man, what right did she have to come and say those misleading things to her mother? Her cousin only caused worry to her mother.

"Ge Ge, don't be so harsh. Your cousin is probably just feeling a little upset. Besides, that scumbag told her that you had something to do with it."

Zhang Manhua reasoned to her daughter.

If not for that, she would not have doubted her precious daughter, either!

"Mom, to tell you the truth, cousin is quite unlucky with that piece of trash, but she can't just blame others for it. If she wants to blame someone for this, she should blame herself for meddling in others' relationship."

Pei Ge told her mother offhandedly. Even though she had moved on, some things could not be undone.

She would never forget the hurt.

"Daughter, what do you mean by that? What's all this about?"

Her mother looked at her curiously, baffled by her words.

Clearly, her mother was wondering what she was on about.

"Mom, that guy disappearing without a word back then was dear cousin's orchestration."

She scoffed. Her kind mother always took pity on the weak.

Thus, for her cousin to leave her family alone, she chose to tell her mother the truth. That way, her mother would understand what kind of person her cousin was!

"What? She orchestrated your and that scumbag's breakup?"

As expected, her mother was in disbelief once she heard her words.

"What exactly did she do?"

"What else could she have done? She just didn't want me to have a good life, so she stole my boyfriend. Back then, she had us running in circles. She told him that I was a gold digger and even set me up to look like I was cheating on my boyfriend. That's why he suddenly upped and left with cousin."

She narrated casually. As she spoke about it, all she could think of was that the matter had been a total fiasco.

"J-Just like that?" A long time passed before her mother asked this with twitching mouth.

"En." She nodded before she recalled something and added, "Oh, wait. There's more. Those two slept together back then, and cousin even aborted a child for him."

When she heard that, Zhang Manhua's mouth opened wide in disbelief.

"That's… That's…" She knitted her brows, unsure of what to say.

She did not expect the niece that she had doted on since young to treat her daughter like that.

"That's too much! How could your cousin do that to you?"


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