Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
818 They will think that I got the position because of you.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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818 They will think that I got the position because of you.

After she read the post, she marveled at how talented the person who had composed it was!

She did not even know that so many fluffs could be written about her and Ji Ziming.

For some reason, the further she read, the stronger she felt that what it was a fanfiction.

In this fanfiction, she was this lucky protagonist with no redeeming qualities that caught the CEO's interest.

Looking at the mushy words written and seeing the pictures, she could not help but pout speechlessly.

Even though the pictures were taken from a distance, her and Ji Ziming's faces were visible in them.

One look, and it was clear that the person who had taken the photos was well-prepared.

"That's strange. Paparazzi aren't permitted in such gatherings, aren't they?"

She frowned. Even though the pictures were taken well, she felt a little uncomfortable about them.

"Still, if I were to say that the person has ill-will…"

She stared hard at the photos and pursed her lips slightly.

Although her boyfriend had quite a name in the capital, given that she was not a celebrity, she did not see a point in taking her photos.

As she contemplated about this post, her phone suddenly rang.

The Weibo page was covered by a caller ID.

Seeing that the caller ID belonged to her boyfriend, her lips upturned slightly as her mood soared.

Without a thought, she answered the call.

"Hello, Ziming!" she said, her voice filled with joy.

"Mhm." he hummed. Pausing for a bit, he spoke, "The news on the internet; you—"

Mid-speech, she interrupted him.

"You're referring to the online post about me being the ultimate Cinderella, right? I've seen it," she said with a smile on her face.

Listening to her nonchalant tone, the man's frown eased as he said, "As long as you're not affected by it."

"How would I be affected by it? It's just…"

Suddenly, she acted all mysterious.

"Just what?" asked the man with a raised brow.

"I may be a little troubled by it, after all.

With our relationship all over the internet, when I enter your company in a few days, will people think that I got my position because of you?"

"…" For reasons unknown, the man's mouth twitched when he heard that.

"Thinking about it now, there's really nothing to worry about as I look differently without makeup. As long as nobody reveals it, the others surely won't know that I'm your girlfriend!" she happily reasoned.

Hearing that, the man's brows knitted tightly.

"You really don't want others to know that you're my girlfriend?"

He raised his brow a little, his voice full of threat.

"Um! Not really; I just think that it's not fine for others to find out…"

After all, she was so ordinary. With her entering the man's company as a top brass, everyone… would probably think that she had gotten the position because of him.

"What's wrong with that? Are you ashamed of me, or are you ashamed of yourself?" he asked rather decisively, sounding unhappy. Clearly, he was quite unhappy with her sidelining him.


Her lips downturned a little when she heard him ask those questions. She was slightly upset.

From her viewpoint, she made sense. Regardless of what the truth was, once others knew that she was his girlfriend and that she had entered the company as a top executive, they would…

She pursed her lips tightly, but before she could say anything, the man opened his mouth to speak.

"Pei Ge, remember: No matter what, I'll always have your back. You needn't think or worry so much. I'll always be there to protect you. As for the others, what do they have to do with anything?"

His firm stance was clearly transmitted to her ear.

Listening to his declaration, her upset feelings vanished at once, and in its place was the warm feeling of love.

'No matter what, I'll always have your back.

'I'll always be there to protect you.'

She was really touched. After hearing his words, she put it all behind her.

Why does it matter if people know that I'm his girlfriend?

What of the others thinking that I became the Ji Group's planning manager because of him?

As long as I show my capabilities and prove that I got that position through my effort, the others can't speak ill of me!

Her lips upturned even more at that thought, and she nodded heavily. "En! I understand, Ziming! Also, thank you; I've just read way a lot," she said.

"What a stupid woman. Others hope for nothing but to get involved with me, while you don't want others to know about our relationship," mumbled the man.

"Tsk! If I were like the others, would you like me? Don't you like me because I'm different from them?" she shamelessly declared.

"… Pei Ge, I'm no longer worried that you'll be affected by that online post."

"He he! I wasn't affected by it in the first place. You're thinking too much."

The pair quibbled, tossing that post about them at the back of their minds.

Even though the pair paid no attention to it, the news still spread…


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