Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
822 You are my woman; I will protect you well.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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822 You are my woman; I will protect you well.

"Hey, have you heard? Our new planning manager is coming today!"

"That's right; that's right. Everyone is guessing where boss found the person!"

"Indeed, the person seems very capable!"

"Yes, I heard that our CEO personally decorated our new planning manager's office."

"I heard that, too. This person must be someone our boss cares a lot!"

"If you guys say that, it's only making me more curious!"

"Still, from that office's furnishings, it should be a woman. After all, the room has warm colors."

"Don't tell me that the new manager is our CEO's girlfriend?"

"How can that be? I heard that our CEO's assistant was highest position that woman had ever held."

"Yes, how can it be that woman?"

While all the Ji Group employees were guessing the identity of their new planning manager, Pei Ge was seriously regarding her outfit.

"How is it, mom? Do I look like a proper boss today?"

She stood before her mother in a black formal attire.

Her mother sized her up and then nodded. "Not bad. You do look the part now!"

"He he!" She giggled. "Really? Then, I'll get going now!"

"Okay, go." Her mother spoke in a gentle voice, eyes shining with pride and happiness.


With that, she picked up her bag and changed into her high heels before opening the door and taking off.

She happily made her way downstairs.

Once she reached the first floor, she unexpectedly saw someone there.


The man in a nice-fitting suit was leaning against the door, looking exceptionally suave.

"Get in."

Lifting a brow slightly the moment he spotted her, he opened the door to the passenger seat for her.

"Didn't I tell me that you not to pick me up today?"

Her lips curled up slightly even though she was complaining.

"It's only on the way," he casually replied. It was as though he were truly merely passing by.

Of course, this was insufficient to fool her.

"What on the way? Do you think this girlfriend of yours doesn't know where you live? Just say it outright if you are here to fetch me; don't bother coming up with such an obvious lie."

Amused, she quickly exposed him.

Hearing this, the man's lips twitched. "… Just get in."

"Fine, fine. I'll get in and just take your car to work!"

With that, she ran to him and bent at the waist to get in his car.

He gave her a wry smile at this. After buckling her seatbelt, he closed the door and got into the driver's seat.

Halfway to the company, while watching the scenery roll back, she turned to look at him.

"Great. Now, when everyone sees us come to the company together, they'll surely let their imagination run wild."

Although she knew that he had picked her up because he cared for her, she was still a little peeved at his actions.

She was originally planning to keep a low profile at work and wait until her capabilities were recognized before going around with him.

Alas, she had forgotten about his possessive nature.

"As my girlfriend, you need not worry about such trivial things." He lightly peered at her, not like her hiding and caring a lot about others' opinions.

To him, their relationship had nothing to do with others, so others' opinions had nothing to do with them.

Actually, more than anything else, he wanted to let others know that she was his woman.

"Yes, yes, yes. I am your girlfriend, but so what if others don't know? Our relationship has become a huge thing; I really think that we should keep a low profile until the wind blows over."

She helplessly pursed her lips.

She did not know why, but based on her woman's intuition, this whole situation was odd.

Those online posts were all lauding her, and not one mentioned anything about her academic background or how she was a plain woman. Plus, pictures of her without makeup were not circulating on the internet.

Everything about this was just too queer.

That was because the paparazzi were creatures that revealed whatever would arouse the public's attention, and her background and natural look were the perfect catalysts for this.


"Pei Ge, keep in mind that you are my woman and I will protect you. You don't need to worry about such unnecessary things," he coldly said, his powerful voice brimming with confidence.

"You are dating me and not anyone else. Even if others misunderstand you, I will never."

The red light lit up and the car came to a stop.

He took his hand off the steering wheel and lightly placed it on hers, tightly gripping her hand.

"Don't worry about those negligible things."

Hearing this, she only felt warmth course through her heart and body.

"I understand." She nodded quickly, her eyes dancing with merriment.

That's right. No matter if I'm overthinking it or how queer this situation is, I still have him on my side, so what is there to be afraid of?

"Now, do you still want to hide our relationship and pretend that we don't know each other in the company?"

The man's lips curled up when she nodded as he questioned her with a stoic face.

"Of course not! You are my boyfriend!"


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