Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
826 Why do you not know what he likes?
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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826 Why do you not know what he likes?

They had just stepped into the garden restaurant when Pei Ge spotted a pair sitting by the window.

Senior and… Miss Qiao?!

Why are they here together?

She felt very confused to see the woman in a red dress and the man in a formal suit with each other. Why are these two together?

"What's wrong?"

Noting that she was staring blankly elsewhere, Ji Ziming raised a brow and followed her line of sight.

When he saw the pair too, surprise flashed past his eyes, albeit it was not as obvious as hers.

"Ziming, do senior and your benefactor know each other?" She blurted this question before she realized it.

He and Fu Mingxuan were childhood friends, so it was not strange at all for Qiao Jingyun to know that man.

In fact, his answer was exactly as thus.

"Yes, they do know each other." Their relationship isn't this good, though—at least, it's not good enough for them to share a meal at the same table.

He swept his dark eyes in the pair's direction, confusion flashing past them.

He was no busybody, though, so he quickly retracted his gaze and ignored the two.

"Let's go. No need to care about them."

He pulled her hand in the opposite direction from the two, clearly not wanting to let the pair see them.

"Huh? Aren't we going to say hi to them?" She blinked at him in surprise and confusion.

"No need; let's go."

Alas, things did not go according to his wishes. Even if he did not want to greet them and refused to go over, being the eye-catching person that he was, the two still easily noticed their presence.


Qiao Jingyun perceived the subtle change in the restaurant's atmosphere and raised her head to look around, only to spot the man's figure from a direction.

She quickly stood up from her seat, pleasantly surprised to see him.

However, when she spotted Pei Ge beside him, slight displeasure appeared on her face.

Of course, Fu Mingxuan felt the opposite upon seeing the woman.

He raised his head when he heard his companion call his childhood friend's name and looked in the direction she was looking, only to find Pei Ge standing there.

"Pei Ge?"

He had a look of surprise and happiness upon seeing her.

Ji Ziming involuntarily frowned at this.

He seems awfully concerned about my girlfriend.

He could not help but think this inside.

Pei Ge could no longer ignore this senior who treated her well, so upon hearing this call, she hooked her arm through her boyfriend and walked in the pair direction.

"What a coincidence to meet you here, senior!"

She smiled at him in greeting.

"Yes, it's a great coincidence." The man sighed deeply and smiled at her. This smile disappeared after giving this reply, however.

"Ah! I'm only eating with Qiao Jingyun because we have a potential business dealings. I'm not close with her!"

Pei Ge was looking at the woman, but before she could say a word in greeting, her senior said his purpose for having lunch with the woman to brush off their relationship.

She blinked upon hearing this and could not help but feel amused.

It feels weird to hear him explain himself to me when we don't have any relationship.

"Oh, senior, relax; I haven't even said anything. You don't have to be so agitated!" She grinned and teased him.

"He he!" He also chuckled but did not say anything more.

"Ziming, are you and Pei Ge here to have lunch, too? Let's dine together, then! Our meal hasn't been served yet, so sit down and eat together!"

Qiao Jingyun peered at the two interacting and then said this to the man with a grin.

As the man moved to reject her, his childhood friend spoke first.

"That's right. Sit down and let's eat together. I also have something to discuss with you." Fu Mingxuan shifted his gaze away from Pei Ge and turned to smile at him.

With a light frown, he firmly rejected with a shake of his head.

"No, thanks. It's rest time now, so I don't want to talk about work."

The pair was spooked by this, and they looked at him in disbelief.

Was this the same man they knew? In the past, he would never do something like loaf off as he placed work over anything else even if it meant forgoing his meal and rest time!

Right now…

"Ziming, let's just dine with them." Pei Ge's gaze jumped between the two men before tugged her boyfriend's arm to persuade him.

He could only nod in assent to her decision, and they took a seat beside the pair.

Thus, two-person seat turned into a four-person table.

The moment both sat down, Qiao Jingyun called the waitress to take their orders.

"This is the menu. You two should order some dishes you like!"

She smiled at them gently.

The man received the menu from her and passed it to his girlfriend directly.

"You can order the food."

"Okay!" Pei Ge happily received the menu and started ordering food.

"Ah! Ziming, let's order another squirrel-shaped mandarin fish!"

After she ordered a few dishes, she suddenly exclaimed this with twinkling eyes.

Before he could reply, Qiao Jingyun opened her mouth.

"Hur hur! Aren't you Ziming's girlfriend? Why don't you know what his taste in food? Don't you know that he dislikes eating fish?"


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