Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
828 He seems to be especially mindful of my girlfriend.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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828 He seems to be especially mindful of my girlfriend.

What did it feel like to see the person one loved flaunt their affection for another in front of them?

To Qiao Jingyun, this feeling made her so resentful she could die from it. She wanted so much not to care about the consequences and kill off this hateful woman before her.

Meanwhile, to Fu Mingxuan, it was a torturous feeling. It was as though his heart were being squeezed to death.

One was the woman he had loved for many years and another was a childhood friend whom he could not hate but also could not forgive.

The two were acting intimate, much like newlyweds, before him.

Oh, yes. They are about to get married, so they can be deemed as partly newlyweds.

His hands balled into fists while watching them as he tried to rein in his emotions.

Still, no matter how much he tried, he still could not ease the resentment in his heart. He felt his emotions boil as he looked at them.

He had just sucked in a deep, calming breath when a soft voice sounded next to him.

If not because they were close and because he could feel someone whispering to his ear, he would probably not hear what this person was saying.

"Can you bear seeing this? You clearly met Pei Ge first, so you should be with her. Ziming has always known that you love her, yet he actually snatched her from you and didn't even apologize for it."

This was akin to the whisper of the devil as it caused his heart to blacken.

"Are you really fine with this? Are you prepared to watch the woman you love marry someone else?"

No, I'm not! I'm not!

I've waited for her for so many years. I've loved her for so many years.

His love for her had already become an obsession. Just like how people needed to drink water and breathe, she had become a necessity for him to continue living.

If I didn't meet her again, I would've given up.

If I had confessed to her in Tianjin and she rejected me, I would've given up, too.

God let me meet her again in the time I had set for myself!

Unfortunately, my friend officially dated her that very day I was planning to confess my feelings.

He didn't even apologize for stealing her from me like that.

"Let's work together; properly consider my offer."

Qiao Jingyun shifted her head away from him with an amicable smile. The way she ate the delicacies before her made it seem as if she had not just said those words.

Work together?

He lowered his eyelids as a dark glint flashed past his eyes.

Having a meal together was this woman's idea and not hers.

He was originally trying to learn what she was up to when she surprisingly proposed a collaboration between them in breaking up the couple.

She even mentioned some of her plans, but he rejected them all.

Alas, shortly after they started their discussion, this pair appeared.

Should… I work with her, then?

He neither liked nor wanted her with his friend because this woman was vicious, shrewd, and selfish.

Still… am I okay with this? Should I try working with her?

If I don't work with her, am I supposed to watch the woman I love marries my friend?

While this couple was enjoying their lunch, the other two were not. In fact, they barely touched their food.

However, whereas the woman's inability to stomach her food was mainly due to the loving couple before her, the man's inability to eat was largely due to her proposal.

He was in a fix over this.

Amid such an ambiguous atmosphere, the four's lunch ended.

Waving goodbye, the couple left the restaurant and got in their car.

"Ziming, are those two close friends?"

Once she buckled her seatbelt, she turned to ask Ji Ziming curiously.

"They aren't. He doesn't really like her." He shook his head.

"Their relationship is bad? That's weird. Haven't they seemed close earlier? I even saw her intimately whispering to his ear. They definitely looked very close!"

She was looking quizzical.

From how they behaved and shared a meal, she thought that the two seemed rather close.

"You don't need to care about them."

Hearing her mention his friend again, a look of displeasure flashed past his face. He had been feeling uncomfortable about his friend during their meal.

He did not know why, but he had this feeling that his childhood friend was exceptionally mindful of his girlfriend. She might not have noticed it, but he noticed that man staring at her.

It was not a good feeling to have another man staring at his girlfriend.

"Oh… I'm just a little curious. I won't ask if you don't want me to."

Seeing that he was a little angry, she nudged her lips and did not bring up that matter about the two again.

Although she was friends with her senior and disliked that woman, she would still support them if they ended up together.

After all, that meant that she would have one less love rival!

As the saying goes, 'the believers may die, but the faith lives on'! He he!

The car steadily drove off to the Ji Group headquarters. Unbeknown to these two, the pair at the restaurant did not leave upon their departure.

"Fu Mingxuan, your decision to stay behind means that you want to work with me, right?"


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