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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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830 Noble and Inviolable Goddess

"Hur! Do you think that she'll like you if you don't do this?"

She coldly smirked at him.

He could hear the ridicule in her voice.

His palms balled up into fists as her words played on a loop in his mind.

'Do you think she'll like you…'

Do you think you can compare to Ji Ziming?

He knew that she said that on purpose to agitate him so that he would work with her.

Despite being very clear of this, he was still swayed by this vicious and sly woman.

"The time that she's down is when she is the most vulnerable and needs a shoulder to lean on. At that time, you can be her knight in shining armor and gain her full trust. She may even develop… feelings for you."

Seeing that he was wavering, her lips curled up slightly as smugness flashed past her eyes.

No matter how clever he is, since I know his weak point, I…

"You may not know this, but women are the most emotional and easily touched creatures in this world."

She relaxed her body and leaned against her chair.

"How is it, Mr. Fu? Does a busy man like you want to form a partnership with me?"

"Fine. I agree to your condition."

He narrowed his dark eyes at her coldly.

He sounded as if he were speaking to an enemy instead of a partner.

"Great. Since you agreed, let's start it from here on."

She was unmindful of his tone and only smiled at him.

"But…" He suddenly spoke again.


She suspiciously cocked an eyebrow at him.

"I want you to change your plan. Your method will ruin Ge Ge."

He sat up straight and appeared to be having an important negotiation.

No. Perhaps, right now, he was having the most serious negotiation in his life.

His well-defined fingers interlocked as he coldly regarded her.

"I won't agree to it if that is your plan."

Her lips curled up as she chuckled in ridicule. "Hur hur! I think I've already explained it clearly to you.

"Do you think that she'll develop feelings for you if those don't happen to her? Anyone can add brilliance to splendor, but providing fuel in snow isn't easy, especially to a woman who needs help the most.

"Don't you want to be lovers with her soon? Don't you want to make them break up completely and her to give up totally on him?"

Under her goading, despite how unwilling he was to see those terrible things happen to Pei Ge, his heart still wavered. It was because he loved her too much and desperately wanted her heart to be his.

"The choice is yours. I won't force you to make a decision; it is all yours to choose."

She got up slowly and strode toward him.

"Make your choice on whether to have her or give up on her now."

With that, she walked away.

She was about to walk out of the place when she heard someone slamming the table.


The noise made her lips curl up into an evil smile.

It appeared to be one of ridicule, or gloating, or… dementia.

"I… agree."

He watched her leaving back and forced the words out of his mouth.

She turned around and flashed him a smile.

"I look forward to working with you, Mr. Fu."

Pei Ge, the game has started. You will fall into the cobweb I have spun for you and won't ever be able to rise again.

Whether it's the people who love or hate you, they will all become the strings in this web that tightly coil around you, pulling you down to the crevices of the earth…

Ahh… I really wanna admire your desperate and despairing look!


He could not help but feel uneasy upon seeing her gentle and friendly smile.

Still, since he wanted the woman he had always dreamed of to be completely his, he chose to ignore it.

Naturally, the target of this conspiracy was wholly unaware of it. Pei Ge seriously reported for work every day and settled all sorts of trivial matters, which were unrelated to her job.

She also heard the employees discuss her and Ji Ziming every day.

"Have you heard? Our CEO, who hated attending business gatherings, brought his girlfriend to one yesterday. I heard that they went around giving out dog food!"

"Ha ha! You don't need hearsay for that! It's all over the news. Everyone knows of that already!"

"Don't you think it's weird? Why is our CEO and manager always photographed by the paparazzi every time they attend a gathering? They even appear on news."

"Yes, I find that strange, too. Logically, those two aren't well-known individuals, but why does the media always take pictures of them?"

Out on her stroll, she coincidentally heard this conversation.

She frowned slightly at this.

That's right. I'm attending business gatherings at least three to four times a week, but each time, we always get photographed and appear on the news the next day.

Plus, I'm always praised by the media.

Their high praises even make me feel embarrassed!

"Ah! Do you think that, perhaps, our CEO is involved in all these? If not, why are those reporters full of praises for the two?"

"Also, didn't you guys notice how she's never ugly in any of those pictures? She is always so beautiful in them and is exactly as what some of those netizens call her: a noble and inviolable goddess!"


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