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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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831 Pei Ge“s Legion of Online Fans

"Also, didn't you guys notice how she's never ugly in any of those pictures? She is always so beautiful in them and is exactly as what some of those netizens call her: a noble and inviolable goddess!"

"What you said sounds about right! Her photos online are always exquisite they're quite unbelievable! Moreover, all those praises for her and the CEO are sickeningly sweet!"

"Right! Those photos must've been photoshopped! Our manager doesn't look like that at all! I get stunned every time I see those photos online."

"I think so, too. The online version of her and the real-life her are totally unlike. It's just like how a Cinderella puts on a pair of glass slippers and becomes a totally different person."

"Actually, I really want to know how those netizens will react once they find out that their goddess doesn't look like that at all!"

"Pfft! They'll definitely have a breakdown!"

Hearing these two female employees' talk in the corridor, Pei Ge did not know whether to laugh or cry.

It was as these two employees said; she's already more well-known than some of those TV personalities online.

She, in fact, gained a legion of online fans from god knew where despite her Weibo always being inactive…

Moreover, her numbers of fans just kept growing as the comments on her wall kept coming.

It was as if everyone had come to a consensus for no one scolded her online. Even if someone said something bad about her, the comment would be pushed down by a flood of praises.

Hence, her Weibo was so unbelievingly harmonious even she found it to be miraculous.

After all, she had neither posted anything on that account nor interacted with anyone online.

She really did not know where those diehard fans of hers came from.


A light cough pulled her back to reality.

"Are you two too free? You actually have so much time to gossip while at work! Looks like your guts have gotten bigger recently!"

"Gasp! Brother Xiong, we were wrong. We'll go back to our workstations now!"

The two female employees fled toward the other end of the corridor.

She sighed in relief upon hearing their footsteps fade away.

Just as she was about to walk away, too, this brother Xiong appeared in front of her.

"Manager, those two are immature. They're only speaking nonsense, so please don't take what they said to heart."

This man in a suit and was smiling ingratiatingly at her.

Her lips slanted upward a little as she looked at the man. She then nodded lightly and answered, "Supervisor, I didn't, so don't worry."

"Ha ha! I knew that our manager is magnanimous unlike our petty director."

The man smiled happily at her. He first flattered her and then badmouthed her enemy.

This supervisor is clearly trying to get on my good side.

She raised a brow and sized the man up.

This supervisor is another kind of talent. I haven't seen him display great capabilities, but I've witnessed his skills at sucking up to people.

Even a difficult woman like that director is conquered by him. Looks like he isn't a simple character.

The director and I aren't on good terms at the moment, and she's purposely creating needless obstacles for me.

Our entire department should be able to see this as long as they're not too dumb.

This supervisor should know about it, too, yet he's saying this to me…

"Supervisor, be mindful of your words. Trouble starts from the mouth."

She chuckled softly and tested the waters.

Although she was unwilling to be enemies with the director and wanted to learn from her instead, that woman had truly gone overboard.

Her tolerance was already at its limit.

It had almost been a month since she came her to work, yet let alone work proposals, she did not even get to learn much from anybody.

Rather than a planning manager, she was more like a lackey who did all sorts of menial jobs. She was basically reduced to doing clerical work daily, and this stifled her so much.

Despite all that, she still did not want to tell him about it. She wanted to rely on her abilities to escape from this predicament.

She did not want to prove them right—that she relied on a man.

Perhaps, this supervisor is the exit that I've always been looking for?

"Manager, just listen to you; I'm merely saying this because I can't bear to watch the way the director is treating you. If not, why do you think am I saying this to you?"

Despite his wide smile, his tone was quite serious.

"I believe that the CEO isn't the type to mix business with personal matters. Since he arranged for you to take up this position, that means that you have the ability to do your job.

"Still, even now, the director is abusing her authority to take personal revenge on you. She has clear intentions to deprive you of any power, and that is why I, Talent Xiong, can't take it anymore!"

After listening intently to his words, she burst out laughing.

The man turned to look at her in confusion.

"Why are you laughing? Did I say something funny?"

"No, no. I'm really grateful to hear you say all that to me."

She shook her head with a smile.

He then patted his brain and said with amusement, "Oh, I know. Manager must be laughing at my name."

She blinked at him, not knowing how to respond to that.

"Many people have the same reaction as you do when they hear my name. My name is indeed quite comical."

He grinned and continued nonchalantly.

"Actually, this name isn't that bad," she replied politely.

"Sigh… My name is actually pretty uncultured. My hometown is located in a small county and my parents are farmers who have never gone to school.

"I don't care whether you laugh at me for this or not, but once my parents got me, their only son, after having five daughters, they gave me that name 'Talent'.

"They only wanted me to live up to my name: be talented, capable, and successful in a big city."

He suddenly brought up his family background, causing her to be at a loss on how to continue this conversation.

Although she could not understand some parents' preference of boys over girls, she could see that he had an earnest and kind expression when he brought up his parents and sisters.

It was not his usual look of hypocrisy.

"Look at me; why did I bring that up? Anyway, I actually came here for something proper."

He smiled. His ingratiating expression disappeared, and in its place was a serious look.

"Hm?" She blinked in confusion at his sudden change in demeanor.

"What's the matter?"

"Manager, the director is plotting something against you."

"Plotting against me? Hasn't she been doing that all along?" She smirked coldly.

"No, this time is different. Those are just child's play, but… this time, there's someone helping her from behind. This person's goal is very clear: to make you commit a big mistake at work…"


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