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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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833 I am angry! Come and comfort me!

She started becoming busy after the man dropped by.

She was busy with the project he had mentioned and with preparing for the tricks that the director might spring against her anytime.

At least, she managed to pass these days in comfort and gratification.

She was not as idle and bored as she was before.

"Manager, this is all the information that you requested."

"Okay. Leave it there."

"Manager, these are the numbers that you asked for."

"Okay. I got them."


She had just arrived at work when several employees started reporting back to her on the work she had delegated.

Her days at the Ji Group had not been the best.

Still, she must admit that the employees here were all crème de la crème!

She had only issued down the work yesterday and everyone had already finished them today.

Moreover, these people's work outputs were not sloppy but were actually done well.

She got more and more surprised as she read through their given files.

However, before she could peruse them further, a man who could make her unable to concentrate on work appeared in her office.

"Ziming, why are you here?" She looked at him in surprise.

"This is my company. Can't I be here?"

"Pfft! Yes, yes, yes. You are the big boss here, so of course you can!" She got up from her chair and happily made her way to him.

Seeing her bright smile, the man met her halfway.

"Have you gotten used to working here?"

As he asked that, he flipped open some of the files on her table.

He quickly frowned when he read through them.

Meanwhile, upon seeing him frown, she tried to recall what she had said that offended him.

"What are you frowning for? I'm totally fine!" She glared at him, feeling guiltily.

Don't tell me that this annoying fellow has seen through me?!

As she was feeling unsure, he spoke again, and what he said caused her to be flabbergasted and at a loss.

"Why are all these files related to Fu Mingxuan's project? When did you two contact each other?"

He put down the files in hand and raised a brow at her.


She blinked at him, feeling a little speechless.

"Why? You are you getting angry? Did you quarrel with him?" she asked quizzically.

"Reject this project."

He did not answer her question but simply coolly issued this order.

"Huh? Reject it? Why?"

She was completely baffled. She could not fathom why he would say such words.

"What's wrong with you today?"

Seeing her look of puzzlement, he also realized that what he had done was too sudden.

"Pass his project to the director. You don't need to do it," he calmly ordered her. Although he remained expressionless, one could tell that he was opposed to this matter from how he kept telling her to do such things.

"Huh?! Pass it to the director?"

Taken aback, she widened her eyes at him.

"Why can't I take charge of this project? Why are you making me pass it to her?"

Don't you know that the director and I have enmity?

Forget about you telling me to reject this project, but you even want me to pass it to the director! That is a definite no!

I need this project to make a turnaround!

"Whatever it is, I won't relinquish this project to someone else, and it's even more impossible for me to give it to the director."

Before he could speak, she resolutely declared this.

"Why must you do this project?"

The man's frown deepened upon hearing this.

"Why are you forcing me to give it up?"

She rolled her eyes at him and nudged her lips in exasperation.

Seriously, did he come over just to say this to me? He's really infuriating!

"I have my reasons for saying that."

He lightly coughed and replied blandly upon seeing her roll her eyes.

"Anyway, it's fine as long as you understand what I mean. This project—"

"This project, I'll definitely finish it. You don't need to worry."

She interrupted him while beaming.


Sensing her anger, his expressionless face froze.

"Alright, CEO. If there's nothing else, please leave; I am very busy right now."

Her anger did not subside from his adorable look and just proceeded to say that.

Her politeness made it seem as if they only had a superior-subordinate relationship.

"… Pei Ge!"

After a long pause, he finally recovered his senses. He tightly grabbed her wrist and stared at her.

She was taken aback by his act of grabbing her, but when she turned and saw his expression, she was even more surprised.

How was his face that same bland and nonchalant expression from moments ago?

Now, his expression was very complicated.

If a term must be used to describe his expression now, it would be… that he was afraid – afraid to lose something or someone.


How could she still have the mind to be angry with him when he was like this? Other than being worried about him, she could think of nothing else.

"Pei Ge… reject this project."

His lips were pursed into a straight line and his voice sounded as if he were begging.

"… Why?"

Why must you make me reject this project?


"… Mingxuan likes…"


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