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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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837 She is finally getting married.

"Hey! Daughter, why is this boyfriend of yours making such a sudden decision?"

As she watched the man enter the kitchen to prepare food, she hurriedly inquired to her daughter.

"Your auntie and I are still discussing about your engagement; in fact, we've just started making preparations for it, so why did Xiao Ji…"

The further she thought of it, the stronger she felt that something was off.

While she would feel at ease if her daughter settled down earlier, this was still way too early.

"I'm unsure, too. He just suddenly told me that he wants to get married."

Her daughter blankly shook her head, clearly not having any idea as well.

"He suddenly told you that he wants to get married?" This shocked her. With wide eyes, she asked, "Then, tell me how he proposed to you."

Hearing her mother's request, Pei Ge could only think of the words in her head and replied, "Actually, today…"

Before she could narrate the series of events today, she noticed her mother beaming with joy.


Her mother slapped her thigh and said with her face full of radiance, "I know why Xiao Ji made such a sudden decision!"

"Yes?" She was lost when she heard that. "Why?"

Her mother was amused by her silly and lost look.

"You lass! You're usually pretty smart, so why are you so stupid when it comes to him?"

"Ah, mom? What is it? Stop keeping me in suspense! Shoot!"

She blinked and affectionately hooked arms with her mother as she rushed the latter to resume speaking.

"Your boyfriend is feeling insecure about you. Worried that you might get snatched by others, he moved the date forward."

Her mother reached out and tapped on her head.

"How couldn't you have thought of this?"

Her mother's reply took her by surprise. She stared at her with her mouth agape from shock and could not speak for a while.

"H-How could that be possible? Mom, you're overthinking it! Look at who he is and look at me! If you're talking about insecurity, shouldn't I be the one feeling insecure?"

After she recovered from her shock, she firmly refuted her mother's claim with a shake of her head.

Ji Ziming and I are just like the moon in the sky and the dust on earth. We can't be compared!

How can that annoying fellow feel insecure about me? That's totally impossible!

"My silly daughter, sometimes, when one is in love, they will lose their rationality. No matter how intelligent and powerful he is, in the world of love, he is just a normal person."

Her mother patted her hand lightly.

"Your words may be right about you two being incomparable to each other with his dashing looks, good family background, and intelligence. Indeed, others consider him to be way out of league."

"You, on the other hand, aren't so beautiful that people will fall for you at first sight; neither do you have a good family background nor are you exceptionally smart. In the eyes of others, you're just an easily forgotten passerby."

Her mother gazed endearingly at her.

"In the eyes of others, you two aren't connected in any way, and you can't match up to him. Unfortunately for them, the man loves you and loves you dearly.

"My silly daughter, he's jealous of his childhood friend. You shouldn't be so silly next time. He's someone whom you can depend on for the rest of your life."

Her mind was in a blur as she listened to her mother's words. Right now, it felt as if she were not stepping on solid ground but on clouds.

"Ge Ge, you must cherish Xiao Ji! When you face such issues again, don't quarrel with him. You should always think about the reason for his action. Don't fight again because of something like this next time. No matter how deep a relationship is, quarrels will squander it."


She nodded dazedly and looked toward the kitchen, feeling an indescribable emotion.

"Go! Go to the kitchen and see what he's doing."

Her mother encouraged her with a smile.

"Okay, I-I'll go take a look."

She nodded and got up off the sofa.

Before she could enter the kitchen, she smelled the familiar aroma of food.

Lifting her head, she saw him in an apron. He stood by the stove with his back straight. He was stir-frying vegetables.

Swash, swash, swash!

She stood at the entrance and gazed at him silently. Unknowingly, a radiant smile appeared on her face.

This is my man. I just wanna be with him forever and always.


She took a step into the kitchen and gently called out to him.

The man, who was busy with the food preparation, turned his head over when he heard her voice.

"Let me help you cook!"

Grinning, she walked to his side and rolled up her sleeves to begin helping him cut the rest of the vegetables.

"I can handle this myself."

Ji Ziming frowned.

"Aiya! I'm not vying with you for stir-frying vegetables. I'm just helping you cut them, okay? We should hurry up; my mom and I are hungry!"

She grinned at him as she proceeded to chop the veggies dexterously.

He did not bother stopping her further upon hearing that.

Both worked harmoniously, and not before long, they were done preparing dinner.

Only after they had brought the dishes out did her mother, who was in the living room, walk toward the dining area.

She felt relieved to see her daughter and the man together.

My daughter has finally found herself a reliable and great man! She should be able to get married this time around!


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