Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
840 He is getting engaged to her next week.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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840 He is getting engaged to her next week.

"I'd like to tell you about an important matter."

Mu Heng exclaimed at once, "An important matter? Wah! Can you tell me in advance? I'm really curious!"

The man did not explain himself, though.

"Perhaps, you got Little Chili pregnant? Are you becoming a dad?"

He excitedly started making his guesses.

The man over the phone frowned slightly at this, but he could not stop himself from thinking that it would be nice if Pei Ge got pregnant with his child.

"Shut up! See you at the usual place."

He hung up and continued driving.

It was dark that night.

Not one star could be seen in the indigo sky.

Despite not having any stars, shimmering lights in the streets and stores lit up the bustling city.

Sometimes, from afar, this shimmering cityscape looked better than the stars.

This was especially so for the entertainment hub, Bar Vista.

"Mu Heng, you a*shole, are you lying to us?! How was it possible for Ziming to ask us to gather this late in the night?"

"He he! Do you think I'm like you, Flying Bird? Why would I pull such a rudimentary prank?"

"Alright. Stop quarreling. Won't we know when we get here?"

Mu Heng, Fu Mingxuan, and Liao Gaofei's appearance attracted plenty of attention.

With how eye-catching the three were, from the moment they entered the club, plenty of the ladies came up to them.

"Handsome, want to hang out?"

"Handsome, I'm free tonight!"

After dismissing this bevy of unrestrained ladies, they reached a private VIP room upstairs.

Before they could enter the room, a gorgeous receptionist informed them that Ji Ziming was waiting for them inside.

"Young masters, Mr. Ji is waiting for you inside."

Mu Heng shot Liao Gaofei a glance that said, 'See? I didn't trick you, did I? It's really him who asked us out.'

"Alright, I know. You may leave."

He said and then opened the door to the private room.

When he opened the door, they all spotted the man elegantly sipping wine on the sofa.

"Ziming, how boring it is to drink alone! Let us join you!"

He grinned, strode forward, and sat beside the man.

"It's indeed you who asked us out. Here I thought that this fellow was playing a trick on us." Liao Gaofei grinned.

The man, alas, ignored the two. Instead, his eyes were fixated on Fu Mingxuan, who had not spoken since he entered.

The man, who was about to enter the room, noticed his gaze and looked back with his dark eyes.

Although both were friends, the look they shared felt like drawn daggers.

"Mingxuan, why are just standing at the door? Come in and drink! It's rare for Ziming to invite us."

The insensitive Liao Gaofei failed to sense the tension between the two and gestured for Fu Mingxuan to take a seat.

In contrast, Mu Heng, with his high EQ, sensed the weird tension between the two.

"That's right; that's right! Come in, Mingxuan!"

Despite feeling that something was amiss between the two, he could only pretend that he did not notice it.


Fu Mingxuan retracted his gaze first and forced out a gentle smile.

When all three were seated, Ji Ziming neither spoke or told them why he had gathered them here.

The other two men in the know did not ask, either.

Only Liao Gaofei was the exception.

"Ziming, why on earth did you call us here? Don't tell me that it's just to drink?" teased this simple-minded man.

Ji Ziming just kept swirling his wine glass, but upon noting its piercing redness, his mouth twitched. Unlike before when he drank it languidly, he downed it like a boor who did not know how to appreciate such an expensive drink.

The rest were dumbstruck at the way he drank his wine.

Anyone who knew him would know that this gentleman was a wine connoisseur who loved his wine.

Others might think that drinking wine was just a simple act and a way to show off one's class.

However, to him, drinking wine was all about tasting it.

Those who had seen him taste wine were captivated by him. The reason being that he did not seem to be a person drinking wine but someone appreciating a priceless art piece, instead.

It was pleasant to look at and made others feel that wine should be drank in the same way that he did, especially since this was a stark contrast to others who trampled on their wine.

Alas, today, this wine artist was actually trampling his wine. How could the three not be taken aback?

"Ziming, are… you okay?" The carefree smile on Mu Heng's face vanished instantly and was replaced by a concerned look.

"That's right; are you alright? Why do I feel that you're not yourself today?"

Even Liao Gaofei looked worriedly at him.

All, except Fu Mingxuan, spoke, but although he remained silent, the nervousness on his face gave away his current state of mind.

"Ziming, are you out of love?"

Mu Heng scrutinized his friend with a bit of uncertainty.

Upon hearing his question, Fu Mingxuan's eyes lit up at once as he shot the man in question an anxious glance. It was as if he were trying to get the truth from his face.

He was destined to be disappointed by his expectations, however.

Just as the three were anticipating his answer…

"I'm getting engaged next week with Pei Ge."


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