Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
844 She is the woman I love; I will not give her up.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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844 She is the woman I love; I will not give her up.

"You know it! You know how long I've looked for her! You know how much I like her! Why must you snatch her from me?! Aren't we good friends?!"

Fu Mingxuan, who was known for being a gentle and cultured man, had never raised his voice, yet it was as though he were another person as he roared at him without a care for his image.


Ji Ziming did not know how to respond to him.

Even if he was apathetic and cold in other's eyes, he was truly not heartless to those who treated him sincerely.

If it were someone else, he would likely turn around and leave. He would not stay here and listen to him speak.

"The amount of envy I have for you is equal to the amount of hate I have for you. Clearly, I saw her first, but you still snatched her away from me…"

Fu Mingxuan's eyes were dyed with sorrow and hurt, as well as a tinge of complex jealousy.

"Don't you already have Qiao Jingyun? Can you please return my girl to me?"

Seeing him remain silent even after a long while, he sucked in a deep breath and calmed himself as he spoke with pleading in his voice.

Alas, his actions only served to make the man's expressionless face turn cold.

"I don't want to hear this from you again. She's the woman I love, so I won't give her up to anybody."

Ji Ziming regarded his childhood friend with narrowed eyes.

"You are my good friend. I can give you anything, but only her I won't ever give up or let go."

With that, he opened the door and alighted from the car.

"I will treat it as if nothing happened today. In the future, please also forget my fiancée."


Shutting the door, he strode away from the car.

Fu Mingxuan watched him leave with pursed lips. His eyes were entirely dark, making one unable to perceive his thoughts through them.

When the traffic light turned green and the cars behind him honked repeatedly, he retracted his gaze and stepped on the gas.

He understood that, after this incident, their friendship would never be the same.

Even if they wanted to reconcile, it would not be as it was in the past. Moreover, what he was about to do next would cause an irreparable divide between them…

Still, he would not and refused to regret this at all.

"You started this. You destroyed my chance to confess…"

He stopped the car by the roadside, a conflicted look surfacing on his face. It was as if he were painfully at war with himself.

As he hugged his head and fought his inner demons, his phone rang.

He released his hands to pick it up. When he spotted the caller ID, a light furrow appeared between his brows and his eyes flashed with distaste.

Despite the clear disgust and disdain coloring his face, he still connected the call.

"Hey, I heard that Ziming asked you guys out for a drink tonight. Did he find something out?"

Qiao Jingyun on the other end quickly revealed her intentions for calling.

"Hur! You're really a piece of work. Don't tell me that you have someone tailing him?"

Instead of replying, he coldly mocked.

"Of course, I hired some people to tail him. Hur hur! What right do you have to mock me? Don't forget that we are in the same boat now."

The woman was not about to back down and replied sarcastically.

"…" He tightened his grip on his phone and kept mum.

"I know that you don't like me, and I don't like you, too, yet we're now partners, so let's try to cooperate harmoniously, alright? Now, tell me why he called you guys out. I don't think it's just as simple as having a drink."

He coldly snorted before revealing, "He only informed us that he's going to get engaged next week."

"What?! He's getting engaged next week?! With whom?!" she exclaimed in shock.

"Who do you think?"

"Pei Ge!"

She said that name through gritted teeth, her voice filled with hate and jealousy.

He could picture her ugly visage from just her voice alone.

Her entire face is probably warped.

"How did their engagement party get brought forward? This shouldn't happen…"

"Hur hur. Maybe it's because your plan 'succeeded,'" he mocked.

"Yes! You were too obvious, so he must've taken caution…"

She nearly lost her rationality at this news, but she soon calmed down when she heard his words.

Not only was she calm now, she even found a breakthrough point.

"It's actually good that their engagement was brought forward…"

She started laughing smugly. "This way, our plan can be brought forward. She'll then leave my man earlier…"

He could not help but scoff. "Hah! Even if they're not together, do you think that he'd date you?"

"He will; he will. I am his benefactor… Plus, if not for that woman's appearance, I would've already become his official girlfriend and even be the Ji family's new madam."

As long as Pei Ge disappears…


Pei Ge, who had just finished showering and picked up her phone to make a call, sneezed at this moment.

She rubbed her nose, not thinking much of it, and continued dialing a number.


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