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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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846 He is in a rush to marry you.

"Oh, right! What did you want to tell me, anyway?"

Eventually, her best friend recalled that she had called for something important.

Since her best friend finally remembered it, her lips curled up into an amused smile. "I'm getting engaged to Ziming next week. Are you coming?"

Although it was just an engagement, she still hoped that her best friend could come.

Still, she would not force her if she could not make it.

It was only an engagement party and not the wedding ceremony, after all!

"Huh?! You're getting engaged next week?!" her best friend screamed, seemingly bewildered by what she had just heard.

She grinned and nodded; her face was filled with bliss.

"Yup. Ziming decided to bring it forward. He's even planning to hold our wedding soon."

"Gosh! Your boyfriend is anxious!" her best friend exasperatedly muttered. "My earlier words don't hold count, then! Since he's in a rush to marry you, he must be thinking of settling everything so that he can gobble you up fast!"

For some reason, upon hearing the other's assumption, she started picturing things.

Her cheeks heated up at once.

"Ha ha! Not bad! Your boyfriend truly loves you, huh!"

Her best friend continued teasing at her silence.

"Cough, cough, cough! I'm talking about a serious matter here. My engagement is next week; can you make it, then?"

She coughed lightly and went serious.

"Er… about that…"

The other lost her excitement and suddenly became hesitant.

"What's wrong? You can't make it? Are you troubled?" She pursed her lips as disappointment surfaced on her face. It seemed that her best friend was hesitant.

"Not that… It's just that… I'm not sure if my boyfriend is free."

Struggling with herself for a while, Tang Xiaoyu explained, "He has a few matters to settle in the company, so I'm not sure if we can make it."

Pei Ge was a little confused when she heard her explanation. "Why does it matter? I'm only inviting you, so even if your boyfriend isn't free, you can still come. What has this got to do with him?"

"He he! My boyfriend is a workaholic, so he really can't leave my side. If I go, he certainly won't be able to have proper meals and rest. That's why I must stay by his side to take care of him."

She said apologetically, yet she did not sound apologetic at all.

In fact, it sounded as if she were flaunting her love!

She indeed felt that way upon hearing her best friend's reason!

They had yet to meet, but she already disliked her best friend's boyfriend.

"Oh, please! How can you place your lover way above your friend? You still claim to be my best friend? What about your promise to be my bridesmaid, see me get married, and to help me evaluate my boyfriend?"

She pretended to be disgruntled as she grumbled. Still, despite feeling jealous of her best friend's boyfriend, she was not actually not resentful.

"He he! Sorry, sorry. You're not getting married, anyway, and it's just an engagement! When you get married, I'll definitely bring him over to give you a big gift, okay?"

Tang Xiaoyu actually felt bad for doing this; hence, she apologized to her profusely.

"Fine, fine. I get it already. I'll let you off this one time. My engagement is a little rushed, after all."

Pei Ge could only sigh lightly.

Still, feeling a little disappointed, she issued a few fierce warnings.

"If you don't appear on the day of my wedding, don't think of yourself as my best friend anymore. Hmph!"

As soon as she said that, her best friend resolutely promised, "I'll definitely be there when you get married! No matter how big my boyfriend's matters here are, I will still be there!

"You are my best friend! How can I not be present on such an important occasion in your life?"

"Tsk! Isn't this best friend not coming to my engagement party?"

She pointed out in dryly, feeling a little grumpy.

"Okay, okay! Darling, just forgive me this time! Zhengrong is really very busy recently!"

"Fine, fine. Stop mentioning your boyfriend to me. Just hearing his name makes me angry."

"He he! Darling, are you angry and jealous?"


"Okay, okay! Don't be angry. I love you the most! Mwah!"

"Scram, scram, scram! Don't speak sweet nothings to me. They are all lies."

"He he! I love you the most, but I love him more!"

"I'm hanging up. I can't be bothered to listen to you flaunt your love!"

"He he! Alright. Darling, good night! I'll send you the best engagement gift!"

"Who wants your gift? Anyway, I'm going to sleep. Good night."

"Good night!"

After hanging up the call, Tang Xiaoyu's smile slowly faded.

She stared silently at the phone in her hand as Pei Ge's words about getting engaged played endlessly in her mind.

Actually, the reason she did not want to attend this engagement party, other than the fact that her boyfriend was truly busy, was that…

She was worried of a mishap happening by bringing the man over.

Since it was just an engagement and not a wedding, she did not dare to take the gamble.

"Who were you with on the phone? Who is getting engaged?"

She was in deep thought when Gu Zhengrong's low yet magnetic voice sounded beside her ear.

"Ah! It's nothing. Just a friend getting engaged. Anyway, I'm done cooking! Let's go eat now!"


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