Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
849 There are many ways to take wedding photos.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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849 There are many ways to take wedding photos.

Pei Ge originally thought that a wedding photoshoot was a simple matter.

It should not take a long time to complete.

Who knew that she might spend the rest of her day at the photo studio, though? What was depressing was that she only realized after they had arrived at the location.

Ding, ling, ling!

When the glass door was pushed, the wind chimes sounded.

She lifted her head and saw the wind chimes hanging above the door.

The wind chimes, which were made of white laces similar to wedding veils, made this place look romantic.

Unsure whether it was an illusion or not, she seemed to hear wedding music playing out of the wind chimes. It was truly romantic.

Just the wind chimes alone already made her think positively of this photo studio.

When she lifted her head to look at the studio's interior, she was amazed by it.

This wedding photo studio was unlike others that hung numerous wedding photos on the wall.

In this photo studio, countless beautiful wedding dresses hung on the walls. Every piece of wedding dress was hanging on the walls, regardless of their neatness, gaudiness, complexity, or resplendence.

Just like the waves of the sea, one piece after another, these wedding dresses left men dumbstruck and women mesmerized.

"Is this place truly a wedding photo studio?" She looked in the man's direction questioningly upon seeing these rows of beautiful wedding dresses.

No matter which way she looked at it, this was more like a bridal boutique than a wedding photo studio.

The man nodded in affirmation, however.

"This is indeed that."

His lips curled up slightly as he told her this.

She blinked at the wedding dresses on the walls and muttered, "This place looks unlike a wedding photo studio at all, though."

"Our place is truly a wedding photo studio, but unlike its counterparts, we are more professional here."

A foreign female voice rang to quell her doubts. Instinctively, she looked in the direction of where it came from and saw a woman in a trendy, crimson trench coat standing on the red sandalwood spiral staircase.

The woman was neither beautiful nor ugly, but as she stood there alone, she oddly commanded attention.

"Mr. Ji, our team has been waiting for your arrival."

The woman shifted her gaze away from her and smiled at Ji Ziming gracefully.

The man nodded but did not reply.

She curiously eyes the man next to her and the woman coming down the stairs.

"Hello, Miss Pei. I'm the owner of this photo studio, Jiang Wanhong. If you don't mind, you can call me sister Hong."

The woman walked up to her and cordially introduced herself.

"Hello, sister Hong."

She readily addressed her as such.

"You two, follow me upstairs."

After she introduced herself, the studio owner led the couple upstairs.

Pei Ge hooked her arm through her boyfriend's as they followed the studio owner up the spiral staircase.

The staircase was obviously here for years, yet its quality was still pretty good.

The staircase did not creak as they climbed up.

She arrived on the second floor with him as she checked out this wedding photo studio's interior décor.

Only on the second floor did she believe that they were at a wedding photo studio.

Although the second floor still had many wedding dresses on the walls, some photography equipment and props were present as well.

For instance, there were tripods and cameras.

"Mr. Ji, Miss Pei, please take your seats here. I'll have someone prepare refreshments and return in a bit to discuss about the engagement photos with you."

The woman led them into the reception area and smiled.

When he nodded, she left the room.

"Ziming, what is this place? Why haven't I heard of it before?"

As someone who grew up in the capital, she really had no idea about this place.

Since this place was professional photography studio, it was unlikely for her not to have heard of it.

"This one is private."

His explanation enlightened her.

"Oh, private!"

She nodded. This explanation made her figure why she had not heard of this studio's name before.

Er! Alright. She in fact did not notice any conspicuous signs of this being a wedding photography studio when she came with Ji Ziming.

Not long after they sat down, the studio owner returned with her assistant who brought refreshments and snacks.

When she saw the plates of snacks and the steaming tea, despite her ignorance, she knew at once that these were not cheap.

"Miss Pei, what kind of engagement photos do you like? Do you want them taken with you guys in the water, in the air, or on the ground?"

The woman lifted her drink and sipped it before she smiled at her.

"Ah? Are you asking me?"

She instinctively looked at the man. She originally thought that it would just be taking photos and did not anticipate for it to be this particular.

"Yes, Mr. Ji informed us that the engagement photos will be taken according to your wishes."

She blinked at this response and started contemplating.

"What does it mean to be in the water, in the air, or on the ground?"

Although she merely wanted to finish this fast, she got curious about the theme. After all, these photos would be featuring her and the man she loved.

In the end, when the woman explained it all to her, she was left feeling flabbergasted.


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