Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
852 You look good in those dresses, so I bought them.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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852 You look good in those dresses, so I bought them.

"Very good; that's the way. Right!

"Next pose!

"Bride, stand closer to the groom and be more intimate.

"It'll be better if you kiss. Bride, don't be shy…"

Kachak! Kachak!

The camera flashed nonstop, trying to capture this beautiful moment between Pei Ge and Ji Ziming.

This in-love couple let the photographer capture intimate photos of them.

Ji Lelin, who was watching the couple got their photos taken from the sidelines, could not help but admit that the woman whom she disliked looked really beautiful.

"Qimo, I suddenly feel that having our photos taken here is fine, too. It's cozier. Why don't we, other than going to Greece for the photos, have another photoshoot in a similar setting as theirs?"

As she happily turned to look at her partner, she saw him gazing intently at Pei Ge.

The excitement on her face froze at this.

All of a sudden, she recalled that the woman in front had once dated her boyfriend.


She tugged at his hand.

The man only returned to himself when his hand was gripped by her.

"Yes?" He looked gently at her.

"I'm a bit tired, and since we can't choose our theme, let's head back."

She mildly smiled at him, appearing obedient and unlike her rich upbringing.


The man nodded sans hesitation.

Seeing that he had agreed readily, she felt a little better.

She hooked her arm through his and broke into a smile as they left the studio.

Just as she reached the entrance to the studio, she snuck a peek at the woman having her photos taken with her lover.

Since you have a man whom you are ready to marry, please hold onto tightly to him.

Wen Qimo is mine…

Of course, the woman, whom this one had been mistaken for a love rival, had no clue of this.

Currently, this woman was in a state of unusual sweetness as she happily had her photos taken with her boyfriend.

Although she felt that it was troublesome, she still changed into three different sets of wedding dresses and underwent three sessions of engagement photoshoots.

By the time they were done with all that, she was exhausted to the point of collapse.

Despite the wedding dresses being very beautiful, every piece was so heavy that she had a tough time bearing their weight!

Indeed, those beautiful dresses were only meant to be admired and not meant to be worn for a long duration.

As she changed back into her clothes and prepared to leave the place with the man, Jiang Wanhong spoke suddenly.

"Mr. Ji, the three wedding dresses have been packed. Do you want them delivered to your house or at another place?"

The studio owner's words stunned her at once.

Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh?!

Those dresses were bought by Ji Ziming and not provided by this studio?!

She froze at the realization.

When she went to the bathroom earlier, she heard the few assistants whispering about how expensive her three wedding dresses were!

At that time, she just thought that this wedding photo studio was rather extravagant. Right now…

"Why did you buy so many wedding dresses?"

She quickly questioned the man.

Cough, cough! She could not be blamed for acting like this, though, as those wedding dresses could only be worn once.

Most people just rented them, and even if they were to buy, they would only purchase one piece.

Alas, when it came to her, three pieces were bought! Furthermore, each piece came with a six- or seven-figure price tag, amounting to hundreds of thousands or even a million.

Hence, one could not really blame her for reacting like this.

"I just think that you look good in them."

She was upset with him for wasting money, but when she heard this, her anger dissipated.

Her whole heart was thumping fast upon hearing his words.

He looked gently at her and tightened his grip around her hand before looking at the studio owner.

"Deliver them to Lily's."

"Alright, Mr. Ji."

Jiang Wanhong sighed in relief when she saw the man leave with his girlfriend.

"Phew!" These two people displaying their affection for each other finally left! She would have called the police if they had not!

Time ticked away, and it was finally the night before the couple's engagement party.

For the past few days, everything was smooth sailing for Pei Ge.

In this period of time, she was a winner in her career and relationship!

Not only was she getting engaged to Ji Ziming, ever since she took over the project from Fu Mingxuan, everything went well.

The only thing that did not go so well was that she was even more well-known than before!

Three days before the engagement, the newspapers and the Internet exploded with news of their engagement.

As a modern-day Cinderella, she was mentioned countless times online. Thankfully, most of the comments online were well-wishes, and there was almost no criticism.

She was truly baffled by these one-sided comments, but since she did not go online often, she was unbothered by all that.

In the complete darkness of the sky, neither was there any visible stars nor was there dark clouds covering the full moon. It was clear that the weather tomorrow would be nice.

Under the moonlight, the inattentive and insensitive Pei Ge went to bed early.

However, there were two people who could not fall asleep.

One being tomorrow's main character, Ji Ziming, and the other one was…

"The higher you climb, the harder you fall… Pei Ge, no matter how happy you are right now, you'll be in misery when the time comes…"


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