Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
858 Fiancée-fetching Troop that Is too Suave for Friends
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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858 Fiancée-fetching Troop that Is too Suave for Friends

"If you really performed the deed with him, how would you end up being forced to flee overseas? Don't you think so?"

Her lips curled into a smirk as she looked at her in disdain. It was as if she were eyeing a piece of garbage.

Back then, she was not mature enough into falling for this trick.

Now, as a bystander, she witnessed a live version of it again. She only felt that this woman was truly the vilest and slyest person out there.

"Don't tell me that you came here just to tell me such nonsense." Qiao Jingyun ignored her mocking tone and just smiled elegantly at her.

"You are always like this. I really admire how good you are at acting." She lightly snorted, stopping her act of going against her.

"Alright. Cut the nonsense. I trust that you didn't follow me here just to say such nonsense."

The smile on Qiao Jingyun's face faded.

"Hur! Of course not. I was just curious about what plan you have to break up those two and why their engagement ended up being brought forward?"

A dark glint flashed past Pei Shishi's eyes as a jealous expression rose on her face.

She thought that this woman would be able to separate those two, yet who knew that, not only did this woman fail in doing so, she even caused the pair's engagement to be brought forward!

It seems that I've overestimated her!

"Why the rush? More haste, less speed. The show hasn't started yet."

Qiao Jingyun shrugged her off, ridiculing inside, This woman is still as dumb as before.

She's so dumb that I have no words for her.

Pei Shishi, who was good at reading others, could see the flash of disdain on her face and coldly smirked.

"Hur hur. I really don't know what show you are about. Are you perhaps referring to this engagement being brought forward? How laughable!"

She was already very vexed and grim that those two would get engaged today.

In her lifetime, the ones she hated the most were this woman and her cousin.

If she were to choose which one should have a worse life, she would definitely choose her cousin.

Although the same blood flowed in their veins and they had the same surname, she still hated her cousin the most. After all, her cousin had given her the most trauma since they were children.

'Are you really Ge Ge's elder cousin? How come you are ugly? You're unfit to be related to her. She's as pretty as an angel…'

'Why is it that you two have the same surname and are even relatives, but she's beautiful and smart, while you're average…'

'Shishi, look at your cousin; you tell me: How did I end up giving birth to a piece of garbage like you?'

"I think you're the laughable one here. Don't you know the saying that 'the higher one climbs, the worse one falls'?"

Qiao Jingyun calmly remarked when she noted the other's vicious glare.

"I think, rather than simply breaking up those two, you'd prefer to see your cousin become the biggest laughingstock in the whole world and be an abandoned woman, scorned by everyone."


"The f*ck! Look! So many topnotch sports cars!"

"Maserati, Bugatti Veyron, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce Phantom…"

"The hell! There are more at the back!"

"Gosh! I think the prices of all these cars add up to more than a hundred million!"

"Wait! These seem to be wedding cars! Are you serious?! Which rich young master is getting married today?! This is practically overkill!"

"Which other rich young master is getting married today? You apparently didn't go online this morning."

"Mhm? What? Is there something big happening today?"

"Of course! Today is the Ji Group heir's engagement party!"

"No way! This is just the engagement, and it's already this grand?! How much more overkill will the wedding be, then?!"

"Tsk! They are rich, so what can we do?"

This high-key parade of luxury cars attracted numerous gazes on the road. Moreover, many of them even took out their phones to take pictures of this utterly and totally cool and perverse scene.

After all, not to mention Ji Ziming's identity, even these topnotch sports cars were enough to shake up the crowd.

Logically speaking, this wide, asphalt road should have some traffic at this time, but besides these topnotch sports cars, which were too suave for friends, there were no other vehicles on the road.

Hence, this 'bride-fetching' car troop easily and smoothly arrived.

At the same time, Pei Ge, who was in one of these cars, was unable to recover from the high-profile parade of these luxury cars.

What she could not fathom, though, was how a mere engagement party that she and the man must participate in turned out to be…

"Ha ha! Little Chili, time to call your soul back. Look at how shocked you are that your soul has yet to return."

Mu Heng, who was acting as their chauffeur, chuckled at how shell-shocked she was.

"I already said that you need not come."

Ji Ziming looked at his fiancée, whose mind was clearly not on him, and gave his best friend the side-eye.

"Heh! Ziming, you are my best buddy. It's your engagement day, so how could I not come to hold the fort for you?"

The man whistled and ignored his displeasure as he smugly continued speaking. "I dare to promise that this parade of luxury cars is definitely the only one in the entire capital! Let me tell you; gathering this number of topnotch sports cars for you isn't an easy feat."

Pei Ge slowly regained her senses when she heard Mu Heng's boasting.

She looked outside the window, and the moment she saw the empty road, her mind froze at once.

"Don't tell me… the road… you guys also…" She was at a loss on how to express herself.

She wanted to say 'reserve', but how was one supposed to reserve a road?!

"That's right! He he! It is as you thought! This road leading to the engagement venue has been cleared for today!"

Once the man said that, she felt her world spin!

Ah, ah, ah, ah! I'm done; I'm done! This time, I'll become even more famous!


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