Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
861 His phone“s passcode is her birthday.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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861 His phone“s passcode is her birthday.

"Yes! Ge Ge and her boyfriend are making their way to the engagement venue in a high-profile manner! It's everywhere online! She's now an internet sensation!"

The man nodded at this and his gaze lost its focus.

"Oh, I see…"

Although he claimed to be wishing her well, he still felt slightly indignant inside.

In the end… it's all because I found out too late.

By the time I learned of it, it was already too late.

As he thought of this, he could not help but shift his gaze from the night scenery outside to the girl beside him.


A dark glint flashed past the man's eyes.

Even sensitive woman was unable to grasp what his gaze meant.

"What's wrong? Why are you looking at me like that?"

Although she did not know what his gaze meant, she still felt very uneasy inside.

"… Nothing."

After remaining silent for a while, the man finished his wine and turned to leave.

"I'm going to the study. Don't come in to disturb me tonight."

With that, the man's tall stature disappeared from her sight.

The woman's hands balled up into tight fists upon seeing him leave so resolutely.

The joy she had felt today from her best friend's engagement vanished entirely.

After standing on one spot for some time, she took a few steps toward where he had stood moments ago.

Just like the man, she gazed at the night scenery outside.

Alas, no matter how long she looked, she still could not fathom why he would fall in a trance just by gazing outside

"What are you thinking…" she mumbled, pursing her lips thereafter.

She moved to return to her room and continue watching the live stream of her best friend's engagement party.

However, on her way to her room, her eyes happened to catch sight of the man's phone, which was lying on the living room sofa.


Weird. His phone never leaves his side because of work.

She thought to herself before she strode toward the sofa to retrieve it.

When she was near enough, she noticed that the phone seemed to have suffered a fall, and she frowned once more.

He's always careful with his things. He's not the type to drop stuff carelessly.

All these signs made her feel all the more certain that he was acting strange today.

She retrieved his phone from the sofa and looked at the black screen. She had never thought of peeping into his phone, but for the first time, she really wanted to see what was inside it.

Hence, when she picked up his phone, she did not pass it right away to him. Instead, she powered it on.

She nervously gulped when the screen lit up.


Unfortunately. although the phone did light up, it—

She frowned at the passcode prompt on the screen.

"Passcode? What will his passcode be?"

She keyed in his birthdate on reflex, but it was regrettably wrong.

"Hm? It's actually incorrect!"

She pursed her lips and muttered before expectantly keying in her birthday.

Her heart felt very sweet as she was keying the numbers in.

However, her smile soon disappeared.

"Still wrong?!"

Disappointment flashed past her eyes, but she still did not think further of it.

After all, her boyfriend's career was in finance and he was very sensitive to numbers. Hence, his passcode could not possibly be that simple!

She continued patiently trying different passcodes.

Soon, the screen lockout time grew longer because of her numerous failed attempts.

"D*mn it! What can his phone passcode be…"

While waiting for the lockout time to be over, she patiently pondered about the possible passcode.

Suddenly, she thought of an impossible choice that seemed possible.

"Maybe… not. It must be me thinking too much…"

Thinking about the string of passcode numbers, she quickly shook her head and muttered to herself, Impossible. I must be too anxious these days, so I'm overthinking this!

Waiting until the lockout time was over, her fingers hesitantly hovered above the screen. She was unsure of which numbers to key in.

What… could the passcode be… she muttered inside. Before she could think it over, her fingers moved first.

Tap, tap, tap…


She had no time to react as the phone in her hand was already unlocked.

"Ah!" she exclaimed in surprise. There was no sign of joy from unlocking the phone this time, though. Rather, her expression was of shock and… fright.

"H-H-How is this possible?! This is definitely impossible! S-She…"

She had a meltdown at this moment. Her body uncontrollably shivered as she exuded an inexplicable fluster and panic.

"Impossible. How can his passcode be her birthday?! There must be something wrong here! There must be something wrong…"

She dazedly stared at the phone in her hand and kept shaking her head in denial.

She was still in a state of meltdown when the phone in her hand dimmed again.

Staring at the black display screen, she fell silent for a while. Finally, she sucked in a deep breath and reached out her fingers again.

Tap… tap…

She keyed in the same string of numbers.

In the end—


The phone was unlocked anew.


The phone in her hand dropped on to the sofa.

"Ha… ha… ha…"

She laughed dryly and stiffly, making her pretty features look ugly.

"It's… really true. It's not just my overactive imagination."

Pei Ge's birthday is really his phone passcode…


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