Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
863 Our daughter is someone else“s from today onward.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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863 Our daughter is someone else“s from today onward.

Although early spring was rather cold, it was still the day where life returned to earth.

Despite the cold, the hot-spring resort on the capital outskirts was unaffected at all.

The temperature here was akin to late spring – comfortable and warm. It gave one the urge to soak in the water.

Luckily, today, the sun was bright and the sky was clear.

Surveying each plant and tree in the area and then the clear blue sky above, Pei Ge only felt the warmth seep into her very core.

"You lass, what are you spacing out for? Hurry in. The guests have arrived. They are only waiting for you and Xiao Ji to appear."

Seeing that her daughter was spacing out and looking at the sky with a silly smile, Zhang Manhua could not help but roll her eyes.

"Ah, oh. Okay, I know. Don't rush; it's not even time yet!"

Pei Ge pouted. Although she was being scolded by her mother, she just kept smiling very happily.

It could not be helped, for today was her engagement party! Even if she got scolded, she could only be happy!

"You know; the program flow of this engagement party today is similar to that of a wedding."

Her mother pulled her hand and walked forward while muttering this.

"Yes, I know."

She could not help but say. It was clearly a simple engagement party, yet both mothers on either side insisted on making it this grand and complicated, as if it were a wedding ceremony.

"Don't put up a black face because of your second uncle later, okay?"

Her mother slowly pulled her toward the engagement party venue.

She pursed her lips, feeling a little unhappy.

"Other than him… is there no other suitable person?"

She indignantly looked at her mother.

As it went according to a wedding arrangement, there was one step where the father must hold the daughter's hand to walk her down the aisle.

Alas, her father had passed away long ago, so this person…

"Your second uncle is your dad's closest kin. The others…"

Her mother smiled and did not continue.

"Don't have a child temperament. Actually, other than cheating our family of money, your second uncle's family truly treated us fine these few years. Moreover, since he took the initiative to apologize to us, we can't be that cold-hearted. After all, he is still your father's only blood-related little brother."

She nodded at this. While she understood her mother's thought process, she still could not bring herself to forgive her second uncle for the things he had done to them.

"I understand, mom. Rest assured; today is the day that Ziming and I get engaged, so I don't want to feel unhappy because of those people, too."

She assured her mother with a smile.

Her acquiescence made Zhang Manhua put down her worry.

As they got closer to the engagement venue, the romantic background music also became clearer.

"Wait. Let me put down your veil."

She suddenly stopped them from walking further.

Standing before her daughter, she looked at her tenderly. She then raised her hand and gently pulled the thin veil on her head over her face.

The long veil reached to the chest and partially covered her daughter's features.

"As expected of my daughter, you're so beautiful."

Her eyes twinkled under the lights and turned slightly red.

Hubby, today, our daughter is going to become someone else's.

The mother-daughter pair soon reached the engagement party venue. Only then did the two realize how many people were there to attend this engagement party.

"Wow! So many people!"

She could not help but exclaim.

"Miss, madam, the engagement ceremony is about to begin. Let's wait by that floral arch to enter.

Before the mother and daughter could exclaim in surprise any further, a pretty lady in a light green gown reminded them this.

This was when Pei Ge realized that a middle-aged man in a silver-gray suit was standing by the floral arch.

This man was none other than her second uncle, Pei Zhenghui.

"Let's go, Ge Ge."

Her mother pulled her hand and led her toward this floral arch.

It must be mentioned that a lot of effort had been put into this grand engagement party.

Of course, it could also be said that this engagement party was designed by women.

That was because the overall feeling she got from this was: It was as enthralling as those places in fairytales.

Bright-green Bermuda carpets, colorful flowers, floral arches, a carpet with flower petals leading to the engagement podium – everything was so beautiful. Just the venue's decor could make any woman be blissfully captivated.

Of course, as someone who was getting engaged for the first time, she was already captivated.

Still, when she saw her second uncle's ingratiating smile, her mood was dampened a little.

"Ge Ge, let's go. The host is already starting his speech."

His eyes lit up upon spotting them and spoke affectionately at her.

If one did not know and saw his affectionate and kind look, they might even think that he was her father.


Lightly humming in reply, she coldly peered at him before she shifted her gaze on to Ji Ziming and the pastor holding the engagement. Eventually—

"Now, let's invite our bride to enter…"

Although it was merely an engagement, a wedding march was being played here.

Everyone intuitively turned to look at the floral arch where the bride would enter upon hearing the wedding march.

In the end, they were all stunned!

"Ge Ge?"

He raised his arm to signal her to wind her arm around his to enter.


She did not spare him a glance and took elegant strides forward on the carpet filled with flower petals.

Ziming, I'm here.


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