Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
864 The Lavish Bride that the World Envies
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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864 The Lavish Bride that the World Envies

Romantic melody resounded in this dreamlike engagement venue.

Everyone's gazes closely followed the woman in a white wedding gown with long trail.

Although everyone knew of her, many had not seen Ji Ziming's fiancée in person.

Hence, all of them turned around when the wedding march sounded.

However, what shocked everyone was that the bride, who was supposed to enter in the arm of her father or someone of a similar status, actually… ignored her elder and walked in by herself.

"What's going on?"

"Hm? Did something happen?"

"Why is the bride entering by herself?"

After a moment of shock, everyone started whispering to one another.

The wedding march continued with its romantic and melodious repertoire, but the situation on the ground had changed.

"Ge Ge, what are you doing?!"

How could Zhang Manhua, who was about to get on her seat and watch the ceremony from there, leave upon seeing her daughter do that?

She was about to explode with anger at her daughter's actions.

She had, time and again, reminded her earlier, yet her precious daughter still created a ruckus!

Pei Zhenghui, who had just recovered from the earlier scene, coldly snorted with an ugly expression on his face.

"Hmph! Elder sister-in-law, it seems that your daughter now looks down on her second uncle since she's become successful."

Having established himself a long time ago, he barely tolerated others' attitude. Today, he had come here, all smug and pompous, thinking that he would be part of the Ji family from now on.

Who knew that his niece would actually not give him any face?

More importantly, she even did it in front of so many people.

It was likely that the Ji family would not support him in the future.

"Zhenghui, my daughter didn't mean that…"

Zhang Manhua was also feeling a little vexed. She was slightly regretting not opposing Ji Ziming's mother in designing this part.

"Since your daughter looks down on a second uncle like me, I think that I should just leave now, lest I make someone unhappy!"

He then turned and left, not giving her any face.

"A-Aye! Her second uncle…"

She called a few times upon seeing him move to leave, but upon noting that he was adamant on leaving, she turned to look at her daughter, instead.

"This lassie, she is still so stubborn! It's such an important day today, and she still created this much ruckus…"

However, when she noted that her daughter was fine walking by herself and even looked confident, she sighed in relief and helplessly followed the pretty usher to her seat situated at the front row.

The thought that Pei Ge was fine walking down the aisle by herself crossed her mind not because the lady in question was her daughter but because it was the truth.

Although the bride's face could not be seen through the veil, just based on her figure in that white wedding gown, one could tell that she was a beauty.

This was especially when she stepped onto the podium alone, instead of under someone's help, and showed no signs of fear or pettiness.

As though she were a model on a runway, she walked very naturally and confidently.

Her footsteps were not sluggish as she steadily made her way to Ji Ziming.

At this time, her gown's trail finally revealed their glorious magnificence.

Originally, if such a trail was not carried by someone but was dragged across the floor, it would just appear a little heavy.

Meanwhile, her wedding gown trail…

"Wow! Is her wedding gown that one featured in this year's Milan Fashion Week?!"

"Eh?! It looks identical! The long veil was covering it moments ago, so I couldn't take a proper look, but now that I see this trail, I think that it must be it!"

"Wedding gown? What about it?"

"You don't know this? You're so outdated! The fashion designer Caldas showcased an extremely expensive wedding gown as the finale in this year's Milan Fashion Week!"

"Caldas?! Are you talking about that exclusive designer for the European royalty?"

"Yes, that Caldas who only designs a few clothes every year and has never opened his shop!"

"Gosh! This Cinderalla is truly too fortunate! I heard that the Middle-Eastern and Britain princesses didn't even manage to buy this wedding gown! I didn't expect that it would be bought by young master Ji for this her?! Are you sure you guys didn't recognize the wrong thing?!"

"How could I mistake it? If I wasn't so sure earlier, just look at the gown trail! Look carefully!"

"… Gosh! It's really that wedding gown!"

"I went to watch the Fashion Week this year. When the model walked on the runway that day, the wedding gown trail also billowed lightly with her steps and flower petals also fluttered around the gown trail…"

"This Cinderella is really the most enviable woman in the world today!"

As a result of this conversation between these socialites, everyone's gazes focused on her gown trail.

They saw that the trail, which was supposed to drag heavily across the ground, was floating in accordance to her steps right now.

Only then did the people realize that this gown trail was made of numerous layers of ultra-thin chiffon fiber.

Above those layers, there was even a sprinkling of diamond powder.

Layer after layer, they billowed in the wind.

At this point, the flower petals on the aisle also started fluttering in sync with billowing of the gown trail.

It uncontrollably reminded people of an adage describing beauties: 'Each footstep blooms a lily.'

Pei Ge was akin to a celestial being that had made its entrance amid the flower petals, making those looking unable to shift their gazes away and to think of discussing other things.

They could only stare in a trance at this unbelievably elegant and sophisticated woman.


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