Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
869 Thankful to you for appearing in his life.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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869 Thankful to you for appearing in his life.

"He he. Ge Ge, ignore him. This awkward old man just wants you to call him dad! Let's ignore him!"

Hearing that, her eyes widened in disbelief.

"D-Dad?!" she said instinctively.

Of course, she was not referring to him; it was just her mumbling to herself out loud, but she did not expect someone to be mistaken.

Immediately after she said that, she saw a certain 'dad' open his mouth to speak.

"En. You're the Ji family's daughter-in-law from here on, so you must take care of your image when you're outside."

"…" Pei Ge: I wasn't really addressing him earlier…

No matter what, she would call Ji Ziming's parents dad and mom from today onward.

"Mom, since Ge Ge and I are engaged, can we—"

Seeing that they were already engaged, he wanted to at least bring his future wife home!

Alas, before he could finish, he was interrupted by Zhang Manhua.

"Fine, fine, fine. From today onward, my silly girl will be in your hands. You can stay together," said Pei Ge's mother to him.

"En, I'll definitely take good care of her mom."

When he heard that, a rare smile formed on his mouth.

"See that?! That's your supposed plan. I don't even know what kind of stupid plan you have in mind!"

From afar, Pei Shishi screeched upon witnessing the intimacy between the engaged couple's families.

She swore, unmindful of her image anymore.

Qiao Jingyun looked at the woman beside her and her lips curled up into a disdainful smile as her eyes flashed across with coldness.

"I can't be bothered to explain it to you."

That woman's turn is over. It's now my turn to execute my next step of plan…

She swept her gaze across the crowd for the man drinking away his sorrows.

Fu Mingxuan.

She refused to believe that that good-for-nothing woman could dodge her intricate plan!

"What do you have in mind, then? No matter how I look at it, everything that you've made me do doesn't seem to be aimed at her. Instead, they seem to be aimed at me!"

Pei Shishi tightly gripped Qiao Jingyun's wrist when the latter ignored her.

This woman, what tricks is she up to this time?!

This woman convinced her to join forces with her in bringing Pei Ge down, but in the end, nothing happened to her cousin, and she got even engaged with Ji Ziming earlier than planned. She heard that their wedding would be held soon, too!

What about her? She had lost her fiancé because of this woman's plan!

Not only that, the Zhou family's partnership with her family was almost ruined by this so-called plan! How could she remain calm?

"What do you have that can entice me to aim for you?" Qiao Jingyun laughed coldly, throwing the other's hand aside.

Despite the many years that had passed, this woman was still as stupid, and shallow, as ever! She never knew how to look at the big picture.

"Do you think your family is worth me scheming for, or is your lowly ex-fiancé worthy of me to steal? What a joke!"

These harsh words cut into Pei Shishi's heart and made her recover herself.

Right, why would she go after her? There was really no need…

"If you're dumb, then don't do unnecessary things. As long as you don't take matters into your hands, I guarantee that it won't be long before your cousin disappears from Beijing!"

The other coldly and viciously told her once she had calmed down.

She instinctively shuddered at this.

"Okay. I don't have time for you and your nonsense anymore."

As she spoke, Qiao Jingyun headed toward the engaged couple with a wine glass in her hand.

She still had to congratulate the couple.

"Ziming, Pei Ge, today is your day; congratulations."

She walked over to the two and feigned sincerity as she smiled at them.

If she had not known that this woman actually liked the man and was her rival, Pei Ge would have been fooled by her behavior.

Still, she had to give it to this woman; she was clearly jealous of her and hated her, but she still managed to smile at her.

If it were her, she would be unable to do that!

"Thank you." She thanked the woman with a plain smile.

The man nodded in response as well.

"Pei Ge, I'm really grateful to you for appearing in Ziming's life. If not, this block of wood would probably never have feelings this passionate."

She disregarded their cold treatment and enthusiastically kept chatting with them.

Both paused when they heard her words.

The woman did not expect that she would have a strong mentally to say something like that.

The man, meanwhile, thought that she could not be righter!

"Right, Ziming, when are you two getting married? I've got to prepare a nice gift for you two!"

Qiao Jingyun smiled at him, her tone sounding sincere.

"The exact date hasn't been set yet, but it should be quite soon."

Perhaps because of her earlier words, he replied to her question rather warmly.

"Ah! I gotta hurry up in preparing my gift for you two, then!" she said with urgency.

Pei Ge felt a little uneasy as this woman stood next to her fiancé with a seemingly unpretentious behavior.

She was a little confused on what was going on in this woman's mind.

She clearly liked him, too, but why was she pretending that their relationship was merely platonic, acting like a kind-hearted, younger sister?

This is a little frightening!


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