Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
874 A Refreshing and Intriguing Rebellious CEO
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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874 A Refreshing and Intriguing Rebellious CEO

"You a*shole, who let you hit my butt?! Hurry and put me down, a*shole!"

She pinched his tapered waist firmly and struggled against his hold.

The heady and sensual atmosphere vanished there and then.

Unfortunately, no matter how she shouted and vented, it was useless.

His strong arms did not budge an inch around her waist and kept locking her in his embrace.

"You a*shole, let me go!"

No one had ever hit her on the buttocks since she was a child.

Now that she was nearly in her thirties, she was actually hit on her bum by him. This was a total humiliation to her!

"You a*shole!"

She had not expected him to be this strong and tolerant.

She was clearly putting her all into struggling, even going as far as to pinch his itchy spot, but it had virtually no effect on him.


Another crisp sound, and her butt was once more slapped by him.

"Yo-You! You!" She glared at him fiercely.

It would have been slightly better if she were wearing pants, but she was wearing bikini bottoms, and her top had even been stripped off by the man! Stripped!

It was extremely embarrassing no matter how she looked at it!

Luckily, the man still had some conscience in him as he threw a towel over her chest when he picked her up.

Still, this was clearly no compensation for her mentally.

"The touch isn't too bad."

He looked back at her and saw how she resembled a cat the way she glared at him with her round and fierce eyes.

As if as cat were scratching it, the sight made his heart itch.

"…" This was her first time hearing him speak such improper words, so she was of course rendered speechless by him to the point of her head becoming a jumbled mess.

Immediately after, though, she recovered from this and processed what he had just said.

"You, you, you! How could you act like a thug?!" Her cheeks burned bright red as her eyes became filled with disbelief.

Is this still the man I usually hang out with?! It's as if he got possessed as he acts like a totally different person!

Even though the man liked to speak sweet nothings, he had not once spoken such flirtatious words!

"Thug? Are you referring to me?"

The man raised an eyebrow at the dash of red on her fair cheeks.

"Haven't we already done indecent things before?"

Pei Ge: May I ask which nerve in this man is connected wrongly?! He has gone bonkers!

As she was in a state of shock from this unusual Ji Ziming, she felt her body hang suspended in the air.

"Ahhh!" she screamed, glaring at him in shock thereafter.

Don't tell me that this annoying fellow has gone crazy?!

Before she could completely formulate this thought, she felt her body fall into a soft goose down quilt.

Perhaps because the item below her was too soft, she bounced back a little.


She fell back again as she could not support her weight.

Almost immediately, she felt a touch on her cheek.

This was when she realized that she had been flung onto a king-size bed by the man.

She was totally dumbfounded by this scene.

Are you serious? Is this what I'm thinking it is?

She gulped at this thought and carefully peeked at the man.

What's wrong with this annoying fellow today?! He seems to be a totally different person! This is quite scary!

"Ziming, what's wrong with you? You're being very strange today."

Seeing his well-toned body up-close, she involuntarily felt even more abashed. Even if they had bared their bodies to each other more than once, seeing it again now, she was still… hot and bothered by it! She really wanted to push this man down and jump on him!

"Okay. We're not outside now."

An inexplicably flirtatious and saucy smile appeared on his lips.

If the man was usually like a monk or the angel, Gabriel, right now, he was the fallen angel who tempted people to fall into hell.

Unruly, arrogant, and proud!

He was also so seductively naughty that one would willingly fall into the depths of hell for him.

It was clearly the same flawless face, yet he was presently exuding a different type of appeal and charisma.

This another version of him made her heart thump hard and fast just like a speeding car.


She involuntarily gulped as stared unblinkingly at this arrogant and proud demon boss.

"W-What are you trying to do?"

Her brain had already stalled at this point. All she could do was tightly clutched the towel covering her chest with both arms.

She resembled a meek housewife who was being forced into submission.

In fact, his actions did make her feel that way.

"What do you think?" He slowly strode toward the bed while keeping his gaze on her.

His dark eyes seemed predatory as they firmly locked on her.

She involuntarily swallowed her saliva at this and tried meeting his predatory look. Her heart still fast and hard.

Oh, my momma. Gosh! Why do I find him even more seductive than usual now?!

This is totally crazy! With him being a walking pheromone, my fragile heart is about to explode!

"Of course, it's to finish our unfinished business."


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