Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
881 Rest assured, in-law; I will treat her well.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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881 Rest assured, in-law; I will treat her well.

"Ha ha ha! I'm finally getting a grandchild!"

Just as Madam Ji said that, the two with her opened their eyes wide. Immediately after, they became excited, too.

"What? Getting a grandchild? Could it be that Xiao Ji really—"

Before Zhang Manhua could complete her words, the young lady interjected.

"Aiya! It's as I said; my cousin wouldn't miss such a chance! He he! Now, all is good. The lovers finally got together! I'm really anticipating the birth of a little baby!"

It was obvious that Qin Qitong was imagining things far into the future.

"Ha ha! Manhua, please be assured. The Ji family has already started preparations for the wedding. We'll definitely not let your daughter be at a disadvantage!"

Ji Ziming's mother did not neglect appeasing her in-law despite her excitement. She affectionately hooked her arm through the latter's as she made her promise.

"From today onward, my family will treat her as our daughter! We'll certainly not let our son bully her!"

Originally, Pei Ge's mother was worried about her sleeping with the man before the wedding, but upon hearing this sincere promise from the man's mother, her worries vanished.

After interacting for some time, she understood that this family was not bad.

The man's mother, especially, was kind and friendly. Although she was rich, she had no airs.

She could also see that this woman liked her daughter.

"Yes. I'm assured to marry off my daughter to your family, but in-law, how did you know…"

"Heh! The cleaner lady just called to tell me that there's a red mark on the sheets…"


The night was like a deep-blue paint fading in the sky.

A few bright stars dotted the sky.

Looking at this beautiful sky, it was obvious that there would be good weather tomorrow.

Although the dark sky, coupled with the stars, was a scenic view, it was not as lustrous as the colorful lights on land.

In a hot-spring resort situated in the suburb, more guests were arriving now than in the afternoon.

Everyone was dressed to the nines in their suits and gowns. Each had a wine glass in their hands as they chatted under the brilliant lights.

They were all praising the engagement party hosted by the Ji family.

"This time around, the Ji family indeed splurged to take in a fiancée."

"Isn't it so? Which average family could squander their fortune just to take in a fiancée? That's even more unlikely to happen if it's just an engagement and not a wedding."

"Heh! I heard that this family's young master really likes that 'Cinderella'. That's why they're spending so much."

"Tsk, tsk, tsk! This woman must've done a terribly good deed in her past life. If not, how could she marry the CEO of the Ji Group in this life?"

All the whispers were centered on the engagement party held just this afternoon.

While some were animatedly discussing it, others were almost angered to their deaths upon hearing this talk.

"That Pei Ge! I really don't know what seductive tricks she used to fish such a rich husband! The Ji family's young master must be blind!"

The person, who was almost angered to death, was none other than Pei Ge's second auntie.

Liu Yan, who was dressed in a metallic blue sequin evening gown with thick makeup, seethed as she cursed at Pei Zhenghui, who was clad in a black suit.

Although the man fully agreed to his wife, he felt that they needed to rein in their emotions as they were on others' turf.

"Alright. That's enough! We're not at home!"

He regarded his wife in disdain, appearing to be very impatient.

His mood was still bad from his niece not giving him face earlier this afternoon.

"What's wrong? Isn't what I'm saying the truth? Doesn't everyone here think like so? How can she match up to the Ji family's young master?"

Feeling angrier at her husband's chiding, she did not control the volume of her voice.

Two guests, who had long heard the commotion, gave her a wide berth and regarded her crass behavior with open disdain.

Alright. Even though plenty of people shared her thoughts, they would never be so silly as to voice it out during such an occasion.

This was needlessly offending the Ji family when they were still not yet sick of living.

Could they not see how much importance the Ji family attached to their soon-to-be daughter-in-law?

Pei Zhenghui's face darkened further when he saw the crowd shooting them disdainful glances.


He pursed his lips and glared daggers at his wife. "Shut up! If you wanna keep making a ruckus, then go home! Stop embarrassing yourself here!"

He no longer cared about her and stomped away from her to that group of CEOs in the crowd.

She was angered further when her husband stormed off.

The moment her niece got together with that Ji brat, life for their family had become a lot tougher!

First was her husband's company losing several large projects and causing them to lose large funds.

Next was her daughter's marriage. Her daughter was already engaged and was ready to get married, but the son-in-law whom she favored actually decided to cancel the engagement, saying that he did not want to get married!

This was simply atrocious!

The Zhou and Pei families had arranged such a grand engagement party and even the wedding invitations were already sent out.

Alas, with the sudden cancelation of her daughter's marriage, and the fact that it was proposed by the groom's family, all of it had turned their family into a laughingstock!

Out of all, what she could not stomach was that the reason behind her favored son-in-law's cancelation of the wedding was her niece!

Who the hell was her niece? How could she be compared to her previous daughter?!

The more deeply she pondered, the more infuriated she became. Therefore, when she saw her niece appear before everyone with her arm linked to the man's, she made a beeline for her.


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