Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
883 We only recognize her as our daughter-in-law.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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883 We only recognize her as our daughter-in-law.

The night got darker.

As the night grew darker, they made the lights in the banquet increasingly brighter.

Even though the hot springs of different sizes in this resort made the temperature less cold, given that it was still early spring, gusts of cold wind that continued to blow by.

Nonetheless, these occasional bouts of cold breeze did not dissuade many people from spectating and gossiping about the scandalous scene happening.

"Wow! I heard that someone is crashing the Ji family's engagement party!"

"D*mn! Who's so gutsy?!"

"I heard that it's a relative on the fiancée's side! Something about seducing the fiancé of that relative's daughter."

"So juicy?!"

The mothers of the engaged couple were hanging out when they overheard this conversation. Both were stunned.

"What's going on?"

Madam Ji frowned and motioned for the waiter to call the housekeeper.

Before the waiter could leave, Zhang Manhua stopped him.

"It's fine. It must be her second auntie creating a ruckus!"

She frowned with a look full of regret.

If she knew that this would happen, she would never invite Pei Zhenghui's family.

Originally, she thought that inviting her husband's only brother to her daughter's engagement would make things better.

She did not expect something like this to happen, though!

"Ge Ge's second auntie? The one that doesn't get along with your family?"

"Yup. Let's head over there first."

With that said, she got up from her chair and hurried toward the venue.

Along the way, she explained the relationship between her daughter, her niece, and her daughter's ex-boyfriend.

Both timely got there.

When they arrived at the scene, they saw the couple standing across not just Liu Yan but also Pei Shishi.

"Sorry, Ge Ge. My mom has had too much to drink; you won't hold it against her, will you? After all, she's your elder."

When she heard that her mother was making a scene, Pei Shishi hurried over.

Although she looked apologetic, she was actually gloating inside. She was glad to see her cousin be embarrassed in front of everyone at her engagement with Ji Ziming!

Pei Ge pouted at her cousin's shameless request.

"Has had too much to drink? I think her mind's pretty clear!"

"How can you say that? Even if my mother shouldn't have said this at your engagement, didn't you actually crash my engagement with Zhuoyang and didn't you say things that you shouldn't have before?"

Seeing her cousin's high and mighty attitude, she pursed her lips tightly and glared at her cousin.

Her cousin's words had clearly shocked the surrounding people, and several of them even sucked their breaths in shock.

This is revenge, huh…

She felt terrible right now. Today was her engagement, and it should have been a happy day.

However, these two…

Since things had gotten to this state, she no longer wanted to spare their dignity.

If not, who knew what the guests who attended the engagement would think?

Therefore, she took a deep breath and moved to expose the mother-daughter pair's true colors, but…

"Security! Throw these two women out! The Ji family doesn't welcome them anymore!"

Ji Ziming walked next to her and protectively pulled her into his arms.

He then issued this order to the security without sparing the two women a glance.

The security standing nearby rushed to the mother-daughter pair when they heard his orders and dragged the two out of the venue.

It was not a pretty scene.

"Ahh! Unhand me! Do you know who I am?! How dare you treat me like this?!"

Liu Yan screamed as the security dragged her out. Right now, her messy appearance was unlike the rich lady that she was.

As for Pei Shishi, she froze when she heard the man's description of her.

She thought that her skin was thick enough, but her life surprisingly felt like hell because of a few words from him…

Several guests were scared by his cold face as they watched this scene.

"Hmph! Pei Ge is my fiancée."

The man stared coldly at the surrounding guests. Even though he kept a straight face, his tone was certain.

As he spoke, he gently held his fiancée'shand.

His actions touched Pei Ge immensely. Her heart felt warm and fuzzy. As if she had just drunk the sweetest spring water, she felt comfortable all over.

Watching the two go off into their world, everyone could not help but feel the intensity and extent of the couple's love for each other.

The CEO and his fiancée's feelings are this strong, huh! Even when something like this happens, he still sides with her unconditionally. How nice!

Just as everyone was thinking about this, they saw the man's mother walk out from the crowd.

"That's right! The Ji family only recognizes Pei Ge as our daughter-in-law!"

Her words stunned the already shocked guests.

What tricks did this woman use exactly?! Not only does she have the cold and unapproachable CEO eating out of the palm of her hands, she even has his mother wrapped around her fingers!

If this were to happen at any other engagement, the man's family would have lots to say about the woman!

"I know my future daughter-in-law's character! Everyone, please don't be misled by those two despicable people's words! The daughter-in-law that the Ji family has our eyes on is definitely not the type they spoke of, okay? Those two are just jealous of her!"


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