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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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884 Our madam makes the CEO jealous.

"I know my future daughter-in-law's character! Everyone, please don't be misled by those two despicable people's words! The daughter-in-law that the Ji family has our eyes on is definitely not the type they spoke of, okay? Those two are just jealous of her!"

Madam Ji stepped out of the crowd and said confidently.

Pei Ge was extremely touched when the man's mother defended her.

Zhang Manhua, who was walking next to the man's mother, was also really touched by this. This only reaffirmed her belief that marrying off her daughter to the Ji family was the right thing to do.

Under everyone's shocked and amazed gazes, Madam Ji walked toward her soon-to-be daughter-in-law and smiled.

"Dear lass, mom knows what kind of person you are. Don't worry; mom will always be on your side." She gently held her hand.

The surrounding guests were shocked by her reference to herself as 'mom' when she talked to her son's fiancée.

The shrewder people reassessed Pei Ge's position in the Ji family.

The future daughter-in-law might be more important than they had previously surmised!


Pei Ge subconsciously referred to the man's mother as such, too.

The fiasco with the relatives on her father's side did not even make her tear up, but when faced with the gentle and understanding Madam Ji, she had the strong urge to cry.


Madam Ji responded happily when her son's fiancée called her mom. "Ge Ge, don't worry. I'll live up to my word. Even when you argue with my son, I'll always take your side!"

Her heart felt warm and fuzzy upon hearing that.

What did she do to deserve such an outstanding fiancé and a wonderful mother-in-law?

She would treat them doubly well once she married into their family!

She swore to herself, her face full of joy.

"En! Thanks, mom!"

She nodded and looked at her mom with bright eyes.

His mother and fiancée's intimate interaction triggered Ji Ziming.

Despite the one holding his fiancée's hand being his mother, when he saw it, he could not help but feel a little jealous.


He coughed lightly and then pulled his fiancée's hand out of his mother's grasp.

"Okay, mom. You're done here," said the man plainly before pulling his fiancée back to his side.

His words and actions easily revealed his thoughts to his mother.

Speechless and indignant, she rolled her eyes. "Are you actually feeling jealous of your mom now?"


The man coughed awkwardly upon the realization that his mother had seen through him.

For some reason, Pei Ge suddenly felt like laughing at this mother-son pair.


Of course, she could not hold in her laughter for long.

Her mother at the side laughed as well.

"Fine, fine. Today's your engagement, so I won't lecture you."

Seeing the smiles on the mother-daughter faces, the man's mother remembered that it was his engagement day and decided to spare him before leaving with his fiancée's mom to drink wine and chat.

He sighed in relief when his mother was finally gone.

Who knew how unhappy he was when his fiancée went starry-eyed because of his mother?!

If my mom hadn't shown up, I could've said all those things to my fiancée and I'd be the one she would look at with starry eyes.

Pei Ge naturally had no idea what was going on in the man's mind.

Her focus was on keeping up, getting to know the Ji's relatives and making toasts, though the 'liquor' in the glass was actually warm water…

Thankfully, the Ji family did not have a lot of relatives, and many of them did not manage to return in time from overseas.

Thus, she was able to finish her rounds with him among the Ji family's relatives.

"He he! Sister Pei Ge, you're finally married to my cousin!"

Just as she got a respite, Qin Qitong approached her with Bi Zheng.

She smiled at the girl in a puffy pink gown and at the man in a black suit.

Her two close friends looked so compatible standing next to each other.

Even though this young lady had told her that the two were not a couple yet, it should not be too long before they got together!

"I'm not married to him yet; it's just our engagement party today."

She smiled at the lass warmly.

Immediately after she said that, though, she felt a squeeze on her arm.

Before she could raise her head, she heard Ji Ziming's cold, deep voice.

"If you like, we can get married tomorrow."

When she looked up, she happened to meet his dark, opal-like eyes.

Bewitched by his looks, she stared blankly at him.

Qin Qitong rolled her eyes when the couple got lost into each other's eyes that they somehow forgot others existed.

"Okay, okay. I know you two have a good relationship going, but you can't just ignore others like that! Can we please have a proper conversation here?"

The young lady's complaints brought Pei Ge back to reality and made her blush.

"He he!"

Seeing her blush, the girl laughed teasingly at her cousin.

"Cousin, I gotta tell you this. Getting married isn't like getting engaged. You can't just move it forward as and when you like it! There's a lot of prep work that goes into it, especially…"

Qin Qitong rolled her eyes and showed a cheeky smile.

"Have you even proposed to my sister? If you don't even have a surprise marriage proposal yet, how do you have the cheek to ask her to marry you?!"


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