Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
885 Alone time interrupted by a group of tactless people.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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885 Alone time interrupted by a group of tactless people.

"Have you even proposed to my sister? If you don't even have a surprise marriage proposal yet, how do you have the cheek to ask her to marry you?!"

Her words successfully made Ji Ziming, who was feeling annoyed at her, pause.

He was so focused on marrying his love fast that he forgot about proposing to her to get her hand in marriage!

Looking at his dazed expression, the girl knew that the idea of proposing had never crossed his mind. She then looked at her friend.

"Sister Pei Ge, women like us will only wed once in this life, so don't let my cousin get his hands on you that easily! You gotta make things difficult for him!"

"Qitong, I think you don't want your allowance anymore, huh."

The man's expression hardened when he heard her advice to his fiancée.

"He he! Cousin, I didn't say anything; I didn't say anything…"

The girl made a funny face at her cousin after being threatened by him.

Still, the words she spouted did not show fear of the man!

"Pei Ge, congratulations. I hope that you will continue to be happy in the future."

Bi Zheng at the side gave her his well wishes after the girl finally quieted down.

"Thank you," smilingly said Pei Ge.

In truth, she wanted to ask him about his feelings for Qin Qitong, but seeing that this was not the right time to do so, she chose not to ask this question.

After chatting with the man's cousin for a while more, she saw a good-looking couple head over to them before she could find time to grab a bite with Ji Ziming.

"Ge Ge, you're so pretty today."

The man's voice reached their ears before he did.

"Wen Qimo."

She called out his name with a smile, looking at the approaching figure.

The man in a silver-gray suit, coupled with his gentlemanly aura, walked up to the couple with Ji Lelin in a figure-hugging burgundy mermaid gown.

"You look really pretty today. Congratulations."

The guy smiled warmly her. If one did not know, they would assume that he was the groom.

Thus, the man and woman with the surname 'Ji' stood before their partners as they eyed the other party warily.

The other people burst out laughing when they saw the two's actions.

"Ha ha!"

She looked at the man standing in front of her with smiles and love in her eyes.

"Laugh! What is there to laugh about?"

Ji Lelin glared angrily at Qin Qitong, who was laughing the loudest.

The girl pouted nonchalantly when she saw herself being glared at. "It's really hilarious! Look at you; you're like a lioness."

She started laughing again, thereafter.

The other was really aggravated by this.


She refrained from arguing with Qin Qitong, though, to maintain her graceful image.

"Why are you snorting? It's not like anyone forced you to attend this engagement party. Why must you look wary and unhappy?"

Despite both being very straightforward, Qin Qitong had never gotten along with Ji Lelin. The former's candor came from her innocence, whereas the latter's frankness came from her pride and propensity to look down on others.

As such, the two could not stand each other. Although their families had close ties, they could not even be considered as friends.

"It's none of your business!" spat Ji Lelin.

"What kind of attitude is this? How rude!" Qin Qitong glared at the other, looking ready to fight with the latter.

Unexpectedly, the other backed off before things got ugly.


Wen Qimo looked at her disapprovingly, and with this one look, she backed down.

"Okay, okay. I know; I know." She pouted.

The girl was amused by her meek behavior.

Everyone in their circle knew how arrogant and spoiled the Ji family's second daughter was.

However, with a look from this man, she instantly turned obedient; it was practically a miracle!

"Sorry you had to see that, Ge Ge."

The man apologized with a smile.

She shook her head. "It's okay."

"Honestly, look really stunning today."

"Thank you."

The sight of this smiling man irked Ji Ziming endlessly.

Today was his engagement day. Why were pesky flies kept interrupting his alone time with her?!

He was starting to regret making the engagement party a grand affair.

Actually, not having a banquet following the afternoon party would be more appropriate.

That way, no one could interrupt his alone time with her!

Just as he decided to drag his fiancée away after she chatted with Wen Qimo for a bit, Ji Lelin, who was next to her man, called out to Pei Ge.


When she heard the woman call her, Pei Ge looked at her confusedly.

"En? Can I help you, Miss Ji?"

"Come with me for a bit. I have something to tell you."

Ji Lelin did not give her a clear reply.


Pei Ge was more confused when she got this vague reply.

What is it that she can't tell me in public? Why do we have you speak in private?


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