Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
887 A couple must put a little distance between them.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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887 A couple must put a little distance between them.

"You'd better be careful. That woman is not ordinary."

Ji Lelin looked at her with her clear, sincere eyes.

No matter how unwilling she was, she must admit that this woman before her did not look like the scheming kind.

Perhaps because she was attached and was about to get married, she thought that this woman was rather simple-minded.

Thus, she changed her mind about leaving immediately after warning her.

"Even though I don't know what she has in mind, it probably has something to do with that Zhou Zhuoyang. You shouldn't go near that guy, okay?"

Pei Ge halted her thoughts about her cousin and Qiao Jingyun and raised her eyes at the woman standing opposite her.

Seeing her high-and-mighty manner, she suddenly felt that this woman was not as bad as she made her out to be.

Even though she still had an arrogant face, she could detect kindness in her voice.

Pfft! This Miss Ji isn't as bad as I thought. Maybe, she's just a little awkward and arrogant.

"Okay. Thank you. I'll watch out."

Her lips formed a bright smile as she thanked the other sincerely.

"Hmph! You don't have to thank me; I'm doing this for myself."

When she saw this woman regard her sincerely, Ji Lelin awkwardly averted her gaze.

"You just have to stay with your man and leave my Qimo alone; that's all. I'm out!"

After she said that, regardless of the woman's reaction, she half ran away in her stilettos.

Pei Ge shook her head wordlessly as she watched the girl leave.

She wanted to tell her stories about Wen Qimo as thanks.

Oh, well! Next time, then.

She gently shook her head and headed back to where the group had been standing earlier.

However, probably because she had taken too long talking to that lass, only Ji Ziming was left by the time she got back.

"Eh? Where's Qitong and the rest?" she asked, looking at the man confusedly.

"They went back already," replied the man nonchalantly as he set his glass down upon seeing her return.

Hmph! Today was his engagement day; why would he need those unimportant people around for?


She nodded and smiled at the man standing under the light.

Actually, she had spaced out a little when she saw the man in a suit and tie sip wine expressionlessly.

His face was flawless and his eyes were cold; he even gave of an unapproachable aura, but when he set his cold eyes on her, they became warm and tender, and his features softened.

In that instant, it reminded her of a phrase.

When one looked back, only that person remained there.

"What's wrong?" asked the man, his lips arching as he saw her gaze at him.

"N-Nothing." She smiled at him, hugging his arm and resting her head on it. "I was just thinking that my fiancé is too good-looking! Even I was stunned!"

Hearing her straightforward words, his earlobes turned a light pink color.

"… You're really pretty, too."

After a moment's silence, he dotingly told her that.

The two did not return to the banquet but went to the tranquil, man-made lake, instead.

Since it was nighttime, and the lake was surrounded by greenery, there was no one there.

Under the inky-blue night sky with stars and moon, everything looked beautiful.

The moon shone on the lake, creating a smattering of silver light on its surface.

The light made some parts of the lake glow, adding a romantic vibe to the scene.

Because it was early spring, besides the gentle breeze and the couple's hushed conversation, the place was virtually quiet.

This quietness made one feel relaxed.

The two sat down on the soft grass in their suit and gown.

They cuddled before the lake while holding each other's hands.

"Ziming, aren't you curious what Ms. Ji told me in private?" asked the woman to the man while tilting her head.

"… What did she say?" he asked plainly. Still, it was clear from his tone and expression that he was unconcerned about it.

"Pfft! Do you even like me at all? Why do I feel that you don't care about my matters?"

She laughed aloud and gently twisted his arm as she grumbled.

"I like you, but I don't want to control everything you do."

The way he stared at her quietly made it seem as if he were regarding at a piece of treasure.

Looking at his focused gaze on her, she felt her heart skip a beat.

The man reached out and gently tucked some stray hair behind her ear.

He actually really cared about her matters be it big or small.

However, Mu Heng once told him that a couple should put a little distance between them, or else trouble would happen.

He could be nice to her and spoil her, but he could not interfere too much in her matters.

Thus, he was trying to give her breathing space. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.


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