Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
888 She is my benefactor; that is all.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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888 She is my benefactor; that is all.

The lake sparkled as it reflected the bright moon.

In turn, this silvery glow illuminated Pei Ge and Ji Ziming. As if wrapped inside a luminous film, they looked enchanting.

The way they gazed at each other made it seem as if there were just the two of them in the world.

After some time, the woman broke the silence.

"Ziming, how important is your benefactor to you?" she asked lightly, not showing any emotions.

He was baffled on why she brought up Qiao Jingyun.

Despite feeling like this, he still answered her question.

"I promised her before that I'd take care of her for a lifetime," answered the man in his low voice without holding back.

She made a decision inwardly when she got this reply from him.

"What's wrong? Why are you asking me about her all of a sudden?" He frowned slightly.

She shook her head and smiled. "Oh, it's nothing. I just thought somebody talking about her today."

Since she looked sincere when she said that, the man merely nodded and put the matter at the back of his mind.

"Don't mind her. I like only you. She's merely my benefactor, and that's the only relationship I have with her."

He pulled her into a hug thereafter.

"Yes, I understand."

The corners of her lips curled into a smile as she leaned her head obediently on the man's chest.

She would settle this issue regarding that woman.

That woman was his benefactor, after all, and she did not wish him to be put in a tight spot.

Thinking up to this, she gazed up at her man with a smile in her eyes.

Plus, her fiancé was so good-looking; there would surely be rivals who would pry her walls for him.

This time around, she would treat that woman as target practice.

"What are you laughing about?"

When the man lowered his head, he saw the smile on her face, which made her look like a cat that had successfully stolen a fish.

"He he! Nothing. I just feel that my fiancé is so handsome!"

"Stupid woman."

"He he!"

Under the moonlight was a sweet and well-matched couple embracing each other.

What they did not know, however, was that hidden behind this sweet scene were layers upon layers of danger…

"So ugly."

In a car were two women whose figures looked especially sinister under the dim yellow light.

"He! What do you have to ridicule me? You're just better at tolerating."

Pei Shishi shot the woman in the driver's seat a cold glance and then scoffed.

Qiao Jingyun was unaffected by her mockery, though.

"He he. Although you didn't hold back, the effect might be better since your pitiful look is getting more and more realistic."

She shot the woman a disdainful look.

"You must've revealed your true feelings earlier!"

"… Qiao Jingyun, I did what you told me to do, so I hope that you won't disappoint me. If not, I don't mind telling him what you've done before."

As she spoke, Pei Shishi opened the door and left. She made it seem as if the car had an infectious disease.

Bang! Qiao Jingyun scoffed as the door was slammed.

"Hmph! I've never failed on anything. Even you have been tricked by me to leave the country three years ago…"

Her eyes were like those of a venomous snake as she stared coldly at the woman's receding back.

"You've become this pitiful because of my schemes, yet you still haven't realized that I orchestrated all of them. How can your cousin, who is dumber than you, be my opponent?"

That's why Ji Ziming can only be mine! All other women can't be matched up to him!

Radiant sunlight seeped through the windows the next day.

Its rays cast a golden hue in the room, making the well-lit room appear cozier and brighter.


Pei Ge opened her eyes and stretched her arms as she beamed with joy.

Turning to her side, she saw Ji Ziming lying there.

He was still sound asleep and did not appear to be waking up soon. This was probably because they had slept a little late last night.

Her sleepiness vanished instantly when she saw his sleeping face. Her eyes widened and she stared seriously at him without blinking.

"Hi hi hi!"

Suddenly, she giggled as she started drawing on his Adonis face.

From his forehead all the way down to his lips, they were enticing people to commit a crime.

With that, her slender finger stopped right at his lips.

Sensing the slightly chilly and sultry touch coming from her finger, she could not help but lick her lips.

It looks delicious!

She blinked her eyes as her head inched closer to his.

Right at the moment when she was about to kiss his thin lips, the man underneath her opened his eyes.


She was shocked to see those eyes open suddenly that she fell back onto the bed as her cheeks flushed red.

"W-W-Why did you wake up now—"

She lamented weakly, but before she could finish her words, his actions surprised her.

After opening his eyes, he immediately pinned her under him and locked her in his embrace.


She blinked her eyes as she could not react fast to his sudden action

Like a Peeping Tom, she looked up at him surreptitiously.

Who knew that she would be caught, though?


As he said that, he dipped his head and smilingly planted a good-morning kiss on her forehead.


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