Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
890 This winner in life is an internet sensation.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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890 This winner in life is an internet sensation.

She saw the tall man in plain white clothes with a dark-blue apron busying himself in the kitchen.

Her face broke into a happy smile.

However, her smile was soon replaced by a stunned look as she looked at the food and ingredients on the island in the center of the kitchen.

On the long island-top made of black marble were all sorts of cooked dishes and ingredients.

Although this was merely for breakfast, Ji Ziming was apparently preparing several dishes.

She stood in the kitchen for a while, and after looking at the items on the island, she detached herself from the semi-open kitchen smilingly.

"Ziming, it's only breakfast. You don't have to put so much effort into it."

Pei Ge walked up to his side slowly and looked at him longingly.

She had previously thought that, when she had someone whom she liked, she would get up early every morning to make him breakfast with love.

She never imagined that…

One day, her lover would make her breakfast every morning, instead.

Moreover, he would prepare so much of it.

Hearing her comment, the man paused his cutting of the tomato and turned his head to look at her before he resumed what he was doing.

"I'll be done in a jiffy. Go take a seat in the living room."

"Let me help you with the cooking."

She was not at all obedient as she wanted to stay in the kitchen to prepare breakfast with him.

Unfortunately, she did not succeed.

She was ushered out of the kitchen by the ever-so-domineering great CEO, who even forbid her from entering it again.

Hence, she could only pout her lips and stand at the kitchen entrance pitifully while looking on as the man prepared breakfast for her inside.

She got slightly bored after looking for a while.

Thus, she whipped out her phone and took several shots of his busy back before uploading them onto her private Weibo account.

[The happiest thing is waking up every morning and seeing your lover busy in the kitchen!]

After uploading five pictures that did not show the face, she soon saw a reply on her Weibo.

[Autumn: I'm so envious of you for having such a handsome and loving husband!]

[It Is Blue Field Not Lazy Field: You must be rich! I love the style of your kitchen!]

[Little Bee: Wah! You've finally uploaded again! I prefer your updates on Weibo to the Cinderella engagement party of the century that is trending right now! Please update your Weibo frequently! Post more pictures! P.S. It's better if there are front-facing shots!]

Looking at Little Bee's comment, an ominous feeling rose in her heart.

"Cinderella engagement party of the century…"

Why do I feel that this is talking about me?

Her eyebrows moved slightly as her fingers did. Soon, she saw their last night's engagement photos on Weibo's trending search.

[The grandest engagement party in the world! Whopping betrothal gifts and wedding gown are indeed costly!]

[A Cinderella envied by all wears a million-yuan dress and receives betrothal gifts worth billions! Definitely a winner in life!]

[A commoner captures a rich prince's heart and succeeds at marrying into a wealthy family!]

As she looked at the trending search list and the photos of her and Ji Ziming at their engagement party, she got baffled, for they did not invite the paparazzi in it.

Since it was a private engagement party, why did she see so many photos online?

Confused, she clicked open the trending search list and glanced through the comments.

Most netizens were envious of her marrying into the Ji family. Although there were some obnoxious comments, they were generally all good.

It was clear that she had become a hot topic instantly.

She felt sweet as she saw these well-wishes for her and the man.

No matter who it was, they would definitely feel happy to receive so many well-wishes for their love.

"What are you looking at? You seem so happy."

The moment the man stepped out of the kitchen with the breakfast, he saw her big smile.

"I'm looking at the well-wishes online for us!" She beamed at him with happiness.

Although he was never interested in online gossip and Weibo, his interest was piqued this time.

"Oh? Let me have a look."

He put down the breakfast and walked toward her to look at her phone.


Only then did she remember not logging out of her private Weibo account when her phone was taken.

What if he sees my posts on Weibo? How embarrassing will that be!

"Give it back! Use your phone to see!"

As she spoke, she snatched her phone from his hand.

Unfortunately, she did not succeed because he had made use of his height advantage to shun her.

The more he read the comments on Weibo seriously, the bigger the smile in his eyes got.

Seeing his silly look, she was no longer so anxious to take her phone back.

"Look at how happy you've gotten. Aren't these just comments from strangers?"

She laughed at the man who was smiling stupidly. Never did she imagine that this person would have such a childish side to him.

Immediately after she spoke, she noted the darkening of his face as if he were angry about something.


Baffled, she blinked and glanced at him.

"What's wrong, Ziming?"

Seeing the man's dark face, she walked to his side and looked at the phone screen.

She saw a comment that was insulting her.

Looking at this very insulting comment, she was not angered by it. Instead, she felt happy because of his reaction.

"Alright. This is just a stranger. You don't need to be bothered by it."

She wrapped her arms around his waist from the back and leaned her face gently against his biceps.


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