Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
893 Money is not a problem since your ‘husband’ is rich.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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893 Money is not a problem since your ‘husband’ is rich.

The man was clearly upset with her response and shot his darling fiancée a distasteful look.

"Ji Ziming, what's that look? How is it bad to stay at home? I think it's really romantic to be alone with each other!"

As she spoke, she started reveling in the thought.

The more she thought of it, the more she felt that her suggestion made sense!

She was the only one who felt this way, though.

"Let's go on an overseas trip."

He could not help but interrupt her fantasy when he saw her get excited.

It was true that they could be alone when they were home together.

However, it was not easy for him to put the two of them on a one-week leave. It would be such a waste if they spent it at home.

"Ah? Overseas? Why are we going overseas for nothing? We're only engaged and not married yet, so there's no need for a honeymoon."

She blinked her eyes and quickly refuted his suggestion.

The three wedding dresses were enough for her to feel that they were being wasteful. Hence, she instinctively rejected the suggestion of going overseas after the engagement.

"We haven't taken our wedding photos yet. Since we have the time, let's travel overseas and have them taken."

He did not answer her. Instead, he began telling her his plans.

"Wedding photos? Haven't we taken those photos previously?"

Pei Ge really felt the need to guard her rich fiancé's wallet!

She realized just after one day of engagement that their perspectives on money vastly differed!

Although one might be rich, that was not how one should spend his money!

She really felt that there was no need to spend so much money on wedding photos and engagement holidays.

"Those were engagement photos and not wedding photos," reasoned Ji Ziming as he stared straight at her.


It was clear that she was unsatisfied with his answer.

"Ziming, that's too wasteful. Even if you're rich, you shouldn't spend your money thoughtlessly."

She put down the cleaned dishes and looked at him solemnly.

She decided that, from here onward, she would be a thrifty wife! That was because her husband was really a spendthrift!

She learned from Weibo that the wedding dress, which she wore yesterday, had a whopping price tag! Even the princesses and socialites could not buy that wedding dress.

Meanwhile, she wore it…

Although her vanity was gratified, in her mind, she still felt that he was too extravagant and wasteful.

Therefore, the moment she heard him talk about going on an overseas trip and taking another set of wedding photos, she erupted!

"How is that being wasteful? I've never considered spending money on you as wasteful."

Seeing the woman's serious look, he pursed his lips. Although he remained expressionless, his tone was especially grave.

"To me, every cent I spend on you is worth it."

As he spoke, he took a towel hanging by the side and gently dried her hands.

She was intending to lecture him some more, but upon hearing his earnest words, she was at a loss on what to say.

She was truly moved.

"Relax; I'm good at making money. The money that I spend on you is pittance when compared to the amount I earn, so you don't have to worry."

He broke into a light smile as he seriously said, "Stupid woman, next time, you can just spend my money anyhow and not thinking of those irrelevant things. Money earned is meant for spending, so don't worry too much!"

His gentle cajoling was perhaps effective as she soon understood his reasoning.

Dazedly, she nodded. "Oh."

The man happily rubbed her head at her obedient look.

Since these two workaholics were on holiday, after washing the dishes, they watched a movie in the audio-visual room as they lay intimately on the sofa.

As they were watching the movie, they were also discussing where to go for their wedding photoshoot.

Just like this, the morning passed by sweetly and unproductively.

By the time it was past 10 AM, the two had changed and was ready to head to the Ji family's old house.

Before heading there, the couple went to get her mother.

Soon, the car arrived at her mother's apartment and they alighted.

On their way up, the two were stopped by some neighbors.

"Aiyo! Ge Ge, this is your fiancé, right? He's so good-looking, even better than in photos!"

"Ge Ge, I think that you're really fortunate! Look at how great your fiancé is!"

"I heard that the betrothal gifts from his family include a villa and an apartment. When are you moving? I can help."

Pei Ge felt stressed out by these aunties.

Since when were these aunties so friendly toward her?

It was good enough if they did not call her a spinster.

Clearly, they had not given her any face in the past.

Seeing how these people were fawning on her, she instinctively looked at the man beside her.

Tsk, tsk, tsk! This man is indeed an homme fatale!

If not for him, these people would not corner her below her mother's apartment.

"Auntie, I'm here to pick up my mother for lunch; please move aside."

She felt a slight headache as she raised her voice at the aunties surrounding her.

It was not effective, though.

This bunch of gossipy aunties did not move an inch and continued to stare fervently at her and Ji Ziming.

It was as if both were some rare animals.

Zhang Manhua happened to come down at this point and saw her daughter and soon-to-be son-in-law being surrounded by the neighborhood aunties. Instantly, she shook her head in amusement.

"Enough, enough. Hurry up and leave. If there's anything that you wanna know, come ask me directly when I'm back from the meal."

She squeezed herself into the crowd and rescued the couple from the bunch of gossipy aunties.


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