Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
894 You are now more famous than a celebrity.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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894 You are now more famous than a celebrity.

After sending away those curious aunties, the three got in the car and headed to the Ji family's ancestral house.

Along the way, Pei Ge sat at the back with Zhang Manhua and they had their heart-to-heart conversation while sizing up Ji Ziming who was driving the car.

"Mom, why not move houses? Those people are too scary."

Having been given a shock by those aunties, she seriously suggested this to her mother while she trembled.

"He he! How is that scary? They were merely curious."

Her mother waved her concerns away as if unbothered or troubled by the matter earlier.

"Isn't the curiosity getting overboard? I'm not even a celebrity or someone famous…" She pouted.

"This lass, you're now more famous than a celebrity."

It seemed that her mother was pretty proud about it.

"I even saw your picture with Xiao Ji in the news this morning."

She felt helpless from listening to her mother's words and the proud expression on her face.

She honestly did not know how to carry on this conversation with her mother. Fortunately, the latter did not stay on the topic for long and turned to look at the man with a smile.

"Xiao Ji, were you frightened earlier?"

Zhang Manhua grinned at the man with her eyes full of satisfaction.

Just like all mothers-in-law in the world, the more she looked at her son-in-law, the more she liked him.


He lightly shook his head and replied coldly.

"Xiao Ji, don't take it to heart. My neighbors had no ill-intention and were just slightly curious about you."

Listening to her mother's explanation, she could not help but complain inside, How is that slight curiosity? They were obviously being way too nosy!

"Yes, I know."

As the man and her mother chatted intermittently, she took out her phone and played with it.

After unlocking her phone, she instinctively opened her Weibo and logged in to her private account.

Seeing that in such a short while, her post had garnered over a hundred comments, her smile grew wider.

Although the comments on it were way fewer than on her main account, she loved to read every comment on her private account.

That was because the comments gave her an unspeakable sense of happiness.


She silently complained as the number of followers on her private account steadily increased.

Would she become an influencer who earned a living from Weibo if she continued posting about her life with the man?

"Ge Ge! Ge Ge!"


She quickly pulled herself back to reality at her mother's call.

"This silly lass, what are you laughing about? Get out of the car; we're here."

She realized that, while she was zoning out on her phone, they had arrived at the Ji family's ancestral house.


She nodded her head as the man alighted and held the door open for her.

Seeing him be so endearing, Zhang Manhua covered her mouth and smiled at the two teasingly.

Her daughter had finally found a not-so-bad boyfriend!

After alighting, the trio strolled on the pebbled walkway and got a whiff of fresh grass.

Zhang Manhua happily walked with the couple under the sun, and they soon reached the man's grand villa.

Just as they stepped on the white marbled stairway, Madam Ji in her home wear came to welcome them.

"Ge Ge, Manhua, you guys are finally here! I've been waiting for you two."

As she spoke, she walked up to Zhang Manhua's side and intimately hooked her arm through the latter's.

"Manhua, let's go shopping tomorrow! I'm bored to death recently."

"He he! Sure."

Pei Ge smiled as both mothers chatted with each other. She whispered into the man's ear, "Ziming, it seems that my mom and yours hit it off pretty well!"

While her mother seemed to get along well with anyone in their neighborhood, as her daughter, she knew that the former did not have any actual, close friend.

Therefore, she was happy to see their mothers get along well.

"Mhm." Seeing her practically beam with joy, the man lifted his hand and rubbed her head.

Once they were in the villa's living room, the man's mother led them directly to the dining room.

"The food was just done. We can have our meal now."

As she said this, she pulled Zhang Manhua with her.

"Xiao He, get the kitchen to serve the dishes. Also, get your master down for the meal."

She instructed the servants after ushering the mother-daughter pair to their seats.

"Yes, madam."

"Isn't it too early to eat now?"

Zhang Manhua looked at her with some hesitation. It was only 11 AM, and usually, she was still cooking at this time!

"He he! It's not! We can eat slowly as we chat! It's usually so boring with just me and my hubby eating."

Zhang Manhua could not help but think of her husband when she saw her complain about Mister Ji just like a little girl.

Previously, when her husband was still around, she was just like Madam Ji with no worries…

When the servants were serving the dishes, the man's father could be heard speaking from outside.

"Why are we eating so early today?"

In a black-checkered shirt and spectacles resting on his nose bridge, the man walked into the dining hall.

It was clear that he was reading his books in the study room earlier.

Pei Ge shot the man's father glance and realized with a start that he was holding a familiar-looking newspaper.



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