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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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895 First Appearance of Suspicions

Pei Ge shot the man's father glance and realized with a start that he was holding a familiar-looking newspaper.


Since the newspaper looked familiar, she focused her attention on it.

In the end, she got a surprise for the newspaper's content was about…

"Ah, daddy?!" She could not help but exclaim.

The content of the newspaper that Ji Ziming's father was holding was about her father!

"Ha ha! Look at Ge Ge addressing our Old Ji 'father' as soon as they met! She didn't even address me so affectionately earlier," remarked Madam Ji with a hint of jealousy.

Although the woman interpreted it that way, Zhang Manhua knew that her daughter was unlike that.

She understood her daughter well enough to know that her 'daddy' was reserved only for that man who had left them long ago.

"Pei Ge, are you alright?"

Ji Ziming, who was sitting next to her, noted her odd reaction and asked with a frown.

She shook her head dejectedly and mumbled softly, "I'm f-fine."

Although she was talking to him, her eyes were on his father.

No. To put it more accurately, her eyes were on the newspaper in Mister Ji's hands.

All the other four people sensed her fervent stare.

"Old Ji, what are you holding? Look at how bothered our Ge Ge is." Madam Ji was the first to call attention to this fact.

Upon hearing her ask, Mister Ji finally understood why his daughter-in-law was staring at him.

"I'm looking at this over a decade old article about Pei Ge's father," said the man with a stoic expression.

He felt aggrieved because he mistakenly thought that she was addressing him as 'daddy', but it turned out to be…

"Ah?" Madam Ji looked perplexedly at her husband.

"Ah?" Sitting beside her, Zhang Manhua also looked at him in confusion.

"Dad, why are you looking at this?" Ji Ziming asked the question that was on everyone's mind.

The man's face froze the moment his son asked.


He let out an awkward cough as if he were trying to hide something.

"I chanced upon it so I took a look."

Just as he gave this reason, his wife mocked him heartlessly.

"Pwa ha ha! Could you be faker? 'Chanced upon it'? Who are you fooling? You just said that it's a newspaper dating back over a decade. Ha ha!"

Her laughter was exceptionally piercing in the quiet dining room, and it made her husband even more embarrassed.

"Alright, alright. Since everyone's here, let's start eating."

Sensing that the atmosphere was slightly awkward, Zhang Manhua tried to change the topic laughingly.

Despite this, she too was curious on why her in-law was reading a newspaper article about her husband.

Madam Ji had wanted to continue asking, but with a glance from her, she could only press her lips together and stop teasing her husband who was not skilled at lying.

Right when Zhang Manhua thought that they had moved on from the topic, the man started speaking.

"I just wanna learn more about the man who taught Pei Ge to become such an outstanding lady."

His statement was like thunder as it the mother-daughter pair's hearts.

Seeing their stunned look, he did not appear as awkward as before.

At yesterday's engagement party, he heard Pei Ge talk about her family background and some things related to her father.

Not only did he have a better impression of this daughter-in-law, he also… became interested in this 'father' whom she revered.

When he came back from the engagement party last night, he called his assistant to gather information about her father for him.

Therefore, early in the morning, he sat in the study room and read information about his late in-law.

The more he read, the more shock and sympathy he felt.

"Your father had great business acumen. If he were still around, he'd be a well-respected opponent."

He looked at her with ease as he said this sincerely.

Pei Ge's eyes reddened, and she sniffed the moment she heard his praises.

Ji Ziming's father, the CEO of the Ji Group and a well-known man in the business world, was actually praising her father!

She felt overwhelmed with emotions and she tried to calm down. Eventually, she choked, "Dad, thank you. Thank you for giving my father such high praises."

The person whom she revered the most was her father.

"He is someone worthy of the praises."

Mister Ji became gentler when he saw her eyes brim with tears.

It could be said that previously, he started having a change of opinion about her because of her abilities and his son. Now, he liked her more solely because of who she was.

Hence, a man of few words like him asked, "Why were you suddenly hospitalized that year, though? I read this article about your father mentioned you."

As he spoke, he placed the newspaper on the table.

All eyes were fixated on the newspaper on the table as he placed it down.

"Aye?" Looking at the newspaper, his wife was surprised. "This newspaper's date…"

"Mhm? What's wrong with the date?"

He regarded his shocked wife in confusion.

"This date… is pretty close to when our Ming Ming got kidnapped."

She sighed softly. "There's less than a week between these two dates."


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