Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
897 Wanting us to hold a wedding photoshoot in five places...
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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897 Wanting us to hold a wedding photoshoot in five places...

Although they had this rather unpleasant talk earlier, their lunch was a rather pleasant affair due to Pei Ge's effort to liven it up.

This was especially so for Madam Ji! It had been a long time since she had such an enjoyable meal. In fact, she was now thinking of how she could get her son's fiancée to bring Zhang Manhua along to live with them once she married into their family! That way, they could spend our days together!

However, these were just her thoughts.

She was clear that they would not come true.

She knew very well what her son was like.

Since he was very jealous and possessive, he would surely not agree to letting his 'wife' stay with them!

Ji Ziming intended to leave with Pei Ge after lunch, but because of his mother's insistence, they failed to do so.

"Aiya! Since the weather is so nice today, why don't we head over to the greenhouse for a chat and some tea?"

Ignoring her son's dagger-like glare, she held the hands of the mother-daughter pair and quickly left with them.


His father looked at him sympathetically, walked to his side, and lightly tapped his shoulder.

"Let's go to the study room for a chat."


With his lips twitching, he could only gloomily follow his father.

The father-son pair headed to the study room to discuss serious matters, whereas in the warm greenhouse, the three ladies sat comfortably in soft chairs and happily chatted.

"Ge Ge, what are your and my son's plans for this week-long holiday? Do you guys intend to go on a trip?"

Madam Ji sipped her self-made rose tea as she nodded in satisfaction. This year, the rose tea was not bad. The taste was fragrant, sweet, and pure, while the hue looked nice as well.

"Ziming said he'll bring me overseas to have our wedding photoshoot, but I'm not sure where exactly that will be."

Pei Ge smiled before she put down the crystal cup.

"Ah! Wedding photoshoot! Provence isn't bad! Maldives is pretty good, too! If not, I feel that it's quite romantic to have your photos taken in Greece," eagerly suggested the man's mother to her without thinking.

She blinked, but before she could reply, her mother chimed in, too.

"In my opinion, the wedding photoshoot needs not be held overseas. Our country has many beautiful places. Having the photoshoot at any place here will still be better than overseas."

Zhang Manhua, who was rather traditional and never fancied anything foreign, gave this alternative suggestion.

"Having the wedding photoshoot in places like Guilin and Yunnan is okay, too since those are scenic spots!"

"You have a point, but I still think that it's more romantic overseas."

"How is that so? Taking them locally is definitely better; we'll just have to hire a good photographer!"

"Those places you mentioned aren't appropriate for wedding photoshoots, though."

"How are they inappropriate? If children have a traditional wedding photo, it'll definitely look like something out of a fairy tale!"

"But wedding photos look better with wedding dresses."

"It's obvious that China's traditional wedding attire looks better!"

Pei Ge did not know whether to laugh or cry when both mothers started arguing over this.

It was just a wedding photoshoot. It did not matter what type of photos there were.

"Alright, alright. It's just a wedding photoshoot; we can take them anyhow."

Furthermore, she had already taken them once. She thought that taking them again was a waste.

If it were her, she would not agree to taking another because it was too troublesome.

"How can wedding photos be taken anyhow?!"

"That's right! Having a wedding photoshoot is an important matter for a woman! How can it be taken anyhow?!"

The two originally quarreling women joined hands to lecture her upon hearing her words.


Seeing both mothers doing this, the corners of her lips twitched.

Fine, fine, fine! I'll shut up, alright?

"Suddenly, I think that a traditional wedding photo isn't that bad! The scenery in Guilin and Yunnan is indeed breathtaking. If both our children wear traditional costumes and stand on the misty mountain forest…"

"Yup! I think that a wedding photo overseas is pretty good as well! Provence has large lavender fields, while Maldives has panoramic views. Likewise, Greece has always been the sacred grounds for romance. It'll definitely look good if they have their wedding photoshoot overseas."

The corners of Pei Ge's lips twitched again when the two women became on good terms once more after their intense argument. One would not know whether to laugh or cry at both these mothers.

Not long after, she was indeed at a loss on whether to cry or laugh!

As Madam Ji was speaking, she seemed to have thought of something. Her eyes brightened and she excitedly said, "Aye! Why don't we get this couple to have a wedding photoshoot at all the places that we've mentioned?"

Listening to her suggestion, Zhang Manhua's eyes brightened as well.

"That's a wonderful idea! I've been meaning to have several sets of their wedding photos taken!"

Pei Ge was suddenly unwell when she heard both women's suggestions.

She felt faint further after counting the number of places that both mothers talked about.

Five different places!

She would be dead tired if she went to those five places for wedding photoshoots in just one week!

Seeing how they were getting more and more excited in discussing this, she could not help but gulp and carefully say, "Moms, Ziming and I only have one week, and considering today, one day has already passed. If we go to five places for wedding photoshoots, there won't be enough time."

Therefore, please give up on this idea!

However, before she could verbalize this thought of hers, Madam Ji's words came like a bolt of lightning.

"It's alright! The company is Ming Ming's! He can have how many days of leave as he wishes, so both of you can have more days to have your wedding photoshoots!"

This middle-aged madam gripped her hands while beaming at her.

"… But the company can't do without your son."

"Oh, it's fine; your father is available!"

"…" What else can I say! Wu wu wu!


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