Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
911 Getting despised for something she did not do.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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911 Getting despised for something she did not do.

"Worth it. Too worth it. Not only are you worth the price, I'm giving you a bonus. You did well this time."

Qiao Jingyun rapped her fingers on the work desk's surface as she stared at this piece of earphone with glee in her eyes.

"Then, Miss Qiao, when will you transfer the rest of the money?"

The greediness that had appeared on the man's face bore into her.

"I'll get my secretary to do it now."

As she spoke, she picked up her phone and made a call.

After giving instructions to her secretary, she glanced at the ordinary-looking man before her. "Okay, you can leave now. The money will be in your account soon."

"Okay, I'll be leaving, then. If there's anything like this next time, please come to me as well."

A smile blossomed on the man's face and he headed for the door.

However, before he could walk out the door, the woman stopped him.

"Hold on."

The man shuddered when he heard her gentle voice.

"Is there anything else?"

"How did you install the spyware on her phone? Were you discreet about it?"

She frowned; seriousness and wariness were in her eyes.

"How did I? I pretended to be a passerby who had lost my phone. I then borrowed her phone to make a call. I was rather discreet; no one found out."

The woman nodded with a smile when she heard his explanation. "Then, did the man next to the woman see you?"

"Man? When I ran into that woman, there's no man next to her. She seemed to have sneaked out to buy some kind of present," he replied, shaking his head.

"If there had been others around her, it would've been more difficult to succeed."

Of course, the most important thing was that the woman thought too kindly of everyone.

She kindly handed her phone to him before he could use all his swindling techniques on her.

It was the first time he had encountered someone so easy to swindle.

"En, very good. You may leave now."

As she watched him disappear from her office, the warm and friendly expression on her face turned cold and emotionless.

Ji Ziming wasn't by Pei Ge's side? That's… great.

Her lips upturned into a smile, clearly in a good mood.

It seemed that the heavens were still on her side. Otherwise, the most difficult part of her scheme would not have gone so well.

If the man had been by her side then, he would have seen through the swindler's antics.

"That's really great…"

She stretched her body happily and then got up off the chair. After a while, she picked up her phone and made another call.

"Hello. Get me tickets to Greece tomorrow."

"Ah? Boss Qiao, you want to go to Greece? You have an important meeting to attend tomorrow, though."

"I'm not attending it. Get me a ticket to Greece for the morning flight tomorrow."

Even after she hung up, the smile was still on her face.

She knew that many people would be shocked by her act of skipping that important meeting.

Everyone would wonder why she would skip it and head to Greece without any prospects.

Everyone would wonder why she suddenly left for Greece.

"Because… I'm going to run into someone there," she muttered, laughing thereafter. "Aiya! Today's really my lucky day. I'm so lucky!"

She did not expect to hear about Pei Ge's itinerary for tomorrow when she was eavesdropping earlier.

She also did not expect to get so much information on their itinerary.

"I gotta pack my bags when I get home today."

Her lips upturned as a bright smile blossomed on her face.

In Zhangjiajie, Pei Ge, who was packing her bags, remained unaware that an unwanted app had been installed on her phone and that her whereabouts were being spied on and monitored.

In that moment, she was just cozying up to Ji Ziming in a king-size bed. As she lay in his embrace, she talked about what they should do after they arrived in Greece the next day.

"I think we should stay in the pretty houses the locals reside and not in those modern and extravagant five-star hotels."


"Plus, since we're not in our country anymore, we can eat and shop as we please. This time, we must walk openly outside."

"Mhm, okay."

"I think we can cut down on the wedding photos, too. We have enough photos from Zhangjiajie, from all those iconic places, already, so this time—"


In this heartwarming atmosphere, the two of them snuggled and talked. Although they would bicker occasionally, it was clear that the two were just being playful.

In the end, the pair drifted into sleep while chatting.

In each other's arms, they fell asleep with smiles on their faces. Just by the look on their faces, it was clear how happy they were.

However, as they were contentedly asleep in each other's arms, it was a mess online due to them.

As for the cause?

A certain CEO had ordered for all the posts online about Pei Ge to be taken down.

Because of this casual instruction from him, all news about her on the internet vanished, and nobody could find anything related to her even on all the search engines.

The internet was a mess because of this.

[A certain Cinderella has got a strong background, huh! There's no freedom of speech at all!]

[Suddenly, I find her to be disgusting. Nobody had any issue when everyone was praising her, but the moment others criticized her, she had the comments removed! I despise her now!]


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