Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
912 The Romantic Aegean Sea and the Unknown Crisis
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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912 The Romantic Aegean Sea and the Unknown Crisis

When she woke up, Pei Ge found herself in an endless sea of blue – Greece.

When she got off the plane and looked at the azure sky, blue sea, silvery-white sand, seagulls, white canvases, and islands, she was utterly mesmerized.

"This place is so beautiful…"

She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and spread her arms; her face was full of enjoyment.

Ji Ziming watched her from the side with upturned lips. "En, really beautiful."

When he said this, though, his gaze was on the woman.

"Let's go! Ziming, let's go check out the place that we'll be staying. I can't wait to see it!"

She opened her eyes and started rushing him.


Moments later, she was seated in a black Mercedes with him, heading toward their accommodation.

As the car sped toward their destination, she gazed at the scenery outside the window with a smile on her lips and told the man things in a hushed tone.

She almost screamed in delight when they reached their lodging.

Everything was just so beautiful to her. More importantly, the house was to her liking.

"Ziming, why is this exactly as what I described to you?"

Even though all the houses here were in blue and white Mediterranean-style, the setup of this place was exactly as what she had described to the man.

The most conspicuous was the patio she had once told him that she hoped her accommodation would have.

From there, the endless Aegean Sea could be seen.

There would preferably be a swing and pool or a hot spring on the patio so that she could enjoy the Aegean Sea's night view while soaking herself.

Standing on the patio of the house, she stared at the man in disbelief. She was touched.

"Because this was built for you," answered the man softly, his lips curling up slightly.

The moment she heard his response, the woman's eyes widened as she stared at him in shock.

"W-What did you say? This place was built for me? Don't tell me that you bought a piece of land and built a house here!" she screeched, somewhat at a loss. Thankfully, the man did not nod and shook his head, instead.

"Of course not." He gently shook his head.

"Phew!" She heaved a sigh of relief when she heard his reply. "Thankfully, you didn't buy this place!"

Alas, before she could say more, he spoke again.

"I just bought this place and modified the foundation of the existing house slightly," said the man calmly to her.

"…" Pei Ge did not know what to say at this point.

They were just here on a vacation, but this annoying fellow bought a house to stay?!

That was unbelievable!

That was not the way to spend money even if he was rich!

"You're wasting money! We're just here to sightsee for a few days!" she muttered gloomily, glaring at the man.

"Who said that it's only for a few days?" He grabbed her hand when he saw her get angry. "Since you like this place so much, we'll be coming here for our honeymoon as well. It's just nice to have such a place here."

Feeling the warmth of her hand, she pursed her lips and moved.

Even though she knew that most women would feel touched and be glad when their boyfriends bought them their dreamhouse in their holiday destination, and while she did feel excited and touched like them… the difference between her and Ji Ziming unsettled her.

He always gave her, yet she seemed to have nothing to offer, so she was a little afraid and felt bad.

After all, she had never been the kind to take advantage of others.

"Don't let your thoughts run wild. You're my woman; just focus on enjoying yourself."

Even though he did not know exactly what was going through her mind, he had a rough idea of what she meant after these few days.


She nodded, smiling a little. When the honeymoon is over, I'll definitely settle that big project well!

"Let's take a break first and go exploring this afternoon."

Seeing that she seemed to have returned to normal, the man held her hand and headed for the bedroom downstairs.

"Okay. Let's take a break here! I'll make you something to eat!"

She nodded and then made the request to cook.

"You'll cook?"

Ji Ziming raised his brow as he looked at the excited woman.

"En! I'll cook!"

She nodded with certainty and then looked at the man warily, as if afraid that he would fight her for the right.

"Okay, you'll cook. I haven't had your cooking in a while. I'll assist you," he said gently, his eyes indulgent.

"En! Okay!"

Mesmerized by the beautiful Aegean Sea, the couple did not switch their phones on when they arrived. Hence, they did not know about the mess on the internet back home.

The internet was like a battlefield because of them.

Despite the Ji Group's PR department doing their utmost to settle this matter, they were unable to suppress everything. In fact, things had escalated.

"He he! Has Qiao Jingyun begun to take actions?"

As Pei Shishi sat in the study and looked at the endless posts regarding her cousin, her lips upturned into a cold smile.

"That woman is really patient, huh… Should I look forward to this?"


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