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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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917 She is now both our benefactors.

"Ladies and gentlemen, at 10 AM, Beijing time, we'll be arriving in Beijing. The current temperature is 15 degrees Celsius. For your safety, please keep your seatbelt buckled."

Hearing the in-flight announcement, Pei Ge opened her eyes and looked at the man sitting beside her.

A bright smile blossomed on the face of the man reading a magazine.

As if sensing her gaze, the man put down his magazine. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing! I just think that my boyfriend is really handsome!" She grinned. Hugging Ji Ziming's arm, the woman acted cutesy as she leaned happily on his shoulder.

"Heh…" Her childish action made the man feel amused, and he could not help lightly patting her head.

After a week together, he discovered that he had not seen either her flaws or undesirable parts that Mu Heng said he would see.

In contrast, after a week of interaction, he found her more and more to his liking. He even wanted to marry her on the spot.

"He he! You two are acting lovey-dovey again!"

Just as the couple was being affectionate, a teasing voice interrupted them.

"Er… Miss Qiao…"

Pei Ge nudged her lips and looked behind them. There she saw Qiao Jingyun seated.

"Aiya, Ge Ge, I've told you before not to call me that! You can just call me Jingyun!" The woman gave her a friendly and delicate smile.


She was still slightly not used to the way the other woman spoke to her, but after that incident yesterday, she could no longer be so cold to this… benefactor of Ji Ziming and partly of her…

"Alright. You can't be that petty, right? I've said that everything before was a misunderstanding. From now onward, let's be good friends!"

The woman smiled earnestly at her when she appeared to be awkward and hesitant.

"Alright, then… Jingyun…" Pursing her lips, she let out a wry smile as she softly agreed.

"He he! That's the way!"

When she finally addressed her by the first name, the woman finally returned to her seat in satisfaction.

Her mouth could not help twitching at this.

"If you don't like, you don't have to force yourself," said Ji Ziming lightly as he held her hand.

"Why won't I? She is now both our benefactors…"

She pouted depressingly.

Who knew that such an incident would happen last night, and she would end up being saved by this woman whom she disliked the most?!

It was truly depressing!

The moment she thought of it, she could not help feeling upset!

I didn't put on any makeup last night, so I couldn't be deemed as a beauty, yet those Caucasians still tried taking liberties with me! Yes! They tried taking liberties with me! You guys didn't read wrongly!

Thinking back on it, those Americans were really blind! I looked plain and wasn't a great beauty then!

It's nothing much since I could easily protect myself from them. Although they're tall and huge, I could run away if I wasn't a match for them!

What I didn't expect was for Qiao Jingyun to save me by chasing away those Americans. In my shock, I fell into the sea.

I've never dreamed of her jumping right after to save me…

That's truly like a dream! It's unreal that I don't know what to feel.

Although I didn't need her help, it couldn't be denied that she risked her life to save me.

That was why, despite having a strong dislike of her, she had no choice but to treat… her nicely.

"I've said it before: don't overthink things. You still have me."

Ji Ziming rubbed her head as though he were placating a child.

Pei Ge nodded at him with a bright smile. "I know!"

She did not believe that this woman no longer had feelings for him. She further did not believe that this woman… liked her.

It was true that she saved her, but in her mind, she felt that this woman had ulterior motives.

"Watch your way! Look forward to your next flight with us…"

She carried the bag with one hand and held his with the other as she happily got off the plane.

Once she disembarked from the place, she could feel the terrible weather.

"Wu! The air at the Aegean Sea is indeed fresher!" She looked at the sky and sighed.

When they left the airport, the couple quickly saw their mothers among the crowd.

Their attire and charisma stood out from the rest.

This was especially so when the man's mother exclaimed at the sight of them.

"Ah, Ziming! Ge Ge!"

Her shriek caused Pei Ge's lips to twitch and the man's expression to be more stoic.

"Aiya, I miss you both to death!"

Madam Ji quickly detached herself from the crowd and came before the two with a wide grin.

"I saw your wedding photos in advance. They were taken quite well! Very beautiful!"

As she said this, she grabbed the couple's hands excitedly.

Seeing how the woman was behaving childishly, she shook her head in amusement and looked at her mother. "Mom!"

She took in her mother's bright smile and new clothes and knew that the man's mother had taken great care of her mother when she was not around.

"Ge Ge, why haven't you gotten tanner or become skinnier from this trip?!"


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