Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
918 You are my woman; I will stand in front of you.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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918 You are my woman; I will stand in front of you.

"Ge Ge, why haven't you gotten tanner or become skinnier from this trip?!"


Pei Ge's sentimentality turned into speechlessness when she heard her mother's words.

"Mom, you're too much! I applied sunblock every day; of course, I wouldn't get a tan! You want my skin to become tan?"

It hasn't been easy applying sunblock before going out every day, okay?!

As for why she did not become skinnier…

She glanced at Ji Ziming. Isn't it all because of this guy?! If he hadn't cook that well, I wouldn't have eaten that much during the trip!

Others said that one might be unable to adapt to the new environment on travels or that the local food would not be to one's liking, but when it came to her, she had a great appetite because of Ji Ziming! In fact, she enjoyed every bit of it.

"Hi, auntie! I trust that you and uncle have been in good health as of late?"

Just as this family of four was happily chatting away, Qiao Jingyun's sweet, gentle voice interrupted them.

Only after she had heard this voice did Madam Ji realize that she was standing behind the couple.

"… Why are you here, too?" She looked at her sharply.

"Oh, I took the same flight back as Ziming and Ge Ge. Greece's Aegean Sea definitely lives up to its name. If I didn't have anything to attend back at the company, I wouldn't want to return home." The woman shrugged, her expression full of regret.

Pei Ge inexplicably felt that the woman was purposely being ambiguous.

It sounded as if she had made plans to go with them to the Aegean Sea!

"You went to Greece as well?"

Disbelief was written all over Madam Ji's face when she heard Qiao Jingyun's words.

Could it be…

A hint of doubt appeared in her eyes.

Could it be that my dumb son had invited this woman along?

That couldn't be! The one that my dumb son likes is Ge Ge…

Just as she was about to clarify this point, she saw a mob sprinting toward them with either phones or cameras!

As they ran toward them, they shouted, "CEO Ji and that Cinderella are right there!"

"Let's go comrade! Since no media dares to expose this precious Cinderella, let's serve some justice! We'll use our actions to tell those capitalists that, even though we're poor and don't have much money, we have freedom of speech!"

"Yes! For our freedom of speech!"

Both the couple's mothers were stunned by the approaching mob.

"What's going on? What's going on? Are these people here for us?"

"It appears to be so. They seem to be here for our son and daughter!"

"You two, things don't look right. Let's leave from the VIP exit!"

Qiao Jingyun immediately grabbed Pei Ge's hand and pulled her toward the VIP exit.

The latter frowned deeply when the former grabbed her. She was in a state of confusion.

She had no idea why there was a mob charging at them with phones and cameras.

Thus, when the woman pulled her along, she intuitively broke free from her grasp.


Just as she moved to ask him about it, she was interrupted by Qiao Jingyun again.

"What are you doing? Even if you don't like me, you can't be willful at this time! Hurry up and leave with me! Who knows what these people will do when they get their hands on you?"

The woman grabbed on her hand again and began pulling her toward the VIP exit.

"I'm not refusing to leave because I don't like you; I just want to figure out what's going on first!" she said in response to the other's comment.

Alas, her words did not have any effect.

"With a situation like this, you still want to figure things out? Are you okay? It's fine; don't say anything and just follow me to the VIP exit!" said the other as she hurriedly pulled her along.

"Yes, we'd better leave here first. I think those people are crazy!"

"En, en, en! We can talk after. Let's quickly leave this place before you get hurt."

Both mothers approved Qiao Jingyun's suggestion and headed to the VIP exit with them.

Only the man remained standing still in his original position.

"Ming Ming, what are you doing?! Why aren't you leaving?"

Madam Ji began to panic when she noticed that her son was not moving at all.

"Yes, Xiao Ji. Let's hurry up and leave," urged Zhang Manhua. Having been reading the news online recently, she knew exactly what those people were here for.

She knew that her daughter and future son-in-law were not in the wrong. Those people were just jealous of the couple, so they got agitated, which resulted in the mob today.

It was futile to try and reason with those rioters, who had likely been blinded by their jealousy under the guise of justice.

"Mom, don't worry; you guys leave first," the man said calmly. Thereafter, he turned to look at the group.

"Since you're not leaving, I'm staying, too!"

Pei Ge stopped in her steps when she saw that he did not plan to leave. She had been hesitant to leave all this while; now, since her man was not leaving, she wanted to stay with him.

Unfortunately, this time around, not only did Qiao Jingyun refuse to let her go, the man did not let her stay as well.

"Pei Ge, you leave with Jingyun and our moms; I'll take things from here."

"Why must I leave? You're not leaving!"

She looked at him confusedly, not understanding why she must leave while he would stay when the mob was here for the both of them.

"… Because I'll be worried about you."

The man vocalized his feelings after hesitating for a bit when he saw her refusing to leave.

The moment he gave this reply, not only her, even Qiao Jingyun paused.

"This thing began because of me. You're my woman. No matter what, I must resolve this myself."


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