Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
919 You will suffer the consequences for provoking my woman.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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919 You will suffer the consequences for provoking my woman.

"This thing began because of me. You're my woman. No matter what, I must resolve this myself." Ji Ziming looked steadily at Pei Ge with tender eyes. "Be good; you go first. I'll be right there once I settle things here."

Seeing the tenderness on his face and hearing the sincerity in his words, Qiao Jingyun and Madam Ji were stunned. Inside, they were thinking, Gosh! Is this still the Ji Ziming that I know? This is incredible!

"En. You… be careful, too."

Pei Ge eventually relented after she sensed how serious he was.


Infinitely worried and unwilling, she followed the others to the VIP exit. The man was soon left alone with the crazed mob.

"Eh? This big boss didn't leave!"

"Why didn't he leave? Is he perhaps wanting to sue us?"

"Who knows! Did someone hear from his lawyer the last time they criticized that precious Cinderella?"

The man swept his cold and piercing eyes across the chaotically chattering mob before him.

The self-righteous vigilantes halted in their steps when they saw his gaze.

They collectively stepped backward because of the aura emanating from him.

"You all have something you wanted to see me about?"

He crossed his arms and raised his chin, looking coldly at the mob before him.

He never really bothered himself with these people.

To him, they were a bunch of clowns not worth his time.

However, because his beloved woman was involved, he was taking the effort to deal with them here.

"Cough, cough!"

The leader of this mob returned to his senses when he heard his question.

The ringleader coughed lightly, and from Ji Ziming's oppressive aura, the members of the mob slowly came to their senses as well.

"Err… We're not just here for you. We're here for your fiancée, too!"

"Yeah! We're not just here for you! We're here for that fiancée of yours, too!"

When they spoke of Pei Ge, the people's tone was mocking.

"My fiancée's not someone the likes of you can demand the presence of."

The man got upset when he heard this mob's attitude toward his woman.

His apathetic comment stunned this group of people.

"Don't you try anything with us! I'm telling you; we are recording this!"

The mob threatened him with their phones.

Alas, their threats were neither useful nor effective on the man.

"I don't care what your motive is today or what it is that you want."

He glanced at the raised phones and the people taking videos of him.

"I'm standing here only because I have one thing to tell you. Leave my fiancée alone or face the law."


The people began panicking immediately after he spoke.

"Don't listen to him! He's just trying to scare us! He can't sue us! He has no grounds!"

The stunned crowd regained their confidence after their leader spoke.

"Yeah! We're not buying it!"

"Merchants are so despicable! No matter how prim and proper they look, they have no conscience!"

Ji Ziming did not even flinch when he heard these people's taunting words. He just eyed them as if they were irrelevant corpses.

"Chapter 246 of the criminal code: defamation; Chapter 120 of the People's Republic of China civil code: reputation infringement," said the man coldly as he stared at the mob.

"The legal consultants of the Ji Group is a lot better than what you give them credit for."

This time around, no one dared to speak arbitrarily. Even the ringleader did not dare to give any more insidious instructions. The people's faces were unspeakably pale and their expressions looked terrible.

"Since your heads are clear now, you'd better keep what I'm saying to mind." Ji Ziming scoffed. Even though his voice was not very loud, the coldness in it came clear to everyone's ears.

"I don't care if you're really doing it for the freedom of speech or because you're under someone's orders. I only have one thing to say."

At this point, Ji Ziming paused a little. When he continued, his voice was a lot higher and colder.

"Pei Ge is my woman, and those who provoke her will suffer the consequences."

Once he was done speaking his piece, the man turned and left without a backward glance at the stunned mob.

These people only returned to their senses long after he left.

"D-Did you get that down on video?"


"Does he think he's god?! How dared he to threaten us like this?! Let's put this video online and have the people see his true colors!"

"Never mind; I don't have the guts to do it."

"Neither do I. He's rich and powerful. Besides, he already said that we're breaking the law. A small fry like me shouldn't mess with him."

"Yeah. I think we're a little too much. He was just doting on his woman and didn't wanna see her get criticized online, so he decided to impose that ban. Now that I think about it, it's quite touching."

"Yeah. After he talked about it, I started reflecting on my foolishness earlier…"

While this mob was starting to break apart, over at the VIP exit, a heated discussion was underway.

"Mom, tell me what happened while I was away! Why did that angry mob come for me and Ziming?"


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