Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
924 Uncle, it is every man for himself.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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924 Uncle, it is every man for himself.

'Shishi… Shishi… help me… help me…'

In the dark room, Pei Shishi lay in her bed with eyes tightly shut. It was as if she were having a nightmare for her facial expression was very twisted.

'Shishi… save me…'

"I'm sorry; I'm sorry…" Her brows were tightly knitted, and her eyes were shut tightly as she kept muttering this.

'Shishi, why are you so cruel… Your dad has done me in, and you want to let me die… Haven't I been kind enough to you all? Why! Why are you doing this to me?'

"Ahh!" She screamed in sheer fear before her eyes flew open.

"Hah… hah… hah!" She gasped. Her eyes were full of fear, and her body would not stop shaking.


She covered her face with her hands, hiding away her fatigue.

"I'm sorry… uncle…" she muttered softly; her face was still buried in her hands.

Her voice was full of guilt and fear.

'I know your little secret, too.'

Qiao Jingyun's eerily sweet voice suddenly sounded in her mind.

It had been two days since she met with that woman, and she had been having the same dream since.

There was only one scene and one character in the dream…

A dark, secluded alley and… Pei Ge's father, the uncle that she had once admired.

In the dream, he lay in a pool of blood. His dark eyes shone when he saw her, and…

'Shishi, call the ambulance…


'Hurry and call…

'Shishi… save me… I'm your uncle…'

"…" She pursed her lips tightly together and gripped her palms.

Her biggest secret was that… she had witnessed her father colluding with others to murder her uncle, but she had not done anything to save him; instead, she had turned his back on him, leaving him to die…

She did not know why she did nothing back then. As if she had seen nothing, she just let her uncle's life slowly ebb away as he bled out.

Even now, she could still see his eyes lighting up and then dimming again.

"Uncle… sorry… sorry…" She bit down on her lower lip, muttering nonstop as if in a trance.

If I hadn't ignored him and called for help, instead, then uncle wouldn't have died like that… but… if he hadn't died there, the Pei Family Real Estate wouldn't have come into existence. If so, would I have my current lifestyle?

At this thought, her expression brightened as her mind became clearer.

Right… One must sacrifice some things to gain other things… She comforted herself with this thought. Sitting up from the bed, she put on her bedroom slippers and walked toward the windows.

Shh! Pei Shishi pulled the curtains open. In an instant, light flooded the dark room.

The bright sunbeams seeped in through the transparent windows and spread everywhere in the room.

"Uncle, it's every man for himself… so… don't blame me…"

Compared to her cousin who was sleeping some more to rest after being plagued by nightmares all night, Pei Ge was a lot busier.

Once her engagement honeymoon was over, she got back to the office to work on Fu Mingxuan's project without rest.

Upon her return to the office, things had indeed turned out as she had thought while she was gone.

Her project was taken over by Director Xu. Even though she had clinched this project, her superior was the one who had carried it to completion.

"Manager Pei, I think that you should continue your vacation with the boss. I'm more familiar with this project you got, anyway. For the sake of the company's interest, this project is better off in my hands."

As Pei Ge sat in her chair and eyed the older woman's hypocritical face, she decided not to beat around the bush anymore.

"Director, you seemed to have forgotten the company rules," she said with a smile.


The woman regarded her with confusion as an ominous feeling rose in her.

"We have a company rule about a project going to whoever clinches it, so…" Pei Ge raised a brow at the woman and gave a tight smile. "This project can only belong to me. Of course, if you're willing to work on it on my behalf for free, I can consider roping you in."

The other almost exploded in anger when she heard her words.

She had a terrible expression on her face.

"…" For the longest while, she could not find her voice. "It's fine. I'll back out of it."

She then left the office.

Pei Ge heaved a sigh of relief and smiled a little when she saw the woman leave.

"Thankfully, Ziming told me about that company rule yesterday," she muttered, patting herself across the chest to ease her anxiety.

"He he! And I got my project back just like that! How about I buy that annoying fellow a meal later as repayment?"

"Miss Qiao, I did what you asked. She didn't suspect anything." Director Xu reported over the phone the moment she got back to her office and shut the door.

"Very good. Don't worry; I'll remember what you've done. I'll treat you well."

"He he! I've always believed in your words you."

"Okay. Let's prepare to see the results, then. The show's about to start."


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