Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
929 He will forever be the loser in front of this woman.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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929 He will forever be the loser in front of this woman.

"Pei Ge, wait here for a moment. I'll be back soon." He softly told the woman who was about to nod off.

"Mhm…" After giving a subconscious hum, Pei Ge really went to sleep.

Feeling helpless, he swore to himself, I must never let this stupid woman drink so much again. It'll be very dangerous if I'm not by her side.

"Good girl." He gently patted her head and then strode out of the room, wanting to settle the suite room and the drunken cats in the room.

Unbeknown to him, the moment he left the room, Fu Mingxuan who was supposed to be dead drunk opened his eyes with a clear look.

"Hoo…" He gently exhaled and turned his eyes onto the woman leaning against her chair.

On his handsome and gentlemanly face was none of the drunkenness from before.

Although his eyes seemed to have a slightly tipsy feel to it, it could be seen that he was currently clear-headed.

He swept his eyes across the room. Seeing that Ji Ziming was gone while the other two men were passed out from too much alcohol consumption, he got up from his chair.

With large strides, he moved toward the woman.

"Ge Ge?"

In a few steps, he was already before her and he gently called her name.


The woman wiggled her head but did not show signs of waking up.

He did not know why but her action gave him a sense of satisfaction.

"Ge Ge…"

His eyes were filled with crazed longing as he raised to mimic Ji Ziming's usual action of gently rubbing her head.

"Do you know how important you are to me?"

As he said this, his palm gently moved to her cheek.

The warm and soft touch made his heart skip a beat.

He felt as if electric sparks were jumping out from her body to his hand, spreading all over his body.

This numbing sensation felt comfortable yet intolerable.

"I have everything Ziming has, and I like you more than he does… so can you like me, instead?" He stared at her intensely as he murmured this.

"Wuuu!" As if feeling uncomfortable from his caress, the woman quickly raised her hand to swat his palm away. "You're noisy."

"Ge Ge?" He was startled by her actions and thought that she had sobered up.

However, he soon realized that he was thinking too much.

Her eyes remained closed even after swatting his hand away.

He let out a breath of relief when her eyes remained closed, but before he could completely exhale this breath, she suddenly sat up straight, as if her sleeping just then was a farce.

"I wanna go to the toilet!"

"Er…" This sudden request startled him. Before his mind could register what she had just said, the woman already got up from her seat and wobbly made her way out.

"Ge Ge, wait! Don't move." He hastily chased after the woman with unsteady footsteps. "Be careful!"

Her wobbly footsteps totally scared the man awake.

After catching up to her, he tightly grabbed her shoulders and then pulled her toward his embrace. "Be more careful!"

"Who are you?! You're not Ziming! Let go of me!"

Who knew that, before he could rejoice at having her in his embrace, the woman's next words would chuck him into a world of ice?

"Ge Ge, it's me." He helplessly hugged her and explained.

Alas, no matter what he said, she still struggled to get out of his arms.

"I'm Fu Mingxuan, your senior, and not a bad person." Helpless, he could only keep explaining clearly.

"Ah, you're Ziming's good friend!" exclaimed the woman upon hearing his explanation.

Hearing this, the face of the man, who was feeling happy for managing to hug her, instantly dimmed.

"Ziming's… good friend, huh…"

His lips curled up into a bitter smile as a disgruntled feeling emerged in his heart.

"Toilet!" Perhaps due to the lack of response, she muttered this again.

He reined in his emotions at the sound of her voice.

"Okay, I'll bring you to the toilet."

He half-hugged and dragged her to the toilet, but the usually cautious him did not notice that at a certain corner, there was a shadow…

Also, beside that shadow, there was a flashing bright light and… the sound of a camera shutter.


When he half-carried the woman back to the private room, he realized that Ji Ziming had still not returned.

His lips twitched a little as he eyed the two drunken men in the room. Qiao Jingyun's shrewd and crafty face suddenly emerged in his mind.

Could this… be that woman's doing? As he thought of this, he involuntarily frowned.

He had a hunch that today was that woman's doing, but he was clueless on what she was after.

No one knew what that ruthless and shrewd woman would do.

"Let go of me!"

Taking advantage of his split-second inattentiveness, Pei Ge pushed him away hard.

Unguarded, he almost fell down.

"Where is Ziming?! I want Ziming!" demanded the woman when she failed to spot the man.


Fu Mingxuan felt a little angry when he saw that she only had that man in her eyes; hence, he did not reply to her right away.

"I want to look for Ziming! I want Ziming!" Seeing that she was being ignored, she coldly snorted and crawled up from her chair to make her way out again.

"Don't run everywhere! Be careful of falling!" He could only chase after her helplessly. Against this woman, he seemed to be the loser always.

"I want to look for Ziming!"

"Okay, okay, okay. I'll help you find him…"


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