Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
932 Stay far away from my woman next time.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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932 Stay far away from my woman next time.

"What… are you two doing?"

The low and indifferent voice attracted Pei Ge's attention immediately.

She turned to look at the door on reflex.


Before she could push Fu Mingxuan away, the tall figure at the door strode over to her.

Ji Ziming looked at the two people's intimate interaction, and his eyes burned with anger and displeasure.

He knew that there was nothing between the two, yet he still felt as if he had been betrayed.

Hence, he roughly pulled her away from the other man's arms and into his embrace.

"Ah!" The woman cried out in pain at his abrupt actions.

Fu Mingxuan, who had seen his rough actions, immediately felt heartache.

"Ziming, be a little more careful—"

Before he could finish speaking up for her, he was cut off by the man.

"You have no business here."

The man did not give him face as the former narrowed his eyes coldly at him.


He was a little stunned since it was the first time Ji Ziming had treated him like this.

Soon, he regained his senses and gave a self-deprecating smile.

"Yes, I indeed have no business here."

He looked at the man and strode past him.

Just as he reached the man's side, the latter reached out his hand, the one not holding Pei Ge, and grabbed his wrist firmly.


He turned to look at the man in perplexity.

"Mingxuan, I know that the woman you like is Pei Ge, but she is now my woman. We are about to get married. I don't care how much you like her, but please stay far away from her next time, or else don't blame me for… not giving you face."

Ji Ziming was not looking at him when he said this; instead, his eyes were on the unconscious man, who had been beaten up by Pei Ge.


Fu Mingxuan coldly laughed at his threat.


He swung his hand away hardly and smirked at the man.

"Ziming, since you like her so much, you must… protect her properly and not let any harm come to her, or else no matter if you're my brother, I still won't let you have her."

With that, he strode off without a backward glance.

However, just when he reached the door and already had one foot outside, he suddenly stopped again.

"Also, I should remind you: properly investigate this man in the room."

Ji Ziming tugged at his lips upon hearing his childhood friend's footsteps grow softer.

He lowered his head and looked at the woman sleeping in his embrace with a complicated look.

"This stupid woman… really doesn't have any sense of danger," muttered the man while looking at the deeply asleep woman.

Who knew that, the moment he finished speaking, she would subconsciously reply with her eyes closed, though?

"It still feels the safest with Ziming…"

Her subconscious muttering immediately swept away the displeasure he felt because of Fu Mingxuan.

"Okay, let's go home."

With that, he exerted strength in both his arms and princess-carried her.

"Mhm… go home!"

Her arms circled his neck on reflex as she cutely rubbed her head against his chest.

Just like this, he carried her out of the five-star hotel.

"Sir, let me send you and Miss Pei home."

"No, you don't need to drive me back. Do something else for me first."

"Yes, sir."

"How is it, Young Master Fu? Doesn't it feel great to have a beauty in your arms?"

Fu Mingxuan had just left the hotel and made his way to the underground carpark when he a slim figure appeared from the darkness.

He did not even need to see the face to know this person's identity.

"Qiao Jingyun, you are indeed here."

He narrowed his eyes coldly at her.

"Of course. Today's show is a big one, after all!" The woman crossed her arms and smiled at him especially sweetly. "I'm very satisfied with your performance today."

"I'm not working with you anymore." He coldly tugged at his lips and glanced at her sharply.

"Oh, really?" She did not seem to be very surprised by this.

"I don't know whether you like Ziming or his identity, but let me say that he'll never have feelings for a woman like you."

Seeing her calm demeanor, he only chuckled and revealed an even more passive and calmer expression than hers.

"That's why I'm advising you to stop all this before things become too ugly."

"Stop?" She chuckled and blinked her eyes in innocence; it was as if it were a toddler looking at him right now.

"My dearest young master Fu, what did I do exactly that you're telling me to stop?"

If one did not know her background, they would think that she was innocent and being wronged from her appearance.

"I truly admire how thick-skinned you are."

He sneered at her innocent expression.

"Thick-skinned? Young master, there's little common ground for understanding between people with differing principles." Her innocent expression instantly vanished. "You've truly disappointed me this time. Is this what you mean by loving Pei Ge? Your love is merely this much, huh."

"Not everyone is as shameless, and despicable, as you are, Qiao Jingyun. Do you think that doing these things to get Ziming is called love? That's too laughable. Love isn't about being selfish and hurting others, even the one you love. You don't know love, and you have no right to know it."


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