Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
933 I did not molest you when I was drunk, did I?
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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933 I did not molest you when I was drunk, did I?

Love isn't about being selfish and hurting others, even the one you love. You don't know love, and you have no right to know it."

The woman maniacally laughed in response. "Ha ha ha! Have I heard wrongly? Are you truly telling me this now? Fu Mingxuan, how is it possible for this kind of words to come from your mouth?

"This is simply…" She looked at him mockingly before continuing. "Simply too hypocritical that it's laughable. Don't forget the things you did and what thoughts you had. Don't pretend to be so upright in front of me. In the end, we are merely the same type of people.

"As for you…" She lightly poked his chest as she looked at him coldly. "You're the one with the least right to say this to me."

He narrowed his eyes with despise and coldness and swatted her hand away. "You and I aren't the same kind of people."

"Hur! Whatever you say."

She coldly smirked and then lightly snorted.

"Whether you want to continue or not, let me warn you not to interrupt my plans, or else—"

"Or else, what? I'm truly very curious. Without Ji Ziming backing your Qiao family, what else do you guys have that can give you any standing in front of others?"

He was not cowed by her threat and regarded her coldly.

"Yes, you are right. My family is nothing without him." She smiled slightly at him, but this smile, which was full of mockery, did not reach the eyes.

"I never said that I'll use my family to threaten you."

As she said that, she produced a USB stick from her bag and threw it to him.

"Look at this, then tell me your decision."

"What… is this?"

He got a bad feeling as he regarded this silver USB in his hand.

"Who knows? Go take a look."

With that, she walked away from the underground carpark in her high stilettos.

Fu Mingxuan frowned at her retreating back.

Tightly clutching the USB stick in his hand, he had the urge to crush it into dust.

"Qiao Jingyun… what kind of vile ideas do you have?"

"Hello, boss. From my questioning, that man is unemployed and is a mere thug."

He gently placed Pei Ge on the bed after carefully taking care of the drunk woman and then retreated to his study to answer Du Wen's call.

"A thug…"

He was clearly unsatisfied with the information his secretary had gathered.

"How could a mere thug enter a five-star hotel and… book a room?"

"It was indeed like that – a mere coincidence. That street thug said that he saw the drunk Miss Pei and coerced her into going with him," said his assistant in response to his query.

"A coincidence, huh…"

He narrowed his eyes, which glinted sharply.

"I've never believed in something like a coincidence. There's not much coincidence in this world."

"Yes, boss. I understand. I'll look into this more thoroughly."

After years of working for him, the assistant could more or less understand his thinking.

"Also, you don't have to be polite with that guy if he doesn't speak the truth."

"Yes, boss. I understand."

The man hung up after giving these orders.

He placed his phone on the sturdy table and stood before the floor-to-ceiling windows to gaze at the night scenery.

The tranquil nightscape did not have glaring neon lights or sparkling stars.

It was a deep, dark blue, nearly nearing black.

Looking at this boring nightscape, he suddenly recalled Fu Mingxuan's face.

"Are you the one who did it…"

No. After all, you're similar to me; we both love her a lot…

He raised his hand and lightly pinched his forehead with a look of fatigue.


The next morning, Pei Ge was woken up by the bright sunbeams seeping in the room.

She opened her eyes and scanned the room lit by warm sunlight. She then sat up to stretch her lazy back.


She blinked and looked around the empty room.

Getting off the bed and wearing her fluffy indoor slippers, she made her way out.

Her sensitive nose quickly caught a whiff of the fragrant smell in the air as she opened the door.

This tantalizing smell instantly caused a blissful smile to appear on her lips. Without another thought, she made her way to the kitchen.

"Ziming, why are you awake this early?"

She immediately spotted the man standing in front of the stove when she reached the kitchen. He was wearing the couple apron they had bought together and was making breakfast.

"Morning. You're awake already? Why don't you sleep some more?"

The man turned to look at her when he heard her voice.

She felt her heart overflow with bliss as she watched the man bathed by the sun's rays prepare breakfast for her.

"Ziming, what should I do? I realized that I'm liking you more and more!"

She hopped into the kitchen with a wide smile and hugged the man.

"I feel that I won't be able to leave you!"

Ji Ziming's lips curled up slightly when he felt the arms around his waist, but he still maintained a straight face.

"Do you still remember what happened last night when you were drunk?" he asked suddenly.

The woman raised her head perplexedly at him.

"Huh? What happened?"

Some memories flashed past her mind just as she was feeling confused.

"Ah!" she exclaimed, her expression turning a little strange.

"Did you recall it?"

"E-Er…" After struggling internally for a bit, she gulped as though she had made a decision and hedged, "Ziming…"


"I didn't molest you when I was drunk, did I?"



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