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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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934 My ‘husband’ is so cute!

"Ziming, don't tell me I really molested you?"

Pei Ge sat at the dining table to have her breakfast; after finishing her glass of milk, she finally could not resist asking this question.


Ji Ziming watched the woman across blink her eyes, and his lips twitched slightly.

"Are you serious? I really did something bad to you?"

His reaction seemed to confirm her conjecture that she had done something inappropriate to him.

She pursed her lips tightly together with an expression that said, 'How could I do that kind of stuff?!'

She scratched her head and finally looked at him. "Ziming, rest assured; I'll definitely take responsibility."

The man could not hold it in any longer upon hearing this. "… What is in your brain exactly?"

"Huh?" She blinked her eyes in confusion.

"You're forbidden from drinking so much again next time." He calmly put down the glass cup in his hand and looked at her.

Last night wasn't the first time this woman had gotten drunk to the extent of forgetfulness.

I must properly look after her next time and not allow her to drink, or else who knows what else will happen?

"Huh? Oh!" She nodded on reflex at this but soon recalled something. "That's not right. Ziming, what did I do exactly last night after I got drunk? You don't seem to be very happy."

"Nothing. I only don't like seeing you drunk."

He did not tell her what had happened last night but only calmly and indifferently glared at her.

"Really?" She nudged her lips, still feeling that something was amiss.

However, she did not press him for answers since he did not seem to be willing to say more.

After breakfast, both of them put on their couple aprons and washed the dishes together.

The warm sunlight streamed in through the windows and onto their bodies, making the atmosphere here warm and cozy.

Although she was still thinking about what had happened last night, Pei Ge's actions did not pause.

In fact, she could split her attention into three as she chatted with Ji Ziming.

"I heard your mom saying that she wants to hold a pre-wedding singles' party for us tomorrow at home."

She felt like laughing when she heard the party's name.

She knew that the man's mother had always been a little trendy and unreliable, but she did not expect that the middle-aged woman would be modern enough to organize a party usually held in Western countries.

"Ignore her."

The man put on a stoic look at this.

It could be seen that he was not the least bit interested in this so-called singles' party.

"It's still a token of mom's good wishes, and she seems to have sent out the invitations already," she softly muttered.

"Do you want to go?"

He turned to look at her when he heard her mumble.

"I'm okay with either."

She shrugged at him. She was actually not very interested in it. After all, even if this singles' party was organized by the man's party, she did not know many of those attending.

"We'll go if you want."

With that, he lowered his head and received the clean plate she had just washed.

Pei Ge felt a little conflicted when he gave her the power to decide.

However, when she thought that the man's mother had put much effort into organizing the party and that she could take advantage of it to expand her network, which would be helpful to her career…

In the end, she decided to attend the pre-wedding singles' party. "Then… we should go."


Her smile turned even more radiant when he unhesitatingly acquiesced.

"Ziming, you're amazing!"

She did not care that her hands were wet as she happily hugged his waist.

The both of them had taken time off work as their marriage was nearing and they had finished tasks at hand.

Hence, they had quite a bit of time to be with each other. As a workaholic and a pseudo-workaholic, the two of them did not work but spent their time together either watching television or doing other things.

For some reason, the man seemed to be very keen on watching movies these days, especially horror movies.

He would always cling onto her and sit with her in the audio-visual room without switching on a single light.

However, every time they finished watching a horror film, he would inexplicably always have a depressed look.

Just like now; upon exiting the audio-visual room, she spotted the man looking depressed.

"Ziming, why does it feel that you don't like watching horror films?"

She looked at him in confusion. But if he doesn't like horror films, why does he always pull me to watch it with him?

"…" He fell silent at her question and then finally asked, "Why aren't you afraid at all?"

"Huh? Afraid? What's there to be afraid of?"

She was a little stunned at his question but then soon laughed aloud.

"Ziming, don't tell me… that you thought I'd be scared so you kept dragging me to watch horror films these few days?"

A certain Mr. CEO who got exposed quickly put on a straight face and lightly coughed.


She knew at once that she had hit the nail on the head at his reaction.

"Oh, my gosh! How old are you already, but your tricks are still so old-fashioned?" asked Pei Ge in jest as she looked at him teasingly.

She recalled hearing when she was very young that a boy would bring the girl he liked to watch horror films if he wanted to have some intimate interaction with her.

Having been a good and obedient girl in the past, she had naturally never watched a horror film with a boy.

Little did she expect that, now that she was nearing her thirties, she would experience it for herself…


A certain CEO, who got exposed, expressionlessly coughed, but his red ears already gave him away.

"He he! My soon-to-be husband is so cute!"


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