Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
937 The beginning of the exciting bachelor party!
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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937 The beginning of the exciting bachelor party!

"Did you get an invitation for the Ji family's singles' party?"

"I did! That family is really open-minded, huh; they even have a singles' party."


"Say, do you think that they've invited beautiful women to play?"

"Shoo, shoo, shoo! What dirty thoughts are you thinking?"

"Yeah, what are you thinking? The party's venue is the Ji's mansion; do you think they'll let random women enter with you?"

"Ah? The venue is their mansion?"

"Didn't you look at the venue on the invitation card?"


"Then you'd better take a closer look in case you make a fool of yourself."

"Yeah. I heard that Ji Ziming's mother is holding the party especially for her future daughter-in-law."

"It's not something anyone can attend except for those on the bride's side."

"Wow! I get it now. His mother is trying to make connections for her future daughter-in-law!"


"He! Now I'm really curious what kind of woman that famous CEO is marrying to have even his mother's favor."

The invitation to the singles' party caused an uproar in the capital's elite circle.

Everyone derived their pride from receiving an invitation from the Ji family.

In an instant, the singles' party of the couple had become the marker for one's social status.

"Aiya! Ge Ge, I love you to death!"

Looking at the white and gold embossed invitation, Lily got excited.

"Er… It's just an invitation to a party." Pei Ge tugged at her lips when she saw how excited the stylist was.

"What do you mean just a party invitation?! Tsk, tsk, tsk! You have no idea how sought-after you two's party is!"

The stylist kissed the exquisite invitation card and then looked happily at her.

"As repayment for this invitation, I'll make you the prettiest woman out there tonight!"


She shook her head wryly upon seeing how enthusiastic the stylist was.

"I heard that the party is divided between the bride and groom's sides, though?"

They stylist chatted with her as he styled her.

"Yes. Would you like to come to my side or Ziming's?" she asked confusedly, seeing that the man could easily fit in either party.

"Of course, I'm going to your side!" replied Lily without hesitation.

"You have no idea. The guests on your side have bigger names than the ones on your fiancé's! All the women who received the invitation are the cream of the crop in this circle."


She felt that her world had become a fantasy when she heard this.

"Let's think of it this way; if we put people on tiers, then the socialites attending your singles' party are the ones at the tip of the pyramid."

"… What are you saying?" she asked rhetorically, tugging at her lips once more.

She did think of widening her connections by attending the party, but she did not expect the people on the guest list to be so high-profile.

"Sigh… Ignorance is bliss, huh. You've met a 'mother-in-law' that is so considerate of you. I'm so envious."

"Heh heh! Ziming's mom is really nice," she said happily.

"That's why I'm sticking with you tonight to increase my sales and my status."

"Okay, less babbling and more action. You'd better get my hair and makeup done fast."

Amid their casual chatter, her hair and makeup were soon done.

Thereafter, she brought the excited stylist toward the Ji family's mansion.

On the way, the stylist chattered nonstop, making her regret giving him the invitation a little.

Thankfully, after a while, he fell asleep due to motion sickness.

Her surroundings suddenly became a lot quieter.

Soon, the car arrived at the Ji family's mansion. By now, quite a few people had arrived as well.

"Wow! The Ji's mansion is so big!" gushed the stylist as he trailed after Pei Ge once he hopped out of the car.

"Lily, are you sure you don't want to go over to Ziming's side?"

Pei Ge looked at him. Even though she believed that his personality would fit in better with her lot, he was still a guy at the end of the day!

"Of course! I'm sticking with you today!"

Seeing him nod, she could only bring the stylist to the living room of the west wing.

Because the man's mother was the one hosting the party, she did not plan anything crazy.

Therefore, the bachelor and bachelorette parties were held quite apart.

When she brought him to the east wing where her bachelorette party was being held, she saw that several women had already arrived and were chatting while sipping drinks from their crystal glasses.

"Sister Pei Ge!" Qin Qitong was among them. "Oh, no! I should call you cousin now!"

The girl ran up to her excitedly and changed her way of addressing the latter.

She smiled when the girl addressed her this way.

"Pei Ge, congratulations. You're finally marrying Ji Ziming."

In this moment, another familiar voice sounded in her ears.

"Ji Lelin?"

She blinked in shock at the other woman who had greeted her.

Doesn't she hate me? Why is she here?

"Are you Ji Ziming's fiancée?"

Just as she was feeling a little confused, a well-dressed woman with short hair walked toward her.

"Yes, I am."

"Hello, I'm Ji Lelin's sister, Ji Leli."

Her eyes widened at the woman's introduction.


Not only did this lady show up, she even brought her sister with her. Were they that close?


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