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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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939 Do you recall having amnesia?

"Ha ha! What color is your underwear today?"

"First kiss—no! When was your first time?"

Despite the slight unhappiness brought forth by Qiao Jingyun's arrival, the game of truth or dare still commenced.

After all, everyone was here to have fun and not to be upset with her.

Of course, the change in the party's ambiance was because of Pei Ge's response as the host.

"Ah! Sister Pei Ge!"

"Ha ha, Ge Ge!"

When the bottle stopped in her direction, everyone looked at her.

Qin Qitong and Lily were especially excited.

"Aiya! That's tough! It's finally your turn!"

"Yeah! It finally stopped at you."

Everyone looked at her with sparkling eyes.

After so long in the game, this was the first time that the bottle's mouth had pointed at her.

"Yes, it's my turn. I'm all yours. Ask away," she said generously, leaning on the sofa with a smile upon seeing everyone's excited expression.

"I want to ask…"

Just as Qin Qitong and the rest were about to ask their questions, they were interrupted.

"Hold on; shouldn't the person questioned in the last round be the one asking the question now?"

Everyone's brows creased when they heard this gentle voice.

"Why? Isn't it supposed to be how this game is played?"

The person who had interrupted the others was none other than Qiao Jingyun.

She was questioned last round, so it was indeed supposed to be her turn to ask.

"You must've targeted my cousin when you spun the bottle earlier!"

When this woman interrupted them, Qin Qitong realized that she might have deliberately spun the bottle in Pei Ge's direction earlier.

"Eh? How could that be? How could I have spun it so accurately? It's just a coincidence; you're reading too much into things."

The woman looked at her with a smile. Her expression was natural and her tone was joking.

If the people present did not know of the 'special relationship' between Pei Ge and her, they would really think that Qin Qitong was imagining things.

However, when they considered the two ladies' relationship, they also thought that there might be more to this than met the eye.

When she saw that Qin Qitong, out of anger, intended to argue with the woman further, Pei Ge raised her hand to stop her and shook her head silently.

"He he! I wonder what question Miss Qiao has for me?" She smiled at the woman.

"If you ask me that… I can't really come up with anything right away," smilingly answered Qiao Jingyun, blinking at her with a nonchalant expression.

"Tsk! Give the chance to others if you can't come up with anything." Qin Qitong remarked sarcastically. She rolled her eyes at the woman's words.

"Yes. You clearly have something to ask, so why are you pretending not to have one?"

"Some people are just too pretentious. I don't even know what there is to be so coy about."

The surrounding people began to gossip and mock her.

Despite the others' ridicule, her expression remained the same.

Even though she was an unlikeable person, no one could deny that she had strong perseverance and resilience.

There was no sign of unhappiness on her face, and she just kept smiling sweetly at them.

"Ah, right, Ge Ge! I've thought of a question!"

Amid the others' mockery, she suddenly widened her eyes as she looked at Pei Ge. It as if she had thought of a great question to ask.

"En? What is it?"

Pei Ge, too, got a little curious after looking at this woman's pretentious behavior.

She, too, would like to know what question was in store for her.

"Ge Ge, I heard that you got in an accident and lost your memory; is that true? Do you remember how you got into that accident? I heard that you have selective amnesia? That's really interesting."

Taken aback by this question, she showed a face full of confusion.

She had come up with countless possibilities, but she had never expected this woman to ask her this question.

"Huh, Sister Pei Ge? You have amnesia?"

"What selective memory loss? It's just right out of a TV drama."

Everyone got excited when they heard that she had amnesia.

"How did you know?" she asked the woman, looking askance and stunned.

"Ah, I'm quite close to your cousin; she mentioned it to me," replied the woman unhurriedly.


She raised an eyebrow when she heard the other mention her cousin.

It was a little hard to believe that the two would be friends, not to mention be good friends.

"Now, please answer my question," prompted Qiao Jingyun with a smile.

"I'm sorry, but I can't answer that," she replied, shaking her head.

"Huh? Why can't you answer it?"

The woman blinked in confusion at her reply.

"Like you said, I have amnesia. How can I remember how I got into an accident, then? That's why I really can't answer your question."

Pei Ge shrugged. She looked at the woman with a smile, but her eyes were full of confusion.

Not once did she think that this woman was simple. In fact, she was a stark contrast of that. That was why she was sure that the woman had a reason for asking such a question.

"Ah… In that case, I'll ask a different question," said the woman after nodding understandingly.

However, before she could ask anything else, Qin Qitong cut her off.

"Hang on. You asked a question already. What gives you the right to ask a second one?"

The girl stared coldly at the woman. Her distaste for the latter was written all over her face.

"It's fine, Qitong. After all, I wasn't able to answer her previous question."

Pei Ge waved at the girl placatingly and smiled at the woman. Alas, her eyes were wary and distant.

"What I want to ask you is…"

Qiao Jingyun curled up her lips, a light flashing across her eyes.

"Your father's death shouldn't be due to an accident but a meticulously planned murder, right?"


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