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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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942 You must treat her well.

"I-If my dad was truly murdered… a-and…" The murderer was his brother, what… should I do?

"Aish, Sister Pei Ge! You really believed that bad woman's words? Don't believe anything she says. She's definitely lying to you!"

"Indeed. Ge Ge, she purposely said that to upset you. Don't think about it anymore. Today's gathering is for you, so you shouldn't let yourself be influenced by those despicable people. Let's go drink!"

"Yes, yes, yes! Drink, drink! Tonight, we won't return without getting drunk! Let's drink to our heart's content and forget everything that upsets us!"

Lily and Qin Qitong each hooked an arm of hers spiritedly as they attempted to console her.

She nodded and smiled in response.

Alas, her smile did not reach her eyes.

Inside, she was still thinking of what Qiao Jingyun had said.

However, she also understood that it was impossible for her to prove this supposed truth tonight. Hence, when she was dragged back to the room by the two, she started to drink with the socialites as though she were trying to drown her frustrations.

In fact, as she turned no one away, she soon failed to keep track of how much she drank.

"Lily, don't you think that Sister Pei Ge has already drunk enough?"

Qin Qitong watched the woman down one cup after another of alcohol with others and posed this question worriedly.

"Nope! It's the norm to drink a lot in bachelorette parties like this and let oneself go wild. Anyway, Ge Ge is in a bad mood right now, so I think it's not a bad idea to let her drink some and relax."

The stylist was nonchalant about this.

At the stylist's reply, even though the girl still thought that something was amiss, she did not continue commenting on it but found others to play with.

As Qiao Jingyun was not here, and there was not one man in sight, everyone partied without restraint.

The inside of the room was soon filled with laughter and fun.

Everyone, be they mere acquaintances or friends, was like good sisters as they joined in on this revelry.

Meanwhile, in the bachelor's party, although it was not as crazy and wild as the women's side, it was not far from being like it.

Madam Ji wanted everyone to have a good time; hence, she invited mostly the couple's peers.

Thus, the young masters and mistresses could be said to be very open to partying.

Even without handsome men and pretty women to liven things up, they still had a lot of fun.

Ji Ziming was also influenced into drinking quite a lot by Mu Heng and Liao Gaofei.

"Say, you are good in everything, except for being romantic."

"Indeed. Others either will propose first to the ones they want to marry, but what about you? Your wedding is so rushed that it seems as if Little Chili and you are having a shotgun marriage."

"Yes, yes, yes! Mu Heng, what you said is totally right! In our circle, a lot of people are discussing if the bride-to-be is pregnant. Otherwise, the wedding won't be scheduled immediately after the engagement."

"Ziming, listen; listen to this! You are tarnishing our Little Chili's reputation like this!"

As the two had drunk a little too much, both became a little long-winded and blabbermouths.

Sitting on the sofa as he sipped his alcohol, the man remained silent.

His flawless features remained expressionless and showed no signs of redness from drinking too much alcohol like Liao Gaofei's.

However, from his cold and obsidian eyes, it could be seen that he was a little tipsy.

"What tarnish? This is my and her wedding, so it has nothing to do with others," pointedly said the man with a snort.

"Yes, yes, yes. Young master Ji is the most powerful! What everyone else says is just nonsense!"

Something about his words seemed to have put Mu Heng in a bad mood as his voice sounded a little petulant when he spoke.

"He he! What's wrong? You seem to be in a bad mood today!" Liao Gaofei watched the two's interaction from beside Mu Heng before drunkenly muttering in jest, "You appear as if you're a jealous love rival of Ziming!"

"Scram! This young master doesn't like Little Chili's type! Also, this young master goes for looks! I'm an experienced looks-advocate! With just her appearance, this young master won't accept even if she's available!"

Mu Heng's hair stood on end at once when he heard this, and he raised his leg to give the guy a kick.

"Aye, aye, aye! I was just joking. Must you be rough with me?!"

The latter quickly ran away while screaming in pain.

"Ziming, that stupid bird was just speaking nonsense. Don't mind him. He's just a brainless dude," Mu Heng said with a grin.

"I know, but I hope that you don't speak of my wife this way next time."

The man put down his glass and said with a serious face.

He fell silent for a moment and then smiled. "Tsk, tsk! I got it, crazy wife protector!"

"Mhm." The man nodded lightly and kept sipping his drink wordlessly.

However, for some reason, ever since Liao Gaofei had said that, the atmosphere seemed to have changed a little.

"Hey, Ziming."

After downing another glass of alcohol, the Casanova turned to look at his childhood friend.

Ji Ziming raised an eyebrow at him.

"Pei Ge is a good lady, so you must treat her well." He smiled at his friend, seemingly having let go of something.

"I'll treat her well without you saying it."


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