Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
946 Ziming, I want to give myself to you!
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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946 Ziming, I want to give myself to you!

"Ziming, where are you?"

She looked everywhere for him like a child who was looking for her mother.

After leaving the guest room the maid had prepared for her, she realized that there were more rooms outside waiting for her.


She cocked her head to the side and had a confused look on her face when she peered into a corridor lined with similar-looking doors.

"So many rooms. Could Ziming be here, too?"

After saying this, she walked to the nearest door with sparkling eyes.


In the end, when she pushed open the door, she found not a shadow in the empty room.

"No Ziming!"

Seeing that it was empty, she pouted and continued looking.


Still no one… still empty…

Just like this, she went to many rooms and still did not see him. She then decided to leave this place to continue looking for the man.

However, before she could leave the building, she seemed to hear a sound.

Following which, she noticed a room with a door left ajar.

"Aye? This door isn't closed. Is someone inside?"

She blinked. Out of curiosity, she strode over to the door which was left ajar.

One step, two steps…

The closer she got to the room, the clearer she heard the sound coming from within.

"Is it Ziming?"

She heard the labored breathing and then opened the door wider to step inside.

In fact, with her good habits, she even closed the door behind her.

"Haa… haa… haa!"

However, in response to her question was a series of labored and hurried breathing.

"Ziming, is that you?"

Her footsteps neared the bedroom the man was in.

"Don't come over! Get out!"

Suddenly, besides the labored breathing and her voice, a third sound echoed in the room.

This cold and sharp growl was laced with threat.

Instead of feeling scared, this threatening voice excited her.

"Ziming, I finally found you!"

Hearing his breathing, she happily rushed toward his bed.

When she reached the bed, she found his face to be totally red as if he were in a sauna. His forehead was filled with beads of sweat and his cheeks were red as though they had been grilled on fire.

"Ziming, what's wrong with you?"

The man, whose head had regained some sense of clarity, squinted his eyes and could hazily make out her silhouette. Instantly, the last string of rationality in his mind broke.

This man who was still exerting all his effort to control his desire let his mind free the moment he spotted her.


She blinked and reached out her hands. Just as she moved to touch his hot cheek, he suddenly grabbed her wrist in a vice-like grip.

His hot palm was like heated steel as it tightly grasped her wrist.

Still a little dazed and unable to react in time to him, she was pulled down by him.

"Ah!" she exclaimed in shock, falling on his chest, which seemed to be on the verge of emitting fire.

"Pei Ge…"

Feeling the softness on his chest, the man moved his head toward her neck and took a deep breath lovingly.


Despite her drunkenness, she could still feel that he was acting a little strange today.

Alas, her call did not earn her a reply from him.

What response she got was a series of relentless kisses.

He eventually gave her a French kiss that made her toes curl…


The man's hot breath assaulted her senses as his hot yet cold lips tightly pressed against hers. She was totally stunned by the imposing air he was emitting.

This kiss was much more anxious and passionate than any others in the past.

Her tongue and lips were totally conquered by the man. The kiss was so passionate that she almost ran out of breath.

On the verge of suffocating, she promptly struggled. The man had a lot of strength in his arms; hence, she could not struggle out no matter what she did.

Suddenly, he seemed to have noticed her discomfort and slightly released her lips.

In that instant, she immediately gasped for breath.

Unfortunately, her chance to gasp for air was short-lived because…

He soon changed into another position.

He turned around and pinned her below him. Cradling her head within his right arm, his left arm hugged her waist. The two bodies seemed glued together like this.

Following which, he continued his conquest of her lips tyrannically.

As she felt light-headed from the kiss, she realized that he had only released her only to switch to a different position.

Soon, she lost herself in his kisses again, falling deeper into passion.

Lips, teeth…

Eventually, the man was no longer satisfied with just her lips.

His lips and tongue seemed to start their exploration of her face, chin, neck… collarbone… chest…

One to two steps, one kiss after another, it was as if he were sampling a great meal as he passionately kissed every corner of her body.

His kiss caused Pei Ge's body to go limp as her clothes were taken off and her skin was slowly dyed pink.

At the same time, he left her a trail of embarrassing hickeys.


In her drunkenness, she only felt dizzier and more used to his attacks.

She limply lay below him and accepted his relentless kisses and loving caresses.

Alluring and enticing moans endlessly escaped her lips.

Following her enticing moans, Ji Ziming's low breathing became sexier and ragged.

The air in the entire room was charged with sexual desire that could make one blush.

"Mmm… mm…" she moaned. Her eyes were filled with arousal while she watched him work hard on her body.

The alcohol in her system decreased her inhibitions and made her much bolder; thus, she looped her arms around his neck invitingly.

"Ziming, I love you so… I'm willing to give myself to you."


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