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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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947 They finally did it.

"Ziming, I love you so… I'm willing to give myself to you."

Ji Ziming, who had obviously lost his rationality, paused in seeming hesitation and rumination when he heard Pei Ge's words.

However, not long after, she kissed him.

Because of this one kiss, he resumed what he was doing but, this time, with more passion.


Her gentle moan was an encouragement to him, and his actions grew more fervent and passionate.

He was like a beast in heat.

Be it a kiss or a caress, all was done roughly and ravishingly.

He also used more force than usual. Therefore, whenever his lips and hands left her body, they would leave marks on it.

She was covered in red and purple marks, making her look more beautiful with a hint of seduction.

Pei Ge looked like a sinful goddess who could seduce one man after another with her limitless allure.

"Ziming… I love you…"

She could no longer form a sentence and even struggled to say this.

The smile on her face was vibrant and gentle. Her watery eyes made others want to drown in them.

At this sight, he could no longer control himself and shifted his hands to…

Meanwhile, her body moved along with his hands as though she were a powerless willow branch.

Her expression turned a blank as she got more into it.

The man let out a deep and hoarse moan as his lower half, which was as hard as a rock, stuck close to her body.

He tightly embraced the woman who was like a puddle of water below him.

"Ahhhh… it hurts!"

She moaned at first but suddenly widened her eyes and furrowed her brows.

"Ziming… it's painful…"

She was fearful of pain and quickly whimpered as her weak hands pushed at him.

On the other hand, the man, who had lost all his rationality, did not stop the movement of his lower half. Instead, he was consumed by the thrill that his actions became even more vigorous.

"It's painful… Ziming, you bully, let go of me!"

It was her first time experiencing this so she whimpered in pain and stared at him with watery eyes. Right now, she looked very pitiful.

If it were the usual Ji Ziming, he would probably have a tender heart for Pei Ge and stop what he was doing. However, this time round, Ji Ziming was no longer the usual self. He could still have exercised self control when he was under aphrodisiac. But, the moment he saw Pei Ge, who could control him better than an aphrodisiac, he could no longer remain rationale.

He was controlled by his desires such that the only thought left was to conquer the woman underneath him…

The slapping of flesh was the only sound in the room except for her occasional whimpers.

As the pain dissipated, her whimpers soon turned into moans of pleasure.

The original pain was replaced by a ticklish feeling.

Sweat, body, and hair… Just like this, the two were intertwined.

"Fu Mingxuan, what do you want?! Let go of me!"

Seeing that she was getting pulled further and further away by him, Qiao Jingyun became anxious.

This man might be thinking that she wanted to sleep with the drunk Ji Ziming, but what he did not know was that she had given his childhood friend a lot of aphrodisiacs.

She knew that the man had excellent self-control, so she had specially chosen a very potent drug, which could induce hallucinations.


"Listen up, woman. I won't let you go tonight." He shot her a cold look.

Her brows twitched at his words and she lowered her eyes. Those long eyelashes of hers hid the dark glint in her eyes.

"He he! I suddenly wonder if you like me; if not, why won't you let me go?"

She smiled sweetly at him before winking flirtatiously.

Seeing this look on her, the man let go of her hand in disgust.

"I believe that a normal man won't like such an evil woman."

"Oh, is it so?" She smiled at him and caressed his broad chest. "Why, you don't seem to be half bad."


The only response she got was the man slapping her hand away.

"Really. I suddenly realize that you're not any worse than Ji Ziming. Why don't you sacrifice yourself and be with me so those two can get together?"

She looked at the man seriously.

Seeing her seriousness, Fu Mingxuan was stunned.

He looked at Qiao Jingyun dazedly, not getting why she would say such a thing.

However, her next action made him regain his senses.


She regarded him endearingly and solemnly. Her hands tenderly touched his arms as she tiptoed. Before he could react, she kissed him on the lips.

Sensing the warmth from her lips, he immediately pushed her away.

"What have you done to me?!"

The man frowned, knowing that her kiss was not a simple one!

It seemed that she…

"Tsk. Do you have any idea what an eyesore you are? Since you decided to cooperate with me, why start regretting it now? This is really disgusting."

"That's why you should obediently go to sleep!"


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