Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
949 How could it be her? I feel indignant!
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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949 How could it be her? I feel indignant!

"Pei Ge?!"

When she saw the woman's face clearly, Qiao Jingyun was stunned to the point of having a breakdown.

"It's her… It's actually her… How could it be her…"

Ha ha ha…

She laughed with a desolate face as her eyes got filled with despair.

She had never expected it to turn out like this even after spending a lot of effort scheming.

This was a scene that she was most unwilling to witness.

She thought of all possibilities, but she never expected the woman to be Pei Ge!

It turns out to be her!


Trying to resist the urge to scream, she bit her arm hard and yelled internally.

Despite her snow-white teeth sinking deep into her flesh, she did not feel anything.

She looked at the intimate couple in the bed with a very lost look.

Could it be…

Could God have destined them to be together, or are they perhaps fated to be lovers?

Am I doomed to fail?

If not, why would these two be so fated that despite me breaking them up, they still…

They already had a special encounter over a decade ago, and it seems that the red string of fate has tied them both since then…

That's also the first time I cut the red string of fate tying these two.

Over a decade later, they met again. This time around, the red string of fate tied them even tighter.

I clearly cut it twice, but they still got together! In fact, they became even closer!

This was truly a heavy blow on her!

Even if I wasn't the woman with him tonight, it shouldn't be Pei Ge, either!

How could she be the one… How could it be her…

Fresh blood dripped from her arm due to her bite. Every drop of it fell to the floor and bed, forming little red flowers.

She bit even harder when she saw how intimate and in love the two people in the bed were.

Those dark eyes of hers, which were filled with hopelessness and lost, slowly started to change.

Suddenly, her teeth left her arm.

With her mouth filled with blood, she looked at the loving couple deeply asleep. The hopelessness in her eyes was soon replaced by madness.

"What of it being predestined by the heavens…"

She had never once believed in fate.

The corner of her lips curled up as she stared fervently at the couple.

"Even if you two are fated by the heavens with numerous red strings of fate tying you both…"

She lifted her hand and tenderly caressed the man's face.

"I'll definitely cut all the red strings between you two!"

She bent down and whispered to the man's ear as if she were hypnotizing him. "You're mine. Ji Ziming… remember this: you're Qiao Jingyun's. The person with you tonight is me…"

As she said it, the sleeping man seemed to have dreamed of something bad.

Those beautiful and sharp brows of his furrowed deeply.

She did not believe in fate and thought that one's fate was controlled by oneself.

Therefore, it did not matter even if the two were fated to be together.

She cared about fate but was also not afraid of it!

"He he… Pei Ge, I originally didn't intend to go to such extremes… but…" Please don't blame me!

She stared at the woman with eyes full of viciousness as though she were a monster from hell.

Eventually, she gripped the latter's wrist tightly.


Feeling someone's grip around her wrist, Pei Ge, in her deep sleep, muttered softly.

When Qiao Jingyun heard this, her expression turned uglier. Although she loosened the grip, her actions became quicker.

The dark-blue sky gradually became darker.

In this quiet and dark night, nobody expected… a woman's one-man show to begin.

She threw Pei Ge into the other room before returning to the guest room and tearing apart her clothes. She then lay down next to the man while touching his clean and well-built body.

Despite the woman trying to arouse the man, there was no reaction from him.

Qiao Jingyun could hardly believe that this man underneath her, who had been given such strong aphrodisiacs, was not stimulated by her naked body.


She lay down on his chest and rubbed her cheeks against his.

As she persisted with her seduction, she finally got a response…

"Scram…" The man's voice sounded soft and weak. One could sense that he was not fully conscious yet.

However, his words were clearly aimed at her.

She gritted her teeth and looked at him with a complex expression.

She did not expect him to have such strong consciousness that he could still resist it when under the influence of an aphrodisiac. He must've really love…

She quickly dismissed that thought!

No! It must be because he released it all on Pei Ge earlier! The effects of the aphrodisiacs have probably worn off!

If she did not think of it this way, she would probably be driven mad by this couple.

What of us being unable to do it!

After this night, it won't matter whether we did it or not! You'll still be mine! It no longer matters whether it is real or not! Even if it is not real, I will make it real!

She stared at his perfect, god-like face and her lips curled into a determined, sweet smile.


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