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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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955 Your neck was bitten by a bug?

"I was drunk yesterday, so I mustered up my courage to sleep with Bi Zheng. Who knew that that dummy would actually reject me?! He said that girls must be reserved! D*mn! I was so mad! I've never seen anyone as slow as him! Aiya! He'll be the death of me! The more I talk about it, the angrier I get!"

Pei Ge instinctively thought of herself and Ji Ziming last night at Qin Qitong's grumbling.

Her face then turned bright red.

"Isn't it infuriating? I'm about to explode from anger! Bi Zheng, that dummy and this dummy! That irksome fellow! I don't even know if he really likes me! I sent myself to his door, and he rejected me! It's… It's…"

In the middle of grumbling, the girl realized that her audience was spacing out with a red face and sparkling eyes as if the woman were in heat.

"Why's your face red? What are you thinking about?" she asked suspiciously.


The other returned to her senses and saw the girl look of suspicion.

"Nothing much; nothing much."

She immediately shook her head and changed the topic.

"Did you guys do it in the end?"

The girl was of course distracted by her question.

"Did what? That jerk left me and went to who knows where, so I slept alone last night! Sigh…"

Qin Qitong sighed, regret and gloominess written all over her face.

Looking at the girl's appearance, Pei Ge thought of herself.

She remembered the last time she tried giving herself to Ji Ziming by bringing herself to him.

In the end, he rejected her, saying that he wanted to wait until they were married…

He he. Even though she had regrets and felt gloomy about it, she had gotten her wish after last night!

She finally did it with him!

Even though she was a little drunk and did not remember all the details, they truly did it in the end!

"Sister Pei Ge, what are you thinking about? You're spacing out again."

The girl, who had failed in her attempt at courtship, muttered unhappily when she saw that the woman was spacing out again.

"Nothing; I was just thinking that if Bi Zheng did that, it showed that he's a responsible, good man."

She held the girl's arm with a smile and began comforting her.

"Tsk! What good man… I'd rather him be a bad boy…" Like that, she could bed that dummy!

Her thoughts were written all over her face, and Pei Ge could read them easily.

The latter shook her head with a smile. "Silly girl, if he were a bad boy, how could you possibly fall in love with him?"

"That's true…" The girl pouted and nodded gloomily.

"Okay! Don't think too much about it! Let nature take its course when it comes to those things. Didn't you say that you two have started going out officially?"

She raised her hand and rubbed the girl's head when she saw how glum the latter was.

"Yeah… we are going out, but there's no difference from before." The girl sighed as she spoke.

"His personality is just like that. He's not a romantic man." Pei Ge continued comforting the girl, but the latter only complained even more when she did.

"Honestly, I'm so envious of you. See, Bi Zheng and my cousin have personalities that make them cold and unreactive to everything. They are both reserved and cold men, but my cousin's so nice to you; he's even romantic at times.

Meanwhile, that dummy, not mention romance, I can't even tell that he's nice to me! I confessed first, and all he said was 'en'! 'En'!"

Qin Qitong became agitated again.

"A single 'en'! He didn't even say that he likes me, too. Sometimes, I really wonder if he really likes me. Sigh…"

As she listened to the girl, she began to think that the guy indeed had a problem.

"Qitong, from the way you described it, I really don't think that you two are in a relationship."

"Right? You feel that way too, right?! I knew it! My gut can't be wrong!"

The girl got excited when she found an ally in her.

However, just as she was about to continue complaining, this was put out by the other's words.

"Qitong, don't push yourself; if you're not happy, then don't continue it anymore. You're still young, and you're so pretty; there won't be a lack of men wanting you," said Pei Ge concernedly.

To her, the two were her good friends.

She hoped that they would be happy together.

However, if the guy did not like this girl, their relationship would only torture them.


The girl was shocked by her advice. She stared at the latter without blinking, her expression frozen from shock.

"I'm serious. If two people without feelings for each other get together, then there's—" No happiness to speak of.

Alas, Qin Qitong cut her off before she could finish.

"Aiya! Sister Pei Ge! We definitely have feelings for each other! Don't say things like this to scare me!"

"Huh? Didn't you say that you think that he doesn't like you?"

The corner of Pei Ge's mouth twitched a little at the girl's reaction.

"He he! I was just talking nonsense. Actually, he's quite nice to me. He cooked instant noodles and even mixed brown sugar to water for me."

The girl began listing off the things the guy did for her with a blissful expression.

As she listened to her speak, Pei Ge felt herself grimace internally.

This girl… She herself said that she feels Bi Zheng doesn't like her, yet she herself also said that he likes her.

Women in love are indeed hard to handle.

Just as she was grumbling about the girl to herself, the tables turned as the girl began interrogating her.

"Oh, Sister Pei Ge! What're those on your neck? Did you get bitten by a bug?"


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